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Gawker successfully trolls idiots with fake men’s site called, wait for it, The Cuck

Not the official logo of The Cuck

Yesterday, as Gawker staffers drowned their sorrows in whatever booze they could get their hands on at a bare-bones farewell party of sorts for the once-mighty, now bankrupt internet media empire, a new site bearing the Gawker brand introduced itself to the world: The Cuck, a “new pop-up bespoke men’s interest site, for men.”

If the timing and the title weren’t enough to clue readers in to the fact that The Cuck was a joke, a quick glance at the official announcement should have convinced all but the dullest readers of this fact:

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Seems legit: Men’s Rights Redditors outraged by obviously fake Tumblr screenshot

Also seems legit
Also seems legit

Men’s Rights Activists spend a remarkable amount of their time getting worked up about things that aren’t real.

They rail against having to register for a draft that doesn’t exist. They complain about the injustice of “women and children first” even though that’s not now, and has never been, standard procedure for evacuating ships, planes or anything else that needs evacuating.

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