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Roosh V: “Contraception destroys love” because casual sex uses up women’s “bonding glue”

Women agree: Roosh V isn’t spongeworthy

By David Futrelle

It’s not uncommon for aging libertines to have second thoughts about the casual hedonism of their youth. Neil Strauss followed up his 2005 book The Game, which brought the “pickup artist” subculture into the mainstream, with The Truth, in which he confessed that his celebrity as one of the world’s most famous PUAs had in many ways ruined his life and the lives of those around him. (Still, he didn’t return the royalties from his earlier book, as far as I know, or take it out of print.)

Roosh V, who had his own brief time in the spotlight as the world’s most hated PUA, has taken a similar turn in recent years, albeit with much less self-awareness than Strauss. Roosh once made his living with a series of self-published books offering country-specific tips on how to effectively manipulate women in Europe and South America into bed without getting arrested on rape charges.

Now he’s become a far-right moral scold, railing against the sexual “degeneracy” he once so enthusiastically promoted. (He still sells his Bang books though, and recently came out with his latest tome, imaginatively titled Game.)

In a recent post on his self-titled blog — which remains active even though he abandoned his more popular Return of Kings site a few months back — Roosh takes aim at contraception, blaming it not only for helping evil elites depopulate the world but also for destroying love itself, at least for the women using it.

Roosh begins by assailing contraception as a tool of conspirotorial elites bent on reducing the world population — something he thinks they also do by promoting such other alleged social evils as “homosexuality … feminism, transgenderism, and divorce laws.”

But he thinks that the effect contraception has on the female psyche is much more insidious.

Contraceptives allow virtually risk-free casual sex, an act that used to be the most intimate of intimates, reserved for only a husband or wife. Sex used to be a huge practical and emotional decision, on the level of buying a house.

Seriously! Just filling out the forms for a sex mortgage used to take hours!

Now, it is more like choosing which restaurant to eat dinner at, but even the latter takes more care as you check reviews and ask around to assess the restaurant’s quality. Now, men are ready and able to put their penises in any woman, no reviews needed, and it’s even worse that women have become just like men in having sex for the most fleeting of reasons based on their primal desires.

If the idea of women being able to have sex when and with whom they desire does not immediately cause you to run screaming in horror, Roosh helpfully spells out the terrible and irreversible damage that casual consensual sex can do to a woman’s “bonding glue.”

Her what, you may ask? Let’s let Roosh explain:

Before you think I’ve turned into some kind of sex puritan, it’s important to understand that we are all born with a set amount of bonding glue. This glue is required to connect with a member of the opposite sex for love that is practical or romantic for the goal of creating a family. Each episode of casual sex, which contraceptives enable (along with other medical advances like antibiotics that treat sexually transmitted diseases), permanently reduces the amount of bonding glue you possess.

Still unconvinced? Roosh tries another metaphor:

The best way to explain how bonding glue works is to use the old analogy of adhesive tape on a box. When you want to ship a package, you seal it with tape. The recipient can open the package by peeling off the tape, which will retain some stickiness, perhaps enough to ship a new package, but far less than when it was fresh off the roll. If you keep applying and removing tape from a box, it will soon not stick at all. Each time you have casual sex, you’re applying tape to a box and then removing it.

Uh, dude, I think you might be doing sex wrong. Are you sure you’re watching porn and not YouTube unboxing videos?

In any case, the bonding glue on the sex packing tape is a very particular sort of glue, in that it’s apparently much longer-lasting when a man handles it, at least in Roosh’s view.

Women lose far more bonding glue than men with each sexual encounter. I believe that most women will only retain enough adhesive to sleep with between one to five men in their lives before irreparably damaging their ability to love any man. This is why contraceptives are disproportionately targeted to them—if you can get women to have casual sex with only a handful of men, your depopulation agenda will be a guaranteed success.

Men, meanwhile, can pack and unpack their sex box with hardly any effect on their sex packing tape, “barely los[ing] any bonding glue with a casual sex encounter. “

Indeed, Roosh is convinced that the 15 years he spent roaming the world in search of women to “bang” had virtually no lasting effect on his ability to love because, he explains,

I was self-aware enough to slow down fornication when I felt it was beginning to damage me, with sufficient bonding glue remaining. I’ve also met many men with notch counts higher than mine who can still bond with women in a reasonably healthy way (as much as modernity allows), but a woman with the same notch count is likely to develop a severe mental illness. Any child she makes will be accidental and raised in a broken home. …

[T]he best chance of creating a successful family is when the woman had all of her bonding glue intact.

I should note that at no point in his post does Roosh bother to provide any actual scientific evidence that might even remotely back up his claims, nor does he even explain what, biologically, he means by “bonding glue.” Presumably he’s referring to oxytocin, a hormone involved in bonding and childbirth. But who knows? Maybe he really thinks cis women are full of glue and that some of this glue gets stuck on each new condom-clad penis that enters them.

In any case, Roosh is convinced that the solution to this glue-depletion problem is for men to raw dog it every time they have sex.

