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New conspiracy theory: #HillarysBodyDouble is a plot to make Trump supporters look bad

I'm going to take a wild guess and say the real Hillary is ... the one that looks like her? (Click on pic for source)
I’m going to take a wild guess and say the real Hillary is … the one that looks like her? (Click on pic for source.)

So, you’ve heard about the Hillary Body Double thing, right?

If not, basically what happened is that some nitwit Trump supporters noticed that Hillary Clinton looked a bit thinner than usual at a photo-op yesterday several hours after she so famously fainted at the 9/11 memorial.

They concluded, naturally, that this was a counterfeit Hillary who just happens to look exactly like Hillary, but with different earrings and a somewhat smaller butt than they remember. And so the hashtag #HillarysBodyDouble started trending earlier today.

It didn’t take long before some of the slightly-more-reality-based members of Trump’s fanbase noticed that a lot of people were, well, kind of making fun of the hashtag. Like so:

And so a new conspiracy theory was born, claiming that the Hillary body double conspiracy theory was itself a conspiracy — a “false flag” by evil leftists to make alt-rightists and other Trump fans look ridiculous. 

This new improved conspiracy theory is being promulgated by such icons of credibility as …

This dude who works for Alex Jones:

This alt-rightist:

Whoever this is:

This line of argument might be a teensy bit more persuasive had there not been quite so many obviously sincere alt-rightists and Trump fans — all with long histories of pro-Trump tweets, many with thousands if not tens of thousands of followers — declaring that the real Hillary had been replaced by a fake. Seriously, click through to any of these accounts and tell me that they’re “false flags.”

Yes, DeplorableCherokee dude, the fact that her hair is parted on the other side, assuming one of the pics isn’t accidentally reversed, clearly proves that this ISN’T HILLARY!!!111!

Yes, Jesus dude, the fact that she was wearing different earrings surely proves that she has been replaced by a WHOLE OTHER PERSON!

Meanwhile, others in the Trump camp, while not quite willing to endorse the conspiracy theory outright, were certainly willing enough to indulge those who had, by “asking questions” about, for example, the fact that Hillary wasn’t completely surrounded by secret service officers while leaving her daughter’s apartment yesterday.


Our old friend Theodore Beale (“Vox Day”) declared in a blog post today that

I’m not saying that the latest “Hillary Clinton” appearance was a body double, but something looks a bit different about the miraculously recovered version. …
To be honest, something about the shape of the woman’s body immediately struck me as “off”. Precisely what, I don’t know, but my immediate subconscious reaction was “who is that?” She’s a little too structurally squatty, as opposed to merely overweight like Hillary.
Stick to writing fantasy novels, dude; you clearly haven’t gotten the hang of reality.

The right-wing Daily Caller, meanwhile, offered the conspiracy theorists this bit of clickbait:

The best explanation of Hillary’s appearance at the now infamous photo op came from someone who is very definitely not an alt-rightist:

But my favorite post in the #HillarysBodyDouble hashtag has to be this one from a slightly miffed 9/11 Truther

We live in very weird times.

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Alex Jones is repulsive. He is a complete sell out to “Team Trump”. I’ve never seen anyone try to shoot themselves in the foot, and accidentally shoot their bollocks off like he has. His InfoWars buddies are trying to say Hillary has Parkinson’s disease because she is wearing blue lens glasses. I’ve never heard anything so stupid.

“Hillary Clinton was used as a double” says the caption on the pic.

Used as a double – for whom?

Someone who looks a lot like Hillary but is less important?

Either that or they don’t know how to use the passive voice.

Hi, all. I’ve been a lurker for a few months and I must say that I’m thankful this site exists.
This article hits home with me- my partner of almost a year is an ardent Alex Jones listener. He buys the supplements and wears the shirts as well. I’ve been listening for days about this topic; he usually has the app playing while I’m visiting this site. I gently try to offer counters to what Alex is ranting about or try to question my partner on why a particular thing would be believable. It doesn’t always end well…

Yesterday he was listening in to the ranting about Hillary stumbling/fainting and the report of something metal falling from her person. He then asked me if it was possible the metal piece was a metal catheter. O.o My eyes went wide and all I could ask was, “You and Alex already believe she wears diapers- why would she have a metal catheter too? Wouldn’t the diaper keep it from falling?”
He didn’t have an answer for why any suspected health issue in women invariably circles ’round to their genitalia.

My partner absolutely hates what he calls “leftist PC mind-control culture” and refuses to believe that words can be painful- then gets very upset when the term “conspiracy theorist” is uttered- because it’s hurtful?
Just a snapshot of my daily irony intake.


You’re right.
That is a funny conspiracy theory as it seems to have legs.
Are there any pictures of Bill Hicks and Alex together?!

@Caerulean: Welcome aboard! Here’s your welcome package, enjoy!

Re: Your partner–Good thing irony isn’t toxic…because that is some weapons-grade irony! Could you tell me what size his head is? I make a mean tin-foil hat. If it’s a bit, don’t worry…it’s supposed to be.

Caerulean – I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my partner too was first lulled in by the populist ‘infotainment’, then he started reading the books, then he made a descent into reading pseudo academic books on ‘racial theories of intelligence’ then he inhabited the dark corners of fringe websites, and now he’s an avid Breitbart reader and Donald Trump supporter. This also coincided with him treating me worse and worse and worse – never mind the rants on his alt-right topic du jour.

Coming at this issue of conspiracy and Hillary Clinton’s health from a whole other angle, here’s this:

Bennet Omalu, the forensic pathologist who has made the NFL so uncomfortable with his discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brains of deceased players, suggests that Hillary Clinton’s campaign be checked for possible poisons after her collapse Sunday in New York.

The suspects? Dr. Omalu points to Putin and Trump — he doesn’t trust either one.

Is it possible that this presidential campaign just got weirder?!

You have my sympathies.

I’ve had a few partners with toxic, self-indulgent opinions and ways of treating others — every one of them a (self-described) political progressive.

Put yourself first. Always put yourself first. That’s not selfish; you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

All best wishes.


Have you tried telling about all the contradictory things Alex Jones said?
How far he’s been saying that World War 3 is just around the corner? How he’s now warning about World War 4?

This is a pretty good video on the subject:

@Caerulean, welcome and sympathy for the daily Alex Jones intake. That’s tough stuff to swallow; I can only listen to that for a few minutes at best before I have to turn it off. I’m a softie, though. Well done, you!

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