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Women Celebrating Alone With Cell Phones

Yee ha! Another 127 messages on Tinder!

To hear some romantically challenged manosphereans tell it, cell phones have ruined modern women by delivering them so much attention — from Facebook and Instagram likes to countless messages on dating apps. This, the misogynists claim, makes women too stuck-up to date the regular hardworking men that are their “looksmatches,” instead enjoying endless hookups with a succession of Chads. And it makes these regular men sad.

bad science chad dude you've got no fucking idea what you're talking about evil sexy ladies incels misogyny sexual marketplace value

Bad news for Chads: Women don’t like you either


It’s a sad day for Chads: An incel “theoretician” has revealed one more feminine secret — that women don’t really like Chads much more than they like (or don’t like) ordinary schmoes.

chad enforced monogamy friend zoning incels misogyny sexual inequality stacies

Incel imagines a utopian future of government-issued girlfriends for incels and Nuremberg trials for Chads

Incels certainly have vivid imaginations, whether they’re looking at the present, reinventing the past or imagining the future.

chad elliot rodger incels mass shooting misogyny stacies

Some incels are hailing the Oxford High School shooter as the new Elliot Rodger

I haven’t seen the incels this excited by a shooter in a long time.

anti-Semitism chad incels

Incels: The Powerpoint challenge

It occurred to me, while browsing around earlier today, that a lot of incel posts would be a little less depressing to contemplate if they took the form of powerpoint presentations.

alpha males beta males block that metaphor chad cuck MGTOW misogyny simps

MGTOW Redditor: Alpha males are the real cucks

Bad news for Chads! According to one MGTOW Redditor, Chads should no longer be considered the ultimate males. Nope! It turns out that Chads — and alpha males in general — are obsessed with getting attention from women. Which makes them wimps, simps, and cucks, all rolled into a ball.

chad incels misogyny stacies

Even if incels cease being incels, they’ll still be incels, incel claims

Feels bad, man

Some people think the solution to the whole incel thing is to somehow “redistribute sex” and get these sad boys the girlfriends they pine for s desperately — whether by cajoling or perhaps even compelling women to give these guys a chance, or simply by paying sex workers to take care of their unwanted celibacy.

chad incels misogyny

Incel: The only winner in the upcoming sexual revolution will be Chad

The domain is down, at least for now, but the regulars are still unhappily chatting away on the backup domain And they still have stories to tell one another about men, women, and Chad.

anti-Semitism chad conspiracy theory creepy incels misogyny pedophiles oh sorry ephebophiles

“The Jews are behind the simultaneous hypersexualization and sexual segregation of fertile teenagers from the wider male population,” incel declares

We live in an age unusually receptive to conspiracy theory — with a veritable army of QAnoners caught up in baroque, sadistic theories of retribution against political and cultural elites; with the vast majority of Republicans believing (or purporting to believe) that, actually, Donald Trump won the election; and with a cohort of Americans convinced that Bill Gates is planning to plant microchips in their bodies with a vaccine shot.

chad incels misogyny rape culture reddit redistribution of sex

Chad tech guru blames Reddit incels for sending GameStop’s stock to the moon

This marketing professor will beat up your marketing professor

So you’ve heard about the whole GameStop thing, right? The denizens of a stock trading subreddit have collectively levitated the stock price of troubled game retailer GameStop up roughly a kajillion percent since last fall, screwing over several hedge funds that were betting on the company’s stock going down the toilet. (You can get all the gory details of what’s going on here.)

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