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Disney/Pixar’s “Lightyear” stumbles at the box office and homophobic culture warriors couldn’t be happier

So Disney/Pixar’s new Toy Story movie, Lightyear, came up a bit short at the box office last weekend, taking in 50 million dollars, some 20 million dollars less than Disney was expecting. And homophobic culture warriors are over the moon, insisting that the poor performance of Lightyear was the result of the film’s alleged “wokeness,” with parents righteously outraged over a blink-and-you-might-miss-it kiss between two female characters.

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People in New Zealand can have sex with up to 24 of their best friends, the Prime Minister sort of announces. But the Gateway Pundit isn’t invited

This is possibly the dumbest picture I’ve ever made for this blog. My apologies to New Zealand

Yesterday the rigt-wing mediasphere went bananas over an ambiguous comment from the top James Bond producer seemingly suggesting that maybe, just maybe, at some time in the future, James Bond could get rebooted as a non-binary super spy.

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Right-wingers are losing their shit over the virtually nonexistent possibility that a future James Bond could be non-binary

It really doesn’t take much to get rigt-wing culture warriors hepped up about some new supposed outrage. It doesn’t even have to be real — in a lot of ways it’s preferable if not.

Consider the case of the non-binary James Bond.

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