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Smash Bros: Seb Gorka and other gullible dinguses tricked by troll into thinking Nintendo supports gay incest

Sebastian Gorka, Brain Genius

By David Futrelle

Sebastian Gorka — former White House security adviser turned freelance Trump bootlicker — has a reputation on the right as some sort of brain genius. But he’s also, it turns out, as gullible as any Facebook MAGA grandpa.

Earlier today, Gorka riled up his fans with a tweet blasting Nintendo for celebrating #PrideMonth by posting an image of Mario and his brother Luigi kissing, accusing the Japanese video game giant of “promoting incest.”

To be fair, this would have been a rather outrageous thing for Nintendo to post, if Nintendo had indeed posted it. But in fact, the account behind the tweet was an obvious fake — lacking the blue checkmark of the real Nintendo account, spelling the company’s name wrong in its account ID, and with a pinned tweet clearly identifying it as a parody account. (And, yes, this was the account’s pinned tweet long before Gorka found the incest tweet.)

Had Gorka spent a few moments going through the troll account’s past tweets, he would have seen other tweets that would have set off anyone’s trolldar.

Unsurprisingly, Gorka’s most fervent fans seem to be as gullible as the man himself.

I always wondered whether dirty leftists would first push incest or pedophilia as their next degeneracy to mainstream.
Yes Incest and pedophilia all part of the gay pride soon animals tree screwing!!Sodom and   Gomorrah ! Now comes the rain !!
I do not have a fear of sexual deviates but I do find the acts they promote disgusting and certainly nothing to celebrate. Anyone can sink into depravity when they become their own 'god' and loose values. Certainly not the value that this country was built on!
Welp, no more Nintendo! What does sex have to do with gaming anyway?
throwing out my nintendo games

After literally dozens of non-fans informed him that the account he was mad about was fake, Gorka quietly deleted his tweet — with no explanation to his fans and no apology for falsely insinuating that Nintendo was promoting incest.

But Gorka and his fans weren’t the only one taken in by the tweet — not by a long shot. Many of the “outraged” seem almost as angry about tey gays as they are about the incest.

This is incest and gay. Wtf are you thinking Nintendo? Don’t conform to the new standard. Take a stand against AIDS and not support this lmao
So now that @Snapchat supports love without age filters #ChildMolesters, @NintendoAmerica is encouraging gay relationships between brothers #Incest. Yeah. #PrideMonth. Is this what the gay community is all about?
Since when did LGBTQ+ every letter in the alphabet support incest?? Is beastiality next on the list?
Incestuous gay sex between the Mario Brothers? I guess there's no limit to this debauchery.
Not only did you ruined a whole bunch of people's childhood but you forgot they were brothers.

There were of course plenty of jokes about incestuous rednecks as well.

Despite all the debunkings, the outrage tweets continue to flow — indeed, every time I refresh this page of Twitter search results there are dozens more.

And I have to say I find thatmore than a little discouraging. As delightful as it is to see someone like Gorka exposed again as the gullible dingus he is, the lasting effect of the parody account’s fake tweet will be that a small but not insignificant portion of MAGAheads will remain convinced that Nintendo and the LGBTQ community really do support incest. We live in a world awash in misinformation and disinformation — and the people who have benefited the most from all the fake news have been reactionaries of all stripes, in the US and around the world.

It isn’t just that good parody is hard to do in a world in which reality itself often seems beyond parody. The problem is that parody like this, whatever its intent, plays into the right-wing agenda. It’s not news at this point that MAGAs are some of the most gullible people on planet earth; we don’t need to concoct parodies to “prove” this again and again.

Still, that doesn’t make it wrong to imagine Nintendo characters who aren’t related to one another having a lovely gay time with one another. Here’s some fan art of Mario and Bowser looking like they’re about to get it on. Happy Pride!

H/T — I borrowed the screenshot of the Gorka tweet from The Daily Beast’s @WillSommer

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weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

I think it’s more that publicly monogamous is the only thing seen as acceptable. Men, and only men are allowed to have affairs. As long as they’re private.

Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
3 years ago


Why they would even need that much money is beyond me- do their executives need another private island or something?

The thing about positional goods is, they’re zero-sum. Once everyone in your rich circle has a private island you need to have two, or the biggest one, or something to stay ahead. And once all of them have two, you need three. Or a private asteroid and its mineral rights, or something …

And this not only makes them insatiably super-greedy and causes environmental destruction, it’s also the ultimate driver of inflating real-estate prices and housing costs, making having a decent home increasingly unaffordable to people below the top decile of incomes or so.

This is one reason for instituting a wealth tax, or perhaps even a wealth cap. There are other red queen’s races in the economy that lead to Pareto-nonoptimal equilibria if not regulated away as well. Advertising is one of them: the endless efforts by everyone with money to outshout everyone else with money has not only made ads actually acoustically loud and annoying, it’s crowded out actual programming — the percentage of time with an ad on-screen on network TV, for instance, has ballooned from a few percent to over 25% in the past few decades, and we’re all familiar with how the web is pretty much unusable these days without an adblocker extension in one’s browser.

Anything with an “arms race” quality to it is subject to the same logic: it should be capped by regulation. But that would be “socialist”, so it isn’t done …

3 years ago


Conservatives tend to view sex in terms of “normal” and “deviant” and basically anything that isn’t cishet monogamous sex is in the “deviant” category and is wrong purely because it’s not normal.

The late great Derek Jarman commented that “heterosexuality isn’t normal. It’s just common.” Here endeth the lesson.

3 years ago

@Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation

It’s shit like this that makes me feel feel that we somehow were teleported to hell en masse. The worst part is that the chances of anything ever being done about it are near zero.

Weird (and tired of trumplings) Eddie
Weird (and tired of trumplings) Eddie
3 years ago

@ TheKND:

To conservatives sex isn’t meaningful bonding or an expression of love. It’s another privilege that you have to be born into, If you’re not, you’re violating the hierarchy of life and that is the biggest deviancy.

NOOOOO… Tell me it isn’t SOOOOOOOOO!!! (/s)

3 years ago

Apropos “non-standard” sexuality, here’s another example of YouTube failing the queers:

YouTube admitted Tuesday that videos posted by a notoriously homophobic star violated its policy against “hurtful” language. But it said it wouldn’t be removing them, instead carving a policy exception for a prominent conservative voice.

Last week, Vox journalist Carlos Maza publicly challenged the company to enforce its anti-harassment policy against Steven Crowder, a right-wing figure whose relentlessly mocking attacks, Maza claims, result in waves of abuse from his millions of followers.

“Every single video has included repeated, overt attacks on my sexual orientation and ethnicity,” Maza wrote on Twitter. “These videos get millions of views on YouTube. Every time one gets posted, I wake up to a wall of homophobic/racist abuse on Instagram and Twitter. … This has been going on for years, and I’ve tried to flag this shit on several occasions. But YouTube is never going to actually enforce its policies. Because Crowder has 3 million YouTube subscribers, and enforcing their rules would get them accused on anti-conservative bias.”

Fuck that unfunny so-called comedian, fuck his 3 million humor-challenged subscribers, and fuck YouTube above all for being so cowardly and avaricious. Too bad they have the most used video platform on the net, or they’d be quaking at the prospect of a boycott by anyone using the service in good faith.

3 years ago

Funny thing is Fire Emblem Fates actually does have a gay incest option – have a female Corrin hook up with Rhajat as mothered by Azura.

3 years ago

Its been stated over & over by indigenous women & anyone properly reporting on the matter, based on the evidence, that indigenous women are the one group (or perhaps one of few?) that is more likely to be assaulted by (racial) outsiders- non-Native men. There are many reasons for this, mainly that the govt will protect those men, indigenous jurisdictions are pretty much helpless. & White men know it.

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