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MRAs in India are protesting a proposed marital rape law. And Men’s Rights Redditors are on their side

Indian MRAs, standing up for the supposed “right” to rape their wives

In India, there is a specific exemption in the rape laws that makes it legal for a man to rape his wife, provided she is over the age of consent; if she’s old enough to consent, in other words, her consent )or, rather, the lack thereof) is irrelevant. At the moment an Indian high court is considering getting rid of the exemption. Not so fast, say Indian MRAs, who have been publicly protesting for their continued “right” to rape their wives.

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The Transformed Wife, Part 2: The Joys of Obligatory Married Sex

Looking forward to a life of unwanted sex with this dude

Yesterday, we looked at some of the Twitter “teachings” of The Transformed Wife, a reactionary pro-am housewife with strong feelings about Jesus, fornication, and witchcraft. (Not all at the same time.)

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Incel creep: “A woman getting angry because her husband “””raped””” her is like a dog getting mad that its owner pet him”

What did that incel just say?

By David Futrelle

Add “marital rape” to the long list of things that incels don’t — or won’t — understand.

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Patriarchy is a lie because men would NEVER oppress their OWN WIVES and DAUGHTERS like that, Men’s Rights Redditor argues, fallaciously

Henry VIII: Always treated his wives real good

By David Futrelle

One of my favorite would-be “gotcha” arguments I’ve heard again and again from Men’s Rights Activists over the years is this attempt to outwit history itself with powerful MAN LOGICK:

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The Daily Stormer defends its hero Donald Trump against the Elders of Zion (and the Daily Beast)

Trump waves hello to his growing army of neo-Nazi fans
Trump waves hello to his growing army of neo-Nazi fans

Andrew Agelin, grand wizard of The Daily Stormer, is given to, well, colorful headlines. Notable recent ones include

Devious Jew Vermin Abe Foxman Finally Steps Down as Anti-Defamation League Head

Jew Flood: 150,000 Ratlike Parasites to Apply for Spanish Citizenship Following New Law

Fed Jewess Janet Yellen Refusing to Share Documents with House Committee

He also has, as you might have noticed, a teensy bit of a preoccupation with Jewish people. Indeed, he’s something of an expert at working the fact (or the fantasy) of a person’s Jewishness into stories in which said person’s Jewishness is not really the story at all.

But Anglin’s attempts to inject a Jewish angle into the story of Donald Trump’s alleged rape of his then-wife Ivana deserve some sort of award. A terrible, terrible award. Here’s the headline:

anti-Semitism antifeminism Dean Esmay dude you've got no fucking idea what you're talking about gaslighting gross incompetence gullibility hate speech imaginary backwards land literal nazis lying liars marital rape misogyny MRA racism rape culture

Leading MRA site A Voice for Men continues to publish a Holocaust denier and marital rape apologist

Some other Holocaust deniers
Some other Holocaust deniers

Last month, I reported that Indian Men’s Rights Activist and marital rape apologist Amartya Talukdar — a regular contributor to leading Men’s Rights site A Voice for Men — was a Holocaust denier.

The evidence? A series of Tweets in which, among other things, he declared that the “Holocaust is a lie of gigantic proportion,” expressed a certain admiration for Hitler and, bizarrely, declared that Hillary Clinton was a “Jewess.”

When I asked AVFM’s then-managing editor Dean Esmay about these troubling Tweets from someone he had published on his site only a few days earlier, he responded … by calling me a “stalker madman” and threatening to call the police if I ever emailed him again. (It was, as far as I recall, the only time I’ve ever emailed him.)

Well, ok, I thought, the folks at AVFM seem to be congenitally unable to ever admit to being wrong, even when the evidence is right before their eyes. But I didn’t think AVFM would be dumb enough to post anything by Talukdar ever again. 

a voice for men anti-Semitism antifeminism empathy deficit entitled babies evil wives hate speech literal nazis mansplaining marital rape men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA rape rape culture reactionary bullshit Suzanne McCarley sympathy for murderers

A Voice for Men is banning commenters who challenge Amartya Talukdar’s marital rape apologia

Rape survivor advocate Nayreen Daruwalla speaks to Indian women
Rape survivor advocate Nayreen Daruwalla speaks to Indian women. Click on pic to see her on CNN

So I was wondering if any of A Voice for Men’s readers had spoken up in the comments there about a rather sensitive subject: the fact that the supposed “human rights” site recently published a post that was not only 1) an apologia for marital rape but also, 2) written by a Holocaust denier and Hitler fan.

