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Let’s use AI to annoy the right-wing culture warriors at Bounding Into Comics

Black Snow White

The last time we checked in on the intrepid right-wing culture warriors at Bounding Into Comics, they were pitching a fit over the race- and gender-swapping of some of the characters in Disney’s live-action remake of Peter Pan & Wendy. In the new version of the film, you see, neither Peter Pan nor Tinkerbell is white–and some of the Lost Boys are girls! Naturally, this makes the Bounding Into Comics guys very mad, for some completely unknown reasons that couldn’t possibly be racism or misogyny.

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Right-wing culture warriors furious at Disney for casting black girls as “lost boys” in the new Peter Pan & Wendy

Those aren’t white boys!!1!1

There’s a new Disney movie coming out in which the cast is not all white, so naturally, the right-wingers are throwing a fit about “wokeness” and the alleged evils of race-mixing–sorry, race-swapping.

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The War on Drags

The war on drag queens continues apace. Last Saturday, members of the all-male neo-fascist gang Proud Boys tried to shut down a drag event at a DC area venue, physically attacking counterprotesters and leaving at least one bloodied, according to reports. Last year, there were 120 such protests of drag events in the US. The Proud Boys have been known to show up armed with handguns and assault rifles.

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No one is standing up for Velma, the show that 4Channers and progressives alike love to hate

Velma and Daphne looking at Velma’s audience score on Rotten Tomatoes

Aside from a handful of reviewers and perhaps Mindy Kaling herself, it seems like the only people truly happy about the new Scooby-Doo prequel Velma are the right-wingers who’ve found a new “woke” show to hate. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, a presumed review-bombing campaign by right-wingers has driven the just-debuted show’s audience rating down to 6%; over on IMDb, the show has garnered a mere 1.3 stars out of ten, a worse score than even Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2.

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Alpha males lose it over lesbian feminist M&Ms

Earlier this week, the Mars corporation set off another culture war skirmish by launching a new, all-female package of M&Ms as a way of showing some sort of candy-related solidarity with the women of the world. “We’re celebrating women who are flipping the status quo, transforming the world around them to make it a more colorful and welcoming place for all,” the company declared.

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Christian blogger hails Russia’s new “Don’t Say Gay” law as a brave assault on “state-sanctioned sodomy”

Vladimir Putin has just signed a draconian bill into law prohibiting so-called LGBTQ “propaganda” in Russia. The bill, a bulked-up version of a less sweeping 2013 law, is so broad in its scope it will effectively ban any and all discussion of gay or trans identities in Russia, a ban enforceable by fines of up to 4 million rubles (or $64,000). The bill also bans the advocacy of pedophilia, as if that is even remotely in the same category.

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Natural News takes a journey into Disney’s big gay black hole

Working late in the Disney offices

Conservative cultural criticism is beyond parody these days. Consider the following reflections on Disney and its “Gay Black Hole” from someone called S. D. Wells on, which is neither natural nor news but rather a lot of health disinfo and right-wing conspiracy theories.

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Breitbart thinks the failure of Disney’s gay-friendly Strange World is the greatest thing ever

Disney’s Strange World, a cartoon flick featuring a gay teenager, belly-flopped hard at the box office Thanksgiving weekend, doing so very poorly, and costing so very much to make, that it is now expected to lose something like $147 million when it’s all done.

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What’s at stake for trans and LGBTQ+ people in the midterms (Hint: everything)

The rhetoric of the anti-trans movement — and Republican politicians — is getting more apocalyptic and eliminationist by the day. And anti-trans violence is getting worse. Last week, a man in Tulsa, Oklahoma, firebombed a donut shop after it held a drag event.

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Vox Day loses $1 million in crowdsourced money for a right-wing superhero film to a crypto con man, allegedly

Like money in the bank (or not so much)

Well, it looks like our dear old friend fiend Vox Day won’t be able to make his racist superhero flick after all. Because he’s apparently lost all the money he raised for it — a cool million bucks — to a cryptocurrency con artist who was supposed to be safeguarding the funds, the Daily Beast reports.

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