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Women are like beer improperly refrigerated by Jews, metaphor-loving MGTOW explains

Block that metaphor! In the MGTOW subreddit, a fellow called clownworld_pariah tries to explain the alleged degeneracy of contemporary women in the only way he knows how: by comparing them to beer.

“The way I see it, women are like beer,” he writes.

They share a couple of similarities. Aside from the fact they’re both full of estrogen, most men love them. Beer is abundant everywhere in the world in almost every refrigerator insofar as there are women in every society and town and suburb.

So far so good, right? But there’s a metaphorical problem with the metaphorical refrigerator.

The refrigerator has a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the beer insofar as society has culture to regulate the behaviour of its citizens. Now when you get a particular minority group fuck around with the thermostat …

I’m going to takea flying leap and assume that by “particular minority group” he means (((The Jews))).

… all of a sudden, things don’t taste the way they were before – this applies to women.

Work that metaphor!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the way they’re made… They just taste like shit now because culture has been dialled into such a shitting setting. I mean who likes drinking warm fucking beer? Simps will but not me.

Men! Always remember to properly refrigerate your women! Unless you’re a SIMP.

Edited to add: Some useful advice from Twitter.

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Alan Robertshaw
2 years ago


Damn; if we’d had this thread on Wednesday, I could have sued him!

Thinking on the space laser though, Dali mentioned Qanon taking a lot of plot points from Tom Clancy; and one of the books does indeed feature a space laser. Well, a mirror that reflects a laser anyway.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
2 years ago

@Alan: GMTA?

SNL also mentioned the Jewish space laser in the opening sketch.

If the RW are going to swipe all their ideas from popular culture, popular culture is going to recognize them and point out where they’ve stolen from.

Presumably Tom Clancy is rolling over in his grave at all this — he was very right-wing, but not completely insane about it, and able to tell truth (his fat bank account) from fiction (what he wrote to get that account balance).

Citerior Motive
Citerior Motive
2 years ago

A bit off-topic, but many beers are meant to be drunk at room temperature. Mass-produced lager has to be chilled to 5 microkelvin so that you don’t notice how bad it tastes.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
2 years ago

@Citerior Motive

I still know it taste like wheat piss whether it’s cold or not. Give me a screwdriver any day.

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