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And you just f*cking die: New viral TikTok “joke” in which guys imagine murdering their dates

“The Handmaid’s Tale” author Margaret Atwood famously said “men are afraid women will laugh at them; women are afraid men will kill them.” She could have added: “every time they go on a date with a man.”

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26 creepy, threatening or otherwise completely inappropriate vintage Valentine’s Day cards

Today, a little trip back in time to Valentine’s Days past. Which turns out to be a lot weirder than you might have expected, at least if the Valentine’s Day cards our ancestors gave each other are any indication.

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Some of the Capitol attackers have histories of abuse against women? Sad, but not surprising

Larry Rendall Brock Jr, Capitol hill attacker, ex-wife harasser

On Wednesday, the HuffPost published an important article titled “At Least 9 Far-Right Insurrectionists Have A History Of Violence Against Women.”

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“Why is rape supposed to be so bad?” and other very important questions being debated on the forums today

A completely normal response to visiting the forums

By David Futrelle

While the lamestream media wastes its time on trivial issues like the government shutdown and the latest extremely-damaging-to-the-president revelations in the Mueller investigation, the public-spirited fellows over on the forums are discussing the issues that really matter in the world today, like “why is rape considered so bad anyway” and “isn’t it hilarious that some dude in India beheaded his cheating wife?”

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Daily Stormer: War Machine is a “deranged brown savage” but was right to brutally beat his ex

Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver, self-professed “alpha male”

The competition, as always, is fierce, but Nazi trollster Andrew Anglin has won today’s Worst Human Being on the Face of the Planet Award for a post in which the Daily Stormer publisher praises former mixed martial arts fighter Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver … for beating his ex girlfriend nearly to death.

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No troll, no MRA Open Thread for discussion of the murders of Angelia Magnum and Tjhisha Ball

Angelia Magnum and Tjhisha Ball
Angelia Magnum and Tjhisha Ball

An open thread for discussion of the murders of sex workers Angelia Magnum and Tjhisha Ball in Jacksonville, as well as any other topics that might benefit from having no interruptions from misogynist trolls, victim-blamers and other derailers.

Needless to say, this is a no troll, no MRA, no victim-blamer thread; bans will be handed out freely to anyone who violates this rule.

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MMA fighter and accused woman-beater War Machine gets an endorsement from a prominent Men's Rights Activist

While over on Reddit the regulars are highly offended that anyone would point out the striking similarities between their ideas and the crackpot “men’s oppression is worse than slavery” rants of War Machine, the mixed martial arts fighter and accused woman-beater is getting support from one prominent Indian MRA, Rajesh Kumar, known on Twitter as @MensMrm:

Kumar’s Twitter account, with roughly 1600 followers including numerous well-known names in the MRM, looks to be the official account for the Men’s Rights Movement group on Facebook, a public group that boasts some 14,000 members, among them AVFM’s Paul Elam and British MRA/child prostitution apologist Tom Martin.

The link in his tweet is to a story that details the charges against War Machine, as well as his hyperbolic MRA-eqsue views, so there’s no question that Kumar knows just who he’s endorsing here.


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Is War Machine, the mixed martial arts fighter accused of brutally beating his ex, a Men's Rights Activist?

The "hero" the Men's Rights movement deserves?
The “hero” the Men’s Rights movement deserves?

If the Men’s Rights movement is looking for a celebrity endorser, I think I’ve found just the guy for them: the mixed martial arts fighter, and erstwhile porn actor, War Machine, currently sitting in jail on charges of brutally beating and attempting to kill his ex-girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack.

Men’s Rights activists should be able to look past these criminal charges; after all, as they remind us all the time, women are forever falsely accusing innocent men of all sorts of terrible things.

And in so many ways War Machine is perfect for them. An MMA fighter, he’s already only one letter away from being an MRA. A misogynistic asshole with rage issues, he’ll have no trouble fitting in with the Men’s Rights crowd. And, especialy important for a movement that has a lot of trouble getting any good PR, he’s a bit more comfortable on camera than the Paul Elams and Dean Esmays of the world, with experience on television  (on the reality show The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra), and in seven films (albeit pornographic ones).

Best of all: he’ll need no ideological education from what A Voice for Men likes to call Fuck Shit Up University. War Machine – real name Jonathan Koppenhaver – is already an outspoken proponent of many of the Men’s Rights Movement’s core beliefs.