The healthiest approach to sex for men is sleeping with women without the option to use contraceptives or other forms of modern medical assistance. If you couldn’t use a condom, she couldn’t use birth control, there was no option of abortion, and there were no antibiotics to treat the gonorrhea she could give you, would you still sleep with her? If the answer is no then you shouldn’t sleep with her, because you will lose bonding glue for a purely hedonistic experience.

Still, he insists, this is much more of an issue for women and their bonding glue than for men and their glue sticks.

It’s more important for a woman to imagine this scenario than a man, because she can only make a few mistakes before forever saying goodbye to the possibility of love and family. I went on an international bang tour for fifteen years and found love in a hopeless place, but can you imagine a girl doing that? The only thing she’ll find is a bottle of wine to chase down her antidepressant pills.

Dude, just because every woman you’ve ever had sex with felt like shit afterwards doesn’t mean that all straight-sex-having woman feel this way, whether they’ve had sex with one man, or five, or a hundred, over the course of their lives.

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121 replies on “Roosh V: “Contraception destroys love” because casual sex uses up women’s “bonding glue””


HAHAHAHAHAHA no no, this rapist has no point and you my friend are an idiot if you believe that.

Yeah, ok. It’s not like the information is available in a basic human biology book. But sure. This is America, you’re free to your opinion, Lainy.


Oh yeah sure buddy. Show me this magical human biology book that’s past 1950 lol. Just so you know if you find yourself agreeing with this guy, yeah your wrong. he preaches getting women drunk so he can rape them.

I said he was right about the bonding. Just because u agree with that doesn’t mean I agree with everything that comes out of his mouth. And what does the age of the educational materials matter? It’s still right.
Problems arise with both genders but much more pronounced with women, basically.
Here you go. Written by a women too. So, you can’t call misogyny or other shaming language that can be seen a mile away. Micro penis jokes and whatnot.

because old shit is normally written by misogynists with purity kinks dude. also you’re making a lot of assumptions.

Also your transphobic penis jokes are not okay here buddy. Take it back to your own house.

Pot meet kettle. How do you know for sure the material was written by misogynists with links? Did you know them personally? No, no. You misunderstand. I was preempting the expected small dick jokes. That’s usually what happens. And a phobia is an irrational fear of something. A trans doesn’t fall into that category with me. Now spiders and deep water? Fuck both of those. Even being able to swim I’m still terrified of the ocean. Screw that noise. Anyways, you have a quick cursory source, from a female no less.

No no no small dick jokes. A man doesn’t have to have a dick to be a man at all. Get out of here with that shit. And a woman can have the biggest fucking dick in the world for all I care.

Also she’s a woman not a female. The fact that your calling her female shows your a misogynist, though you already outed yourself as one. but please keep going.

Also I asked for a link about human anatomy about bonding glue. You did not deliver. Also you go back far enough you’ll find “scientist” calming black people don’t fell pain so it’s alright to operate on them without anything to stop the pain. You could also find the French dude who thought women’s breast kept women warm like a cozy sweater. That’s why I ask for up to date shit buddy.

Also if your thing was true dude, I should be marrying the guy who raped me. Not the man I’m marrying now.

Psychology today isn’t exactly a credible source. But even the author acknowledges this

The authors acknowledge that, even though they ruled out the effects of prior substance use on number of sex partners, the possibility remains that people living a risky lifestyle have a higher number of sex partners and, later on, develop mental health problems. It’s also possible that people who are having sex with multiple partners are in situations where alcohol and drugs are around, and therefore, will be the ones to develop substance dependence over time.

Also, the study she is citing does not seem to actually say that multiple sex partners cause women not to be able to emotionally bond with a partner. That part is merely her extrapolation.

Sorry, this little pet misogynistic theory is pure psuedoscience.

I’ll still never understand why men who are sexually attracted to women are upset by women who like to have sex with men.


Like I said before. they have very disgusting purity kinks. They want something they can control and like a dog pissing on something they want to pretend they own the person they have sex with.

Also Smitherson

I do agree with the ocean. I hate swimming in the ocean as well. To many things much bigger then me. But irionically a nude beach is my favorite place in the world to be. I could lay there all day. Play some volleyball. Get drunk. Everything beach goers like to do but I won’t get in the water lol.

Ohhh, you’re one of those people that think chromosomes and sex organs don’t denote male and female. Ah. Yeah, this conversation is over. There’s no way reason and logic is going to work here. I’m yeeting the fuck outa here. Men have a penis and women have a vagina. XY and XX chromosomes respectively. Never denied being a misogynistic douche either, I own that shit. Acting like you broke some big case or some shit or as if shaming language works anymore. I never thought I’d talk to one of you either. I thought that the folks saying gender is a construct were like unicorns. Wow. Anyways, ta taa surgar tits.


I apologize for this asshole. And for the things you have to deal with in this world.

Thanks. He cannot harm me; only the assholes in my real life can.

23:59 women are Chad-chasers by nature, they’re incapable of love/they just seek for men’s resources.

00:00 this “bonding glue”/love and emocional affection shit. “Women won’t love anyone after multiple sex encounters”.

So they’re capable of love or not?

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