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Lesbian feminists “want to spoil women,” by encouraging them to slut it up, destroying any value they could have had for men, Reddit weirdo explains

Lesbians, always up to something

So over on the AntiFeminists subreddit they’re discussing the important issues of the day. Like whether or not feminism is a giant grooming operation operated by “predatory lesbians” who want all the ladies to themselves.

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Disney/Pixar’s “Lightyear” stumbles at the box office and homophobic culture warriors couldn’t be happier

So Disney/Pixar’s new Toy Story movie, Lightyear, came up a bit short at the box office last weekend, taking in 50 million dollars, some 20 million dollars less than Disney was expecting. And homophobic culture warriors are over the moon, insisting that the poor performance of Lightyear was the result of the film’s alleged “wokeness,” with parents righteously outraged over a blink-and-you-might-miss-it kiss between two female characters.

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“Lesbians don’t get periods” and even more great insights into the enigma that is woman from the NotHowGirlsWork subreddit

We’re going back in!

There were way too many amazing screenshots of self-confident mansplainers of women’s bodies and sexuality to fit in my post on r/NotHowGirlsWork the other day. So I’m doing another one. Like right here, and right now. It’s the very post you are reading at this moment!

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“Feminism is the clumsy attempt of lesbians to increase the pool of heterosexual women that would become bicurious,” MGTOW explains

Lesbian feminists stealing our women

Men Going Their Own Way have traditionally had a lot of trouble understanding lesbians — or even believing that they exist. But one forward-thinking MGTOW gentleman thinks he’s got lesbians all figured out — and feminism too.

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