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The Federalist declares war on ass

Cat butts we’ve definitely seen enough of

On Tik Tok, one former butt-loving man warns women to be a bit more circumspect in showing off their asses, because he’s apparently hit his ass limit for one lifetime. In his younger days, he recalls, “I used to get so excited just to see a booty, bro.”

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Warren Farrell: Sexual harassment lawsuits are just the latest version of the female mate selection process

By David Futrelle

I‘ve been rereading Warren Farrell’s Myth of Male Power — basically the MRA bible — and boy does my brain hurt.

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Are women oppressing men with their shoulders and/or other sexy body parts? A very serious investigation

Women dominating men with their sexy shoulders

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, an older British gentleman who describes himself as a “Journalist Extraordinaire” received a light roasting on Twitter after he declared that women who “wear clothes showing a lot of flesh in the shoulder, leg and … bosom department” are somehow undermining the long struggle for gender equality through their choice of attire.

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MGTOW Redditor warns men to beware of women trying to hypnotize them with their sexy unclothed arms

Fishing for male attention?

By David Futrelle

Men’s Rights Activists — and their close cousins the MGTOWs — fret endlessly about what they see as the unfair power women wield over hapless straight men seduced by their sexy bodies.

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MRAs: We just want equality between men and women. Also MRAs: Allowing women to vote was “the single worst blunder in American history”

Who’s that snooping around the Anti-Woman suffrage headquarters?

CLARIFICATION: According to filmmaker Cassie Jaye, Paul Elam says that the tweet I quoted was not his. His exact quote, according to her: “No, it is not my tweet and I did not authorize it, nor does it reflect my feelings.”

I believe that Elam is lying, and will offer my evidence in a post shortly.

UPDATE: And here is that post.

By David Futrelle

Apparently he couldn’t hold it back any longer. Paul Elam, proud founder of the Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men, has insisted over and over again that despite all appearances to the contrary, he’s really not a misogynist — and that all he really wants is true equality between men and women.

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Stefan Molyneux, Men’s Rights icon, straight up embraces white supremacism (though he won’t quite admit it)

Stefan Molyneux wants you to “aspire to admire” white men

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By David Futrelle

It’s been clear for some time that YouTube philosopher-thing Stefan Molyneux is a huge racist. But until recently, he’s tried to be a little bit coy about it.

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He’s red and mad and they don’t care: Why the MRAs are MIA on Kavanaugh

Angry, entitled, and facing multiple accusations of sexual assault: You’d think Brett Kavanaugh would be an MRA icon. Nope.

By David Futrelle

With his sham FBI background report prematurely closed, and his confirmation vote looming, Brett Kavanaugh is omnipresent in the media at the moment. Cable news is pretty much wall-to-wall Kavanaugh, and social media is overflowing with takes — hot and otherwise — on the overgrown frat boy who somehow became a Supreme Court nominee.

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Fact Checking Warren Farrell: No, Jodie Foster wasn’t “cashing in on her sex appeal” at age 4

Warren Farrell: A little confused sometimes

By David Futrelle

So I’ve been rereading Warren Farrell lately and, as always, it’s been a bit of a surreal experience. The man singlehandedly responsible for many if not most of the bad ideas held by Men’s Rights Activists today is not what you’d call an especially lucid writer. His organization is free-associational, his writing style evasive and cluttered with incoherent metaphors, and it seems like every time I go to check the source of one of his confidently asserted facts it turns out there’s nothing real supporting it.

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Now that women have jobs, men can’t control them with money any more: A MGTOW’s lament

Man controlling woman with money … or woman controlling man with sex? Only the MGTOWs know for sure

By David Futrelle

Searching through the archives on Yahoo Answers’ Gender Studies section — which, because the internet is the internet, has been completely overrun with angry lady-haters — I found one anonymous fellow asking a slightly ungrammatical but easily answerable question: “Why women hate MGTOW?”

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Women use their sexy wiles to entice men into raping them, MGTOW suggests

Woman manipulating man with handkerchief, butt

The idea that women regularly use their sexual wiles to gain control over men has long been central to the Men’s Rights Movement.