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Is Sex Ed breeding Bolsheviks? The Epoch Times says “yes”

Are sexy communists seducing your children?

Parents watch out! Evil Cultural Marxists are coming for your children! At least that’s what writer and anti-“woke” crusader James Lindsay is saying.

As the enigmatic far-right newspaper The Epoch Times recently wrote:

Young people in the United States are being subjected to communist-style sexualization, according to author and expert James Lindsay.

The goal is to destabilize society to make it ripe for communists to grab power, Lindsay … recently told EpochTV’s “China Insider” program.

And their plan has been afoot for more than a century.

“Communist-style sexualization,” in case you’re wondering, doesn’t involve reciting quotes from the Little Red Book while doing “the Chairman” with your sexual comrade. No, it’s a salacious way of saying that the left in America and elsewhere would like it if children were exposed to sexual education appropriate to their age — something that “the expert” Lindsay considers to be a fundamental assault on Western civilization.

You may also be wondering what exactly Lindsay is an “expert” in. The Epoch Times repeatedly refers to him as one but never offers specifics. As the Falun-Gong-connected newspaper notes, he’s the author of several books denouncing “Race Marxism” and “woke” academics more generally, so I guess he’s an expert in yelling about academic leftists.

What exactly does he think these alleged sex Marxists are up to? Apparently they hope to fill the heads of children with so much confusing sex ed that they can’t help but turn into junior Bolsheviks. As he told his Epoch Times interlocutors:

This is a deliberate program that Marxists have employed since at least the 1910s, starting in Hungary, to try to sexualize children to cause sexual and gender confusion so that they become political activists on behalf of some other agenda.

That “other agenda?” Communism.

The communists, you see, want to introduce sex ed at a young age in order to confuse youngsters and get them to rebel against their parents and society in general.

And it allegedly started more than a century ago. Back during the brief life of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919, Lindsay told the Epoch Times, the Hungarian communists

introduced children to sex ed in elementary school, sexualized the children of Hungary in order to separate them from their family, to separate them from their religion, their nation and their culture, essentially getting children … all into these ideas so that when they go home, they would tell their parents, “you know, things have changed, or the Bible is wrong, or whatever our religion is wrong, our traditions are wrong.”

I’m not quite sure how teaching youngsters where babies come from would turn them into angry little atheists but apparently that’s what it does.

Lindsay continued on, blaming Frankfurt School Marxist Herbert Marcuse for the sexual revolution of the 1960s, then attacking “post-structural feminists” for suggesting that gender could be fluid and sex roles can be destructive.

“They used postmodern theory to break down all boundaries whatsoever—not just the idea of gender being a social construct, but sex and sexuality and everything becoming socially constructed, as well,” he told the Epoch Times. “And those people have basically taken over.”

Have taken over what?

He doesn’t say, but quickly moves on to suggest that young people are being “victimized” by these bad people and their bad ideas, which are being used, he says,

to soften children up to get them to be more accepting of the gender and sexual instruction that’s going on in their schools. … The purpose is actually to weaken and destabilize in the short term, so that power can be seized.

What power and where? The article doesn’t specify.

Indeed, while the article is awash with vague intimations of doom, it’s remarkably free of specifics of any kind. Who exactly is pushing what in the schools? We’re not told. What exactly does the allegedly evil and “destabilizing” sex ed curriculum teach? Lindsay and the Epoch Times don’t offer any clues.

But actual facts don’t matter much in the anti-woke crusade, which is all about accusations and insinuations. The reactionaries claim am army of sexy Marxists is trying to befuddle children into becoming young revolutionaries. But this is simply projection. It’s the right that’s trying to befuddle adults into becoming counter-revolutionaries. That’s the real danger here.

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GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
26 days ago

@Allandrel: Handsome, but he didn’t age so well.

@Messe: You’re probably right. Very uniformly-sized carrots. But those would stay in the loops better, and we all know vegetables are Marxist. Puree to the people!

26 days ago

Fred BC, Stalin had the smallpox scars airbrushed out of all his photos. If he were a woman, and he didn’t kill all them for saying so, all the incels would be going on about his lying locksmath.

Mish of the Catlady Ascendancy

honestly, young Marx didn’t look too bad either, imho
comment image

Fred B-C
26 days ago

@Dave: Looking into the claim of the airbrushing, I’ve found a lot of people saying “allegedly”, and we have a ton of pictures that were not taken by his captive photographers or when he had a lot of power that look okay (though the dude was so dangerous that maybe even when he was younger he still scared people into taking really good pictures). The fact that that he had pretty bad scarring is well-accepted, but it seems like he was like a lot of people with various skin conditions who could still take a good picture. I found one photo that claims to have pock scars clearly visible, and, well, it’s still not bad at all; definitely noticeable but not disfiguring. And his sensitivity on the issue could be because the bullying that he supposedly experienced because of the scarring was really bad… or because, again, he was a very dangerous person who would take even minor slights poorly.

Alan Robertshaw
26 days ago

@ full metal ox

Now you’ve got me on a Stranglers binge!

26 days ago

@ Mish
That is a pretty picture.

Regarding hot communists, I remember when we did Cuban history at school. I had my copy of The Motorcycle Diaries with me, with a bunch of illustrated pages in the middle. A classmate looked at the photographs of young Che Guevara and complained that he didn’t look hot, unlike in that One Picture. He also lacked the beret and the cigar, so was practically unrecognizable.
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