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If women want equality, they need to stop wearing makeup, MGTOW political theorist contends

Woman systematically oppressing men with some sort of diabolical lipstick technology

By David Futrelle

You, in your foolish ignorance, may believe that men and women — and everyone else besides — deserve equal rights, because, at the end of the day, we are all human beings.

But such a belief fails to take into the incalculable advantages such faux “equality” gives to women, who use the diabolical power of, er, makeup to bamboozle and exploit men by, er, looking all pretty and shit.

This, in any case, is the powerful case set forth by the eminent political philosopher *checks notes* Some Random Dude on the Internet.

“Ladies want equality? Stop wearing makeup!” the anonymous philosopher declared in a post on the message boards, where the assembled Men Going Their Own Way have many strong opinions about women despite very loudly and publicly claiming that they are “going their own way,” away from women, and that they really don’t spend any time thinking about icky girl stuff at all.

“Why can’t women be more like us and stop wearing makeup?” he demanded.

Lets see the ladies start taking big manly steps toward equality and stop doing things of no real value! …

The difference between men and women is as plain as the makeup on “their” face!

They’re just like clowns and all MGTOW know it! A game to attract the largest wallet with cash and prizes disposing all the rest while aiming for the highest turnover rate, like a lotto junkie scratching tickets!

They work for hours on their external appearance, and no time on the internal, whereas men are exact opposite!

You ladies are invited to come over to our side of thinking if you want a real challenge and real equality!

Until then, I’m not part of the rotating stock pile of men orbiting your public toilet pussy.

In case you’re wondering what it looks like when something orbits around a pussy, this gif might help.

Anonymous Dude’s mini-manifesto received a mixed reaction from his compatriots on

Some immediately saw the wisdom of his argument. “[A]n excellent point re fake up,” wrote someone called MGTaoist, “any woman claiming they want equality should be ashamed to wear it.”

A commenter called Zarathustra spake:

I think this is one of the smartest posts I have read in a while. Makeup belies the whole problem. If women wanted genuine equality then they would be willing (even if unable) to pull their fair share. But when they wear make-up to enhance their sex appeal (whether you agree it works or not) it sends a the message they prioritize using their sex appeal to get men to do the pulling.

But not all the assembled MGTOWs agreed. Some felt that women without makeup were just too ugly to contemplate. (Is this not a form of oppression itself?) And one churlish fellow noted that men could always wear makeup themselves.

Anonymous Dude was having none of it. “Please, don’t refer to them as men!” he retorted.

They’re Manginas! Feminized men!

Remember, it’s all an experiment initiated by social engineers that were cloned for many decades and nourished by the liberal Marxist education regime.

I pity men that abandoned their masculinity in this ongoing experiment.

It’s an argument as powerful as his original one. Marxists have been pushing makeup for men from the beginning. Indeed, though few are aware of this, most of the third volume of Marx’s Capital consisted of advice to workingmen trying to find the right mascara for their eye color and skin tone. “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways,” Marx famously wrote in his Theses on Revlon. “The point, however, is to change your look in an instant with a kicky new lipstick!”

Little do the men seduced by this message realize that male makeup is the first step on the road to Manginocracy.

Clearly, no one should be wearing makeup. Random Dude on the Internet has spoken!

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epitome of incomprehensibility

@Moggie – I DID, but I forgot it had anything about Adorno in it, so I watched it again. It also has ContraPoints’ character Tabby 🙂

tim gueguen
3 years ago

I was walking through a crowded Place Riel on the University of Saskatchewan when I overheard a radio report through the crowd noise, indicating that something had happened to the Challenger.

As for 9/11 I found out from a phone call from my grandmother, as I had slept in that day. Thinking about it now I really should have asked her at some point about how she felt, as she had been an adult when WW2 began.

Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
3 years ago

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants

@Kat – That line brought me up short as well. As far as I can tell, RedPill/MGTOW internal “self improvement” consists of sitting around complaining about how awful women are and boasting about other men’s accomplishments. The equivalent, in makeup terms, would be drawing angry black eyebrows and taping knives and bees and garbage to your forehead.

Knives are heavy. Bees don’t like being taped to foreheads. And garbage would stink. But I do like the idea of angry black eyebrows to symbolize my inner growth. I’ll try this tomorrow.

Aunt Podger
Aunt Podger
3 years ago

Just popping in to say I literally had to clean tea off my monitor after reading this post.

Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
3 years ago

Drew some angry black eyebrows, a symbol of my inner growth, over my own nondescript ones this a.m.

My client didn’t seem to notice — but our discussion was over the phone.

My children didn’t seem to notice either, but they’re feline and kitties are always cool.

My boyfriend said my artistically drawn, aggressive eyebrows were “interesting.” Like our furry children, he’s always cool.

Saw my neighbor, a manospherian, on the stairs of our apartment building. He blanched. He fled. Just the effect I was going for.

Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
3 years ago

My preceding comment was fiction. Yes, I did have fun writing it.

3 years ago

I don’t wear it, and at best only very little on a rare occasion such as a formal event (the last probably being a wedding several years ago), because otherwise I really don’t care for the stuff. But somehow I doubt these bottom of the barrel examples of male-kind would treat me with any more sense of equality than they would someone who wears a full face of it every day. Esp when they probably (and no doubt hypocritically) decide I’m less attractive in comparison…

3 years ago

I’m not wearing makeup until my skin heals from acne and scarring. But then, I’m ugly be ause I don’t have flawless glass skin and perfect everything and these guys would just hate me for being ugly. Versus wearing makeup to cover it up.. And they’ll complain I’m lying and I’m clown for doing so.

Can’t win if you’re a woman to them so eh /shrug idc anymore

3 years ago

Reading back through some posts I missed the last couple weeks, so I’m sure everyone has long moved on from this conversation. It led me to looking up info about Challenger, though. Mostly about the number of people seeing they saw it live, which apparently most people actually didn’t, they saw replays. I always thought I saw it live as well, I was in junior high school, but now I’m not sure that I did.

I’m also now completely horrified. First I found this article, but then I found a Gawker article with the partial title Thirty Years ago the Challenger Crew. I’m not going to give the full title or link because it really is horrifying and something I had no clue about.

As for the make-up thing, I used to *love* makeup. I started wearing it when I was about 12. I took a course on being a make-up artist in my early 20s. And then I lost all interest in make-up and except for a tiny bit of powder or the occasional bit of lip stick, I haven’t worn make-up in about 20 years. And I haven’t even worn those little bits in about a decade, except for 2 family photos.

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