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MGTOW Redditor: Alpha males are the real cucks

Bad news for Chads! According to one MGTOW Redditor, Chads should no longer be considered the ultimate males. Nope! It turns out that Chads — and alpha males in general — are obsessed with getting attention from women. Which makes them wimps, simps, and cucks, all rolled into a ball.

“Alpha” males are greater cucks than “Betas,” declares MoralsAreBaseless in a recent post on the MGTOW subreddit.

The supposed alpha males out there in the real world are pussy worshipers who pretend to be tough guys.

Uh oh! Shots fired.

Here is where they are greater cucks than betas: they are quick to demean, insult, disrespect and treat the men around them as if they are somehow better than those men, and all for what? to impress the women around them.

Also, these alpha cucks are total hypocrites.

When there are no women around they agree with you that most women of today are simply trash, but when there are women he will try to act like he’s at the forefront of women’s rights.

One of the other commenters agrees so hard that he ends up comparing women to dead mice.

According to someone calling himself Accompl1shedAndHappy (he’s probably neither of those things):

Fighting over women is a waste of energy. It’s like two lions fighting over the carcass of a dead mouse; i.e., the benefit gained by the victor, is not worth the energy put into attaining that benefit.

If you observe nature, it is the Lionesses who do all of the hunting, whilst the male chills out until he needs to fight to protect his pride.

Ok, so human women are metaphorically dead mice being fought over by lions yet they are also the lionesses in the same scenario? How? That is one fucked up lion pride.

The OP wades into the discussion with another metaphor.

Like you said, fighting over women is like fighting over a bag of trash that could take you to court where the government is always quick to side with them and rob you of your time at the very least.

Who had “women are bags of trash that can also take you to court” on their bingo card?

MrMcpizzza drops a more radical metaphor: Chads are basically … male women.

The real alphas are just like women, they know their high valued so they take full advantage of it just like a woman.

Ok, Alphas get replaced though, they either settle down early and begin to be programmed by their handler the wife. The remaining Alphas keep going until their looks hit a wall just like women do.

And now my brain has cracked apart. MGTOW philosophy is simply too confusing for me.

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24 replies on “MGTOW Redditor: Alpha males are the real cucks”

[M]ost women of today are simply trash . . .

. . . whereas the women of bygone eras were goddesses, whom these guys would have definitely respected.

I thought men never hit walls; they aged like fine wine or cheese or something. But Chads do? Okay.

I started wondering if “men also hit a wall” is in any way related to “if you haven’t gotten laid in high school, you’re doomed” but remembered that the former originates from youth cultism and the latter originates from virgin-shaming, so probably not, unless these people are somehow unable to distinguish between the two.

Let me get this straight: alphas and Chads are really betas, and Chads and betas are just like women. The logical combination of those two statements leads us to the radical conclusion that – gasp! – people of all genders are simply human and not all that different. They are so close to getting it right, but I don’t expect they ever will.

bags of trash that can also take you to court

I remember when my bag of trash took me to court. I thought I had done everything for it- separating the recyclables, putting organics in their own container- but it wasn’t enough. Raccoon-proof lids, its own storage space, a cart to take it to the curb-and the judge agreed! Now I sit here with a plastic pail, sadder but wiser.

they are quick to demean, insult, disrespect and treat the men around them as if they are somehow better than those men, and all for what? to impress the women around them.

Whereas these guys do it for transient boosts to their ego, so that’s better?


I got a good giggle from that. Cheers!

@Katherine the Adequate

I thought men never hit walls; they aged like fine wine or cheese or something. But Chads do? Okay.

This surprised me at first but then I realised MGTOWs exist on sour grapes, and they will shift their worldview to whatever comforts them in that moment – so there must be pleasure in imagining handsome chads losing their looks. Whereas average joes just get handsomer and handsomer with age until their beauty eclipses the sun and all their post-wall ex-girlfriends weep at what they so carelessly threw away, or something.

Which of course is no where close to reflecting the reality that good looking people tend to remain good looking throughout life, especially if they are also wealthy and can devote a lot of time on caring for themselves.

@galanx Who got custody of the coffee grounds?

If there’s no longer any functional difference between alphas and betas and women and Chads, they’re admitting that the whole wolf hierarchy thing was bogus all along.

Could you repeat what you just said, David? I’m having a bit of trouble hearing you over all the exploding irony meters.

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants The same guy who came up with the wolf hierarchy thing proved he’d been completely wrong with it decades ago, and frankly there’s no way these guys don’t know that. The things they say aren’t supposed to mean things, just convey emotion (usually resentment).

@Hammerofglass : I think most don’t know that, but would not care either way. Confronted with that, they would answer either by denying that (“none of your cucked science here !”) or explain that it still apply to humans somehow.

Even outside of the MTGOW tendency to ignore observable reality, there’s also the issue that the old model is simple and evocative, while newer one are much more complex. Generally speaking, new development that paint something in a more complex way tend to not be well known.

That being said, you hit the nail on the head saying what they say isn’t supposed to mean thing. Their speech are either status declarations, or expression of emotion like you say, but they aren’t here to convey new informations. That’s plainly visible by the fact they don’t actually add new stuff to their canons ; they never stop repeating the same claim, because the content of the claim isn’t important, but the fact they loudly proclame it is.

(at least in their mind, albeit it’s also a way to try to make them true)

OT: Our allegedly progressive political party is at it again.

12 emails in 12 hours … why does the NDP think that this will do anything but drive potential supporters away? Just send 1 email every so often begging for money. Even one a day would be excessive. None at all for months at a time and then 24 a day for a week is madness. Nobody is going to view that as anything but spam, and they’ll act accordingly and then *all* your email will go into their bozo bin. As a fundraising strategy it seems designed to backfire. What are they thinking???

I thought alphas didn’t need to care about what the ladies think because their sheer alpha-ness was supposed to be enough to draw women by the boatload. I seem to remember a whole thing about how women pretend to want nice guys but all secretly covet the ultimate alphas that are always jerks.

Then again, alphas suddenly being cucked and men also having a wall to hit is pretty much the level of internal consistency you can hope to find from all this.

Breaking News: Bill Cosby set to walk free as his sexual assault charges are overturned. Why? Because during the original case he confessed his crimes to a prosecutor who had promised him he wouldn’t be charged if he confessed.


The “Fellas is it gay to …” meme will probably never die because there will always be men like this.

Because during the original case he confessed his crimes to a prosecutor who had promised him he wouldn’t be charged if he confessed.

A prosecutor who went on to become Trump’s impeachment defense lawyer. Dude has clearly always seen the rule of law to mean protect the rich from accountability.

@galanx: I’m so sorry. Maybe you can find love again with a different wheelie bin. Not the prettiest one on the block, but a solid container for your trash bags.

I needed that chuckle today, thank you.

Someone should tell George Clooney he’s hit the wall by now. He’s 60! No one wants to look at his hideous visage any more, right?

I think I get it.

MGTOW hate women. MGTOW also hate “alphas” or “chads” or whatever the term du jour for men they’re jealous of.

It’s a transitive property of hatred. They hate both things, therefore they’re in the same category. Which leads to the conclusion that they’re using the term “women” to mean, definitionally, “people we hate”.

That might explain a fair bit, honestly.


That’s the thing with Misogynists like MGTOW’s: they are also very big and gleeful Misandrists.

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