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Pussyconomics: Widespread obesity is inflating the valuation of non-fat American Woman, Red Piller argues

Bad news, Red Pillers: Not only are fat women flooding the sexual marketplace in the US — they’re actually making mediocre women who aren’t fat look better by comparison. At least according to one Red Pill Redditor.

“At least 1/3 of the US is Obese. 2/3 are overweight,” notes a self-appointed sexual market data-interpreter called sabanMiles11 in the Red Pill subreddit. “The US is one of the heaviest countries in the world.”

Meanwhile, he notes, in Europe the “obesity rates are held in check. Most hover around 20%. If you venture into Asia, most countries are in single digits.”

Well, OK. I haven’t checked his numbers here but the fact is that there is more obesity in the US — among woman and men — than in most countries.

“Why is this important to know for the modern dating market?” he asks.

Women are attracted to aggregate social capital accumulated by a man. Men are attracted to beauty, physical health and the ability to reproduce.

Sez you.

He moves quickly to his main point: having so many undateable fat women around actually serves to inflate the sexual market value of those women who aren’t fat — who supposedly get rated higher than they really deserve because they’re competing against “landwhales.”

The fact that 50% of women are too fat to be dateable is causing any woman that is not overweight to be massively inflated in value.

Ok, but this isn’t very sciency. Can you make it all sciency for me?

To test this hypothesis, I made tinder accounts across the world (altered GPS location on 5 cheap or old android phones I had sitting around). The results were staggering.

Wait, I’m still trying to figure out why you have 5 working Android phones just sitting around. I mean, I have a few extra laptops stuffed away but in my defense none of them work properly if at all; I’m just sort of a harder. Anyhoo, let’s move on to the “staggering” results of this dude’s “scientific” “experiment.”

In a 24 hour period, I had over 100 matches in all asian countries (I tested South Korea, Vietnam and the Phillipines)

I had about 55-80 matches in the European countries I tested (This included the UK, Spain and Ukraine, with Ukraine falling on the higher end and the other two on the lower end)

In the US, I had roughly 20-30 (this included NYC, San Fran and Boston)

Why the big disparity between the US and the rest of the world?

Because, he explains, he only swiped on the women he thought were hot. Well, sort of.

I only swiped on girls I found attractive. The primary way for me to determine that was: 1. Could not be fat 2. Could not have kids (or at least seemed to not have kids) 3. No obvious left wing extremists.

Uh, that’s a very strange way to determine physical attractiveness.

Could I have had a bias when swiping non Americans? Maybe, its impossible to tell.

I don’t think it’s impossible to tell.

My conclusion: Maybe its time to abandon the US. We are being overrun by wokeness and fatness.

I’m fat and woke and glad to be doing my part on both fronts.

Europe may be left leaning, but they arent woke. I can handle left leaning liberals. I cant handle woke.

And apparently you have some trouble with the apostrophe key as well.

Further, the dating market is objectively better due to lack of inflation of female value. Almost any girl can be an objective 5 or above if she is not fat and puts in effort. The US has women who are not doing that anymore (obese, single mom, whales are the market).

Appaarently this is enough to get him at least talking about going expat.

Many of you will say this is “cope.” Maybe it is. But Id rather have an objectively better life than trying to be “Alpha” in an almost unwinnable game that is taking place in America.

SabanMiles11 explains his logic further in a followup comment.

There are attractive women obviously. But my point is, their value is incredibly inflated because they lack competition (non obese women and non single moms). The US woman who is not fat and under 30 without kids has an absolute monopoly on male attention. In Europe and Asia, the women have their egos in check because they have a lot of competition from other women, and thus their relative value deflates.

Apparently he only wants women with low self-esteem. Nothing new about that, er, strategy.

My condolences to the women in whatever country he ultimately chooses to live in.

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1 year ago

“Ohlmann wrote 25 days ago:

“”Here examples would be “would asians use photoshop on their pictures more ?”, or “do some populations store fat at different place ?”.””
“”Most are based on BMI, which is very imprecise and harshly punish athletic persons..”””


..and here, ladies and gentlemen, we see the extreme levels of cope in huntedmammoths elderly obese lady comment section…

really now, don’t you think you are being a little bit facetious, ohlmann and other similar people?

.. oh yes, the westerners just don’t use photoshops or filters or anything, the asians just store the 60kg of fat hidden somewhere else(?), and usa is just full of extreme musclebuilder women who have 110kg of pure muscle mass, that’s why systematically measured extreme differences in bmi averages between countries surely don’t count..
very “plausible”…
which one was out of the reality again…? 
To me, this time, at least, when it came towards acknowledging reality, the Original Poster got the medal, as they say during the olympic games.


Sinkable John, 100% resunk with fresh ingredients
Sinkable John, 100% resunk with fresh ingredients
1 year ago

My dude, if you’re gonna use fatphobia as your angle, maybe don’t upload that avatar, cos I can count the chins on it.

1 year ago

@new troll

Oh goddess, the necro. What is there even to say?

Other than what a marvelous waste of your own limited, precious time on this earth. Your time is limited, as is all of ours, and it is strange to me that this is worth any of it.

Scildfreja Unnyðnes
Scildfreja Unnyðnes
1 year ago

@redmanticore, hello, welcome!

You’re new here and apparently not well versed in science, so please, let me help you with that. The original poster, sabanMiles11, was trying to do science to dating. So, Ohlmann, Rabbit R. et. al. were pointing out methodological flaws in the presented study. They were providing contrary examples. This shows that the study is invalid due to uncontrolled variables in data collection – the conclusion can’t be reasonably drawn from the premises.

Thank you for your contribution to the corpus of literature on the topic. Unfortunately, it is not up to the quality standards of this journal. We invite you to continue to develop your work and resubmit when you have corrected these problems.

p.s. ‘Extreme levels of cope’ as a phrase is only used by people who are extreme levels of online. Maybe go on outside and touch grass sometime, hm?

Have a nice day, all the same!

1 year ago


You seem to be having trouble with blockquote, so let me give you a tutorial.

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Hopefully that second method still works with the new comments box; I have javascript enabled so I haven’t tested it

Please do not make fatphobic comments, even at the expense of trolls. Just makes people like me feel bad about my body (especially my chin, which I was already feeling bad about due to bad webcam angles in work meetings today) and doesn’t affect the trolls one bit.

Last edited 1 year ago by kupo
Sinkable John, 100% resunk with fresh ingredients
Sinkable John, 100% resunk with fresh ingredients
1 year ago

Yeah… I’m sorry about that.

I was in the burning place last night and this drive-by coward sent me into “eye for an eye” mode, which I know is no excuse especially since I was already regretting it BEFORE posting – that should’ve been my cue. I’m sorry you had to stop me when I grossly failed to do so myself.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sinkable John, 100% resunk with fresh ingredients
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