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Seems legit: Men’s Rights Redditors outraged by obviously fake Tumblr screenshot

Also seems legit
Also seems legit

Men’s Rights Activists spend a remarkable amount of their time getting worked up about things that aren’t real.

They rail against having to register for a draft that doesn’t exist. They complain about the injustice of “women and children first” even though that’s not now, and has never been, standard procedure for evacuating ships, planes or anything else that needs evacuating.

And then, of course, there are the faked screenshots, featuring feminists (some real, some imaginary) saying things that have never been said by any feminist ever — the phony Anita Sarkeesian Tweets that have inspired real waves of harassment directed at Sarkeesian, the made-up quotes attributed to famous feminists ranging from Gloria Steinem to Jessica Valenti, the phony entire Jezebel article posted to the Men’s Rights subreddit as a supposed “screenshot.”

To this ever-growing pile, let’s add this obviously fake “screenshot” of a Tumblr conversation that never happened, which drew more than 1100 outraged upvotes when it was recently posted to the Men’s Rights subreddit.

Obviously fake screenshot
Obviously fake screenshot

What are some of the indications that this is faker than fake?

  1. The comments all read as if they were written by the same person
  2. The comments from the “bisexual black woman” fit every straw feminist stereotype
  3. The language used by the “bisexual black woman” is off; what black bisexual feminist refers to “minorities” rather than, say, “women of color?”
  4.  The screenshot is obviously something put together in ten minutes using MS Paint
  5.  The screenshot is obviously something put together in ten minutes using MS Paint
  6.  The screenshot is obviously something put together in ten minutes using MS Paint

In case you are not convinced, here are some actual Tumblr screenshots, courtesy of TheCaptainObvious on Imgur.

tubby1 tubby2

In the Men’s Rights subreddit thread devoted to the completely and utterly fake Tumblr conversation, the gullible MRAs piled irony atop irony as they responded to the fakery with credulous sincerity. Only a handful of commenters suggested the screenshot might be fake; most of them were downvoted to zero.

By contrast, someone called Clockw0rk garnered 100 points with a comment declaring the alleged SJW “Victim Narrative” to be “basically a godless religion.”

Belief is the most important part of any religion, as no religion is comprehensive enough to provide philosophical answers to every situation, so the primary creed of The Victim Narrative is to “Listen and Believe”. Claims made from white men are automatically subject to scrutiny and distrust while claims made from women and people of color are automatically more worthwhile. 

To quote someone who doesn’t exist, “please send help, irony is too thick to breathe.”

H/T — r/againstmensrights

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6 years ago


Saying they’re hunky-dory with efforts to ban contraception flies very directly into the claim that they are addressing those previously mentioned ‘root causes’”

I don’t think that saying “we don’t have an opinion because we focus on what happens *after* conception” is anywhere close to saying “we’re hunky-dory with banning contraception”. Two *very* different statements.

With that being said, I think it’s very fair to criticize them for not taking a very strong pro-contraception stand. I get why they don’t; they want to gather *everyone* who is pro-life into working together towards a common goal with abortion. But FFS, lack of access to contraception *directly* causes abortion! Some women *never* want to be mothers, no matter how well they’re supported. Get your shit together FFL!

“They also make it clear they want to punish doctors for performing abortions (aka, “the abortion industry”, as they put it in their FAQ),

Banning abortion is proven folly; it’s far too easy to brew some Pennyroyal tea or use some other abortifacient. (Note- pennyroyal is dangerous to use and has killed women when it was more widely known in the 90s; I only mentioned it by name because there’s a Nirvana song about it FFS). Putting pressure on Supply only drives things underground and makes things worse for everyone. The proper way to do things is to address the Demand side by going for the root causes.

I seem to remember FFL being against banning abortion for this very reason. Either I remember wrong, or they’ve gotten stupid over the years.

*However*, being stupid makes someone a *bad* feminist, it doesn’t knock some one out, much like being a TERF makes someone a bad feminist, but still one. Abortion is not the defining feature of being a feminist, especially since many first wavers were not pro-choice.

6 years ago

Well Missouri creeps totally want to get access to Planned Parenthood’s files.

Are they getting off on this shit? Is that it?

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