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“Rowlingphobia” and other supposed afflictions of our supposed “woke” culture

The right lives in its own little world, and in that world, these are three big concerns right now:

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The next game in the Grand Theft Auto series will have a female protagonist, so that’s pretty much the end of civilization right there

The protagonists of GTA V react to the news

It’s been a rough couple of days for video game enthusiasts who hate women and scream about things being “woke” all the time. According to a story on Bloomberg this past Wednesday, sources within game developer Rockstar are saying that GTA 6 will have a lady as one of the main characters.

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16 things that are unexpectedly woke

Woke Disney is hypnotizing your children!

“Woke” remains one of the right’s favorite buzzwords. It means everything and nothing and can be used to describe anything.

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Jordan Peterson got suspended from Twitter for a transphobic tweet, and even his fans think it might do him some good

Orange man bad

So fusspot Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson got himself suspended from Twitter for a tweet about actor Elliot Page that pretty clearly broke the site’s rules on hate speech.

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The Federalist attacks “woke white women” for allegedly “going emotionally crazy over politics,” as if that’s not what right wingers do every day

Typical “woke woman,” according to the Federalist

Contemporary conservatism is awash in irrationality. Right-wingers have eagerly embraced conspiracy theories of all sorts, from QAnonymish stories of pedophile illuminati to vaccine “skepticism.” Instead of worrying about real crises like COVID and climate change, they denounce imaginary “cultural Marxism” and innocuous Drag Queen Story Hours, convinced that both are literally demonic attacks on middle American children.

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Is Sex Ed breeding Bolsheviks? The Epoch Times says “yes”

Are sexy communists seducing your children?

Parents watch out! Evil Cultural Marxists are coming for your children! At least that’s what writer and anti-“woke” crusader James Lindsay is saying.

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Gladiator game dev adds a strange Red Pill anti-mask rant to the game’s patch notes

Wait, is he … wearing a mask?

So you get home from work late, feeling more than a little fried, and you know that the only thing that will cheer you up is some imaginary gladiator managing. So you get ready to fire up Domina, your favorite gladiator management simulation. But first you take a look at the patch notes for the beta version’s most recent update.

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The reviews are in! New My Little Pony movie from Netflix sends the franchise “down the woke trail of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory”

That’s kind of an odd review

So the new CGI “My Little Pony” movie is out on Netflix and the reviews are trickling in.

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The Week in Woke, Belatedly: Out of Afghanistan Edition

We’re back for Week in Woke, a couple of days late, but the right-wingers haven’t exactly stopped calling everything they don’t like “woke.”

Here are the latest catches:

reactionary bullshit trump woke yeah totally sure right

It turns out that woke doesn’t lose, at least where Olympic medals are concerned

If you’ve been reading my “week in woke posts you’ll know that a number of American right-wingers rooted against American athletes at the Olympics — because the athletes representing the US were supposedly too “woke” for their own good, more concerned with political correctness than with patriotism.

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