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It’s the end of the world as we know it, and this incel can only think about revenge. And blow jobs.

It’s not quite Spring, when a young incel’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of revenge. Also, fantasies of apocalypse. And blowjobs.

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Incel imagines a utopian future of government-issued girlfriends for incels and Nuremberg trials for Chads

Incels certainly have vivid imaginations, whether they’re looking at the present, reinventing the past or imagining the future.

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No one wants to date Trump supporters, and boy is the National Review mad

Just not interested

Conservatives have been complaining for a while about one of the most pressing civil rights crises of our time: the fact that no one wants to bone them.

incels misogyny rape culture sexual inequality

Incel: “Sluts not pleasuring me is discrimination”

Spock is not impressed with your logic

The incels have come up with yet another reason why their lack of sex is somehow the responsibility of someone else — in this case, “sluts” who fuck other guys but not them.

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Incels: We shouldn’t pay taxes because women’s bodies are a “public good” that we don’t get access to

How incels see taxes

By David Futrelle

Pity the poor incels, who are not only oppressed by snooty women who refuse to have sex with them just because they’re “pretty sure this guy would murder me and use my skin to make a fedora,” but also have to pay taxes.

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