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MRAs: Women Should Have to Register for the Draft Even Though They’re Unfit for Combat

Few subjects cause Men’s Rights Activists to become as irrationally angry as the requirement that young American men register for selective service. MRAs regularly declare this obligation to be a form of “slavery,” a sign that society views men not as human beings but as “mere beasts of burden designed for the expendable whims of a gynocentric…

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The Bachelor Tax: Gravest imaginary threat to the MGTOW set?

By David Futrelle Facing little legitimate oppression in the real world, modern misogynist men sometimes have to improvise in order to find something to complain about. Thus Men’s Rights Activists in the US work themselves into a tizzy over the requirement to register for a non-existent military draft. Incels convince themselves that a “few millimeters…

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The Leftists is a Clever Animal: An addled Davis Aurini responds to anti-Trump protests

A specter is haunting Davis Aurini, the specter of thousands of Americans exercising their First Amendment rights by taking to the streets to protest the incoming Trump administration.

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JudgyBitch: Women without husbands or sons should have to join the military to vote

With election day here in the US less than two months away, Andrea Hardie has decided that maybe it would be ok if some women were allowed to vote after all.

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Seems legit: Men’s Rights Redditors outraged by obviously fake Tumblr screenshot

Men’s Rights Activists spend a remarkable amount of their time getting worked up about things that aren’t real. They rail against having to register for a draft that doesn’t exist. They complain about the injustice of “women and children first” even though that’s not now, and has never been, standard procedure for evacuating ships, planes or anything…

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“Women can’t be trusted with voting, free speech, or power,” Alt-right blogger declares

Most Men’s Rights Activists who wish women didn’t have the right to vote are savvy enough not to say so outright. Instead, they make up fairy tales about how men’s right to vote (at least here in the US) is contingent on men signing up for the draft.

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Andrea “Judgy Bitch” Hardie: Women aren’t xenophobic enough to deserve the vote

It’s always refreshing to see Men’s Rights Activists momentarily cease their grousing about the alleged evil and inferiority of women and take up the important issues of our time — like, for example, whether we men should rise up as one and take away women’s right to vote.

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A Voice for Men's Alison Tieman: Winning women the vote was “Feminism's first act of female supremacy.”

I don’t often write about Alison Tieman – the eccentric FeMRA videoblogger known better as Typhon Blue – in large part because, well, have you ever watched one of her videos? Her arguments and assertions bear so little relation to what the rest of us know as reality it’s as if she lives in some…


Confused Cats Against Feminism Goes Viral: Giant list of media mentions, and a possible explanation

Confused Cats Against Feminism has gone viral, as the Internet kids say. In less than a week, my humble Tumblr blog has picked up more than 12,000 followers on Tumblr and has generated nearly 20,000 “notes.” It’s been featured in two dozen well-known publications so far, ranging from Jezebel to Cosmopolitan to Le Monde (yes,…

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Men’s Rights Manifesto: Solve all of our gender problems by segregating men and women at school and work!

What do Men’s Rights Activists want? Based on what they actually do, it’s seems pretty clear that many of them want little more than the right to pester women with endless cries of “what about the menz?” But from time to time MRAs will step forward with little bullet-pointed manifestos presenting their grievances — and…

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