When I took at look at the comments there this morning, the answer was (of course) no: there was no mention of AVFM contributor Amartya Talukdar’s numerous Tweets describing the Holocaust as a hoax, Hitler as a great man, and Hillary Clinton as a “Jewess.”

Instead, I found that those who challenged Talukdar’s post (archived here) — which defended the Indian government’s refusal to see marital rape as rape — got harsh rebukes from other AVFM commenters and the site’s moderators, who went so far as to actually ban two commenters unhappy with Talukdar’s rape apologia.

No, really.

a voice for men anti-Semitism antifeminism creepy empathy deficit entitled babies homophobia literal nazis marital rape men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA reactionary bullshit sympathy for murderers

The author of A Voice for Men’s marital rape apologia is a Holocaust denier and Hitler fan. No, really.

Adolph Hitler: Men's Rights Fuhrer
Adolph Hitler: Fuhrer Rights Activist

Amartya Talukdar is a Men’s Rights Activist and self-described “dedicated humanist” who’s written numerous posts for A Voice for Men — most notoriously, the explicit apologia for marital rape that I wrote about earlier this week. In that post, Talukdar declared that “marriage is a licence for sex” and lamented that if marital rape is made illegal in India, men denied sex by their wives might have to resort to masturbation, prostitution, or cheating to find sexual relief.

That’s right; he seems to think that it’s more of a crime for a woman to “force” a man to turn to masturbation than it is for that man to force sex on his unwilling wife.

Well, it turns out that Talukdar has some other, er, interesting beliefs as well. In a series of recent Tweets, he’s revealed himself to be a Holocaust denier and Hitler admirer who believes that Hillary Clinton is a “Jewess.” No, really.

a voice for men antifeminism creepy evil sexy ladies evil wives excusing abuse marital rape misogyny MRA rape rape culture reactionary bullshit

A Voice for Men writer: “Marriage is a licence for sex,” and laws against marital rape will destroy marriage itself

Protesters at anti-rape demonstration in India
Protesters at an anti-rape demonstration in India

A Voice for Men seems to joining the ranks of the marital rape deniers. In a post on the site today (archived here), AVFM contributor Amartya Talukdar attacks proposed laws to criminalize marital rape in India as part of an evil feminist plot to “criminalize marriage” itself. Because, in his mind, there is no such thing as marital rape.

In the post, he offers a muddled assortment of “arguments” against the very idea of marital rape. Echoing the, er, logic of sci-fi author and far-right crank Vox Day, Talukdar explains that once a woman marries a man she gives up her right to say “no” to sex with her husband.

a voice for men advocacy of violence antifeminism evil wives evil women excusing abuse johntheother marital rape marriage strike masculinist India men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny MRA oppressed men paul elam playing the victim rape rape culture straw feminists zed

Masculinist India: A woman-hating "Men's Rights" group even more extreme than its Western inspirations

Feminists made me a misogynist: from Masculinist India
Feminists made me a misogynist: from Masculinist India

Congratulations, A Voice for Men. You are having an impact upon the world.

Or at least upon one organization in India, a truly reprehensible group called Masculinist India, which has adopted the histrionic rhetorical style, and even some of the specific arguments, advanced by AVFM and other North American Men’s Rights groups for a series of graphically challenged “masculinist” memes posted on Facebook and on the group’s web page. Masculinist India has even adopted AVFM’s preferred nomenclature, describing its members as “Men’s Human Rights Activists.” They are of course the complete opposite of “human rights” activists, campaigning instead against basic rights for women.

The influence of AVFM and other Western Men’s Rightsers can been seen again and again in Masculinist India’s posts and memes, which have all the sophistication and subtlety of Chick Tracts.

The “feminists made me a misogynist” logic of the meme above, for example, echoes the argument made in “Hate Bounces,” an influential MRA screed by MRA/MGTOW elder “Zed,” and by countless other MRAs including former AVFM Number Two John Hembling.

Other memes borrow not only the arguments of Western MRAs but recycle the same tired stock photos, like the angry woman in this meme, a favorite amongst Western MRAs.

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