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Incels still obsessed with other men’s sperm

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Incels have a curious double standard when it comes to virginity. They view their own virginity as both a cause and a symbol of ultimate failure and deprivation, proof that they’re inherently worthless in the sexual marketplace and possibly in life itself.

But when it comes to girls and women, incels see their virginity as the only thing about them that makes them valuable. And when they lose it, they lose all value. “[W]hen a foid has sex with another man she’s broken for good,” writes one commenter on in a recent discussion. “[S]he’ll always remember chad’s cock and she’ll never be satisfied with you.”

But the weird thing is that it isn’t just these hypothetical non-virgin “foids” who are preoccupied with Chad’s cock. The incels seem positively obsessed with it — and with the sperm it supposedly dispenses in large quantities. As I’ve noted before, incels seem to spend more time thinking about other men’s semen than a director of bukkake videos does on a busy day on the set.

In am thread titled “How can cucks love a non virgin girl?” an incel called Braindamage indulges in a weird paranoid fantasy involving rather a lot of other men’s semen.

“Its so insane to me,” he writes,

that a man can pretend he loves a girl that have had tons of sex, getting every holed filled with someone elses semen, getting her holes stretced out by another man and having threesome with many dudes filling every hole and filling them with sperm, probably spitting on her face and choking her since girls love that. Just fucking lol and then she will pretend she loves him if she actually loved him she would not do anything of this disgusting shit just for “pleasure”. She will think about those memories when she is with her new cuck.

She enjoyed getting her holes filled by another hard dick and then she will love you 

dont worry buddy boyos its completely normal but dont get [s]hocked when sperm will drip from her evertime she moves.

Dude’s been watching way too many “creampie” videos.

Even aside from the fact that women aren’t out there walking around in public with sperm dripping from them, the logic here is ludicrous. When you have sex with someone, does it matter that they may have had sex with one, or ten or even a hundred people before you? I mean, we don’t use this logic in other situations in life. When you hug someone, do you worry that they may have hugged someone before? When you talk to someone do you get mad about all the people they’ve talked to before? When you sit in a chair do you worry about all the people who’ve sat in that chair before you?

Dudes, unless you’re literally hiding in the closet watching them go at it, you’re not being “cucked” by your girlfriend’s previous partners.

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Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
2 years ago

@Surplus to Requirements, Naglfar:
And I’d be… well, a lot of things. Not all of which are physically compatible with this reality.

Mostly, though, that applies to general attitudes. As was mentioned in what I replied to, attitudes that start as performative can become ingrained because someone practices them so much. It’s why the old pop-psychology idea of ‘catharsis’ and letting it all out is rather at odds with actual psychological studies.

Of course, in the story Vonnegut wrote (Mother Night), that comment was referring to an American agent working undercover in the Nazi propaganda department during WWII. And whom some of the Nazis had known was an undercover agent, but was kept around because he was so good at his cover job, and they could use him to get him to feed false information back to his masters.

Vonnegut tended to write really philosophical and psychological stories.

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