Consider these selections from a little Men’s Rights manifesto War Machine wrote a few years ago during a previous stint behind bars, serving time for felony assault after two bloody bar fights. His rant, which a friend posted to the internet, would fit right in with the sort of stuff we’ve seen regularly posted on the Men’s Rights subreddit, or The Spearhead, or A Voice for Men. I’ve bolded some of the Men’s Rightsiest bits:

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Men's Rights: the Video Game

It's a woman! Shoot her!
It’s a woman! Shoot her!

So I was watching a little video roundup of some of the worst video games ever the other day and I came across some footage from a justifiably obscure little first-person-shooter called Operation Matriarchy.

The premise of this 2005 PC game, made in Russia, may as well have emerged from the fevered imagination of some Men’s Rights activist. Here’s how the promo blurb at MobyGames explains it, with the especially MRA-ish bits in bold:

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How not to get banned from the Men’s Rights subreddit



Let’s say you wake up one morning and you decide, for some reason, that you’d like to make it your goal for the day to get yourself banned from the Men’s Rights subreddit.

If you’re a feminist, it’s not hard. I managed to get myself banned there some time ago and all I had to do was … well, I’m not exactly sure what it was I did. Actually, I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, Reddit-wise, other than argue with the regulars there. It’s possible I may have engaged in some light sarcasm. So maybe try that.

If, on the other hand, you hate women, all you have to do is … well, again, I’m not sure. Because earlier today, as one friend of Man Boobz pointed out on the Against Men’s Rights subreddit, a dislikeable fellow who calls himself sciencegod posted an elaborate, graphic torture fantasy to the Men’s Rights subreddit. I’m posting it below as a thumbnail; click to see it full size, but TRIGGER WARNING because it’s very graphic.

sciencegod -9 points 10 hours ago* (4|13)  Always remember folks, revenge is a dish best served cold.  If you ever think about suicide again OP, you should get revenge on your abuser first- with lots of pomp and ceremony.  However, do it in a way that lets her live.  To start, cut off important body parts like her nose, eyes, tongue, hands, feet, nipples, and clitoris. Be sure to cauterize each wound as you go, so that she doesn't bleed out.  You will want to take a few days to cut all the pieces off, you know, so she doesn't die of shock.  When you're done, post a full account of her crimes, your retribution against her, the Court's abuse of your liberty and injustice, and why you are letting her live.  You might even quote a few choice Supreme Court Justices about how when the Court does not successfully resolve grievances, violence is the natural outcome.  Then let her go, to live and never again see another soul, talk to another person, feel or smell another thing, but she will hear the screams of others.  Yes, let her go through life a disfigured, isolated, and scorned monster for her crimes...  Then kill yourself in a grand fashion; a beacon to the Nation for its crimes against so many of its sons. You might try setting yourself on fire- that's always spectacular.  But more importantly than her justified suffering, the System that violated you will be forced to answer for it's abuses and you will no longer be suffering.  Let the Down Votes Begin Even Though Most OF You Enjoyed And Some Of You Even Loved The Images Of Cruel And Brutal Vengeance!
It got some downvotes, and the mods deleted the comment. But it didn’t occur to any of the mods, evidently, to actually ban this user from the Men’s Rights subreddit.

Because obviously anything he might ever have to say on the subject of Men’s Rights is much more worthwhile than anything I might ever have to say on the subject.

I asked the mods why they felt it necessary to ban me when they wouldn’t ban someone like sciencegod, and here’s the response I got back:

sillymod [M] via /r/MensRights/ sent 51 minutes ago  We don't answer to you. You have zero influence through which to get a discussion out of us. Goodbye.
This is pretty much the answer I get whenever I ask them anything. I could ask them if they thought the sky was blue and they’d send me the same response and probably put something in the sidebar saying the sky was red.

Ironically, elsewhere in the Men’s Rights subreddit today I learned this:

nigglereddit 6 points 1 day ago (19|13)  They don't actually think we hate women - if they did then they'd be happy for us to prove it every time we spoke in public.  No, the problem is the opposite. They know we don't hate women. They know we're right. And the only way they can stop people from hearing and agreeing is to censor us.
Huh. Where on earth might I have gotten the impression that there are MRAs who hate women?

Oops. There’s that sarcasm again. When will I ever learn?

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