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New Men’s Rights theory: Women were never oppressed, just treated like pampered pets

The old Men’s Rights theory was that women were oppressed once upon a time, but not any more. The slightly newer Men’s Rights theory is that women have never been oppressed — they were pampered by their men, like a cosseted pet.

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Men’s Rights Redditor discovers the poopy power of metaphor

TheRandomedOne 5 points 19 hours ago 
Ignore would be better option unless you have a lot of free time and already have new job lining up.

They are human shaped so it is easy to forget that those are just putrid parasite in an excrement of a gynocentric society they are only there because diversity hire or some other BS and they wouldn't be so hostile in the first place without unproductive HR scum to back them up their opinion are nothing but regurgitated dogmatic scum and you won't change their mind because there are no mind in there but an excess waste of an internet opinion mold into dogma like a shit smeared on a toilet wall.

Even if you ignore the fact that these societal parasite can land you in jail, would you engage in conversation with smeared shit on a toilet wall ?

So, over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, the fellas are discussing whether one should engage with, or simply ignore, any man-hating women in one’s general vicinity.

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MGTOW Redditor: Alpha males are the real cucks

Bad news for Chads! According to one MGTOW Redditor, Chads should no longer be considered the ultimate males. Nope! It turns out that Chads — and alpha males in general — are obsessed with getting attention from women. Which makes them wimps, simps, and cucks, all rolled into a ball.

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Women are like beer improperly refrigerated by Jews, metaphor-loving MGTOW explains

Block that metaphor! In the MGTOW subreddit, a fellow called clownworld_pariah tries to explain the alleged degeneracy of contemporary women in the only way he knows how: by comparing them to beer.

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Sex is like making an apple pie in which the man does all the work and the woman just opens her oven, dude who clearly never has sex explains

Women are picky about the “apple pies” they “eat,” if you know what I mean

By David Futrelle

In the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, yet another man with what appears to be a merely theoretical understanding of the subject has decided that he needs to explain sex to us all.

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Women are lambs who become mutton after a single penis eats their virginity peanut, MGTOW explains

Trust me, you don’t want to see the other pictures I found by searching for “sheep nuts”

By David Futrelle

Here’s a little lesson in vaginanonmics from a Man Going His Own Way who might, I suspect, be a little bit hungry.

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Slutty oranges and tuna vaginas: The sexy sex insights of Reno Omokri

Dontcha wish your girlfriend was an orange like me?

By David Futrelle

If you regularly partake in the Twitter, you may have seen this lovely tweet making the rounds in recent days:

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Return of Kings: “American girls are the greasy remnants of the meal we ate last night”

Your metaphor has arrived
Your metaphor has arrived

Cut a little slack for the dude who calls himself Tuthmosis Sonofra, one of the more repellant of the stable of “writers” who regularly contributes to the internet garbage fire that is Return of Kings. Why? Well, metaphors are hard. Especially when you try to draw them out to the length of a blog post.

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Davis Aurini takes aim at lizard people, media plotters, and other enemies of Roosh

What is love? Lizard don't hurt me.
What is love? Lizard don’t hurt me.

I realize that most of you are probably feeling as Rooshed-out as I am, and would like to move on to posts with a very low percentage of Roosh content, if any at all.

But I feel I would be remiss not to bring to your attention a post by our old friend, the urban cowboy/white nationalist (on paper) Davis M.J. Aurini, published on Roosh’s Return of Kings site on Friday. Entitled “Why International Meetup Day Was Cancelled,” it is perhaps the dumbest thing anyone has yet or will ever write on the subject.

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The Reviews are in! The Sarkeesian Effect is a hit with one incomprehensibly pedantic critic!

If you like the Higgs bosun, you're going to LOVE The Sarkeesian Effect!
If you like the Higgs boson, you’re going to LOVE The Sarkeesian Effect!

The reviews are in!

Well, at least one review is in.

In a 5000 word review essay that is perhaps too charitably described as “rambling,” military obsessed blogger Freiherr Karza von Karnstein explains why he loves The Sarkeesian Effect so much.

While his, er, argument is too convoluted for me to summarize in a brief blog post, I have taken the liberty of extracting some sentences from it that I think would work well as blurbs to use on The Sarkeesian Effect’s DVD cover and in other publicity efforts.

I have also taken the liberty of adding exclamation points to all of the possible blurbs below to give them a little extra zing!

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