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Trump meme of the day: You’re Mired!


The Trump transition continues to be an embarrassing mess. Today, Trump is holding his first meeting with a foreign leader since being elected. And he’s going into it completely unprepared. The Washington Post reports:

The 5 p.m. session with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump’s first with a foreign leader since the election, has raised questions among some in Washington’s foreign policy community because Trump has apparently not been briefed by the State Department. Officials said Wednesday that the transition team has not reached out to State.

A former State Department official said such a meeting with a foreign leader would normally be preceded by numerous briefings from key diplomats, which is considered especially important here because the Japanese are concerned about comments Trump made on the campaign trail. …

“The world does not stop for the transition,’’ said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to speak freely. Trump “would want an intelligence briefing. You’d probably want to get briefed on what’s what happening in the region.’’

Face it, Trump transition team: You’re mired!

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@Sinkable John,

Why is it so cold and hostile outside?
1. weather
2. agoraphobia
3. aggro people
4. all of the above?

Also, that Cyanide and Happiness is brilliant 😀


When everyone’s a protagonist in their own story, it’s one’s own job to make prophesies happen….or to disprove them.

I made fajitas.


You can make something to indulge yourself. Then again that’s just a self directed form of entertainment. This requires further thought…

I guess you can make something inflammatory, to make something to incite anger, but it can’t amuse yourself. Maybe the forth option is propaganda, as propaganda isn’t really to educate or entertain but to change the mind and conform it to ideas. That’s not really educational.

Then a customer decided that his coffee was taking too long because anti-white discrimination, which started this whole ‘write Trump on my cup’ thing. They are protesting by … continuing to give their money to Starbucks.

Fighting the power by making low wage workers feel uncomfortable. How very anti-establishment!

re: fajitas

Admittedly they weren’t authentic in the least, but I enjoyed them and so did my roomie.


I interpret the ending of the video to be the second before all the men are vaporized, finishing off the last pocket of resistance against The Matriarchy. A+++ Feminism, would misander again.

Also, just gotta note, C2C is my fuckin’ jam. The Cell is easily top 3 on my list of songs for getting pumped up.


Has anyone been following #AuditTheVote? It’s gaining traction. There might be an investigation into election fraud!

I fucking hope so. I’m pissed that there hasn’t been more news coverage about voter supression. Instead the media just concludes that black people just happened to stay home on this election (or blame Hillary Clinton for ‘failing to generate enthusiasm’ or some shit). Jeez I fucking wonder why!

While doing the rounds on progressive blogs, I came across this article:

And on a lighter note, here’s the largest petition to date. With 4.45/4.5 million signers:

My take on that video is that it’s about male isolation and the effects of the male gender role on the soul. Reasons I took it that way:

– Everyone in the city is a man
– Every building or major object is either a rectangle or circle. Upside-down-pyramid is the only noteworthy triangle.
– The city feels *lonely*. In the diner, the men sit alone. The king is alone. Pedestrians don’t interact. No one looks at each other. The prophet is the only one trying to penetrate that isolation.
– The first response to the unknown is to attack it.

The prophet, and the king are the noteworthy characters, and are both parts of the male psyche. The king is the public face and the ruler, exemplifying masculinity, but you can tell that he’s as bound to his role as any of the others in the kingdom. The prophet is the ragged, tattered hope of making real emotional contact. He’s of course the first to actually face the “danger” of the pyramid. The king follows suit out of pride.

I’d say it’s mostly about fragility and the difficulty of making a meaningful relationship, but, well. The pyramid’s a pubis. Pretty clearly represents female influence. So I figure the whole thing is about breaking through the shell that men make for themselves to each the person inside.

That’s just my take though! Thanks for answering.

@dlouwe, I know, right? That whole album’s amazing. Even a song about gamergators on there. Here’s a fun one:

You know, let me tell you my honest opinion of that music video.

On it’s own, it’s a music video about putting the pussy on a pedestal.

I mean, we have the only “feminine” imagery is a giant flying pyramid which is obviously meant to symbolize a vagina. It’s mysterious, there seems to be no purpose, it’s flying upside down impossibly, it shows up out of the blue one day under unknown circumstances, there’s no body or mind attached to it. It’s just an object. It’s literal objectification.

The lyrics, however? It’s about cunnilingus.

I’m going cross the delta
Cross the delta
Cross the delta

If you keep looking
To the center of my heart
To the center of my heart

How many licks, how many licks ’til you get to the center of my

To the center of my heart
To the center of my heart

How many licks ’til you get
How many licks ’til you get
How many licks ’til you get
To the center of my heart

How many licks ’til you get
How many licks ’til you get

Do you wanna fun dip and drop, look at me in my solo pop box

Delta is a triangle shaped body of water. Delta is a vagina. Licking is self-explanatory.

So, like, taking the song into consideration with the music video, as it’s about sex, well…shooting becomes negging and the king and gong guy becomes men who get pass the barriers of the vagina for it to open to them. Them all crying is someone getting laid.

It’s not feminist either way, IMHO.

It’s a really good song though and a really cool music video.


Has anyone been following #AuditTheVote? It’s gaining traction. There might be an investigation into election fraud!

I am now. Thanks!

I’ve never really been able to make out the lyrics, but, yeah, the lyrics have always been pretty clearly about sex. I was referring more to the video than the song!

The nice thing about this sort of thing is that none of the answers are wrong. It’s a good thought experiment.

Anyone watch the latest episode of Steven Universe? It’s thanksgiving, family, dealing your racist uncle and a slew of other things in 30 minutes.

Hello to LeFluff (who seems to have appeared out of moderation). Has anyone sent you your welcome package yet?

And many, many internet hugs. Feel free to drop in and rant/tell terrible puns/post cute pics/laugh at trolls. 🙂

Re: Pokemon

As much as I love pokemon, the last one I played was Fire Red for the GBA, mainly because games and games systems aren’t cheap. Haven’t really kept up to date on it either.

Weeeellll, you could try emulators. Not that I’m advocating it, of course. It’s piracy and all that.
But let’s just say that I may or may not have played Soul Silver despite not having a DS.
And look at me now – with my very own 3DS, waiting for my pre order of Sun to come to me (damn delayed EU launch… tho it might be for the best in this case, I have midterms on Friday).

Oogly – Is it just me or did the Crystal Gems get human eating rituals more right when they were one huge, fused Alexandrite Steven “mom” than this time? I mean, for having been on Earth for 5,000 years and with Steven for around 14, the concepts of the dinner table and family gatherings really seems to elude them. Peridot and Lapis seemed to have a slightly better handle on it despite a lot less experience!

Suggestion: Peridot and Lapis have been through significant rebirth events, remaking them in ways that have not happened to the others?

Peridot and Lapis also spend huge blocks of time watching a TV show about human teenagers. Presumably mealtime scenes are included from time to time.

I think the most disturbing thing is that two of them were teachers threatening students of color with deportation. What the fucking fuck!?

those teachers really shouldn’t be teachers but the unfortunate thing is that I’m not surprised–I saw teachers bully students when I was in school and now that I work in a school system, I see teachers bully kids now and I don’t get why any of those teachers are teachers

@Hambeast – So proud of you!! I wish I could even think of going to the march in January but my need for a new furnace wins out over that (I’m never going to say “trumps that” again).

Don’t chicken out! You can do it!

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