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Are Facebook and Instagram conducting a “dangerous experiment on teen girls” and destroying their self-esteem?

If you ask a “Red Pilled” guy what he thinks about social media, he’s likely to launch into a tirade. In the Red Pill world, social media and dating apps are making life worse for men — by making women feel too good about themselves.

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What they’re mad about on Facebook now

I decided to take a little break from the manosphere for the day and plunge instead into another maelstrom of delusion, disinformation and hate: Facebook. Or at least the Very Mad side of Facebook, as helpfully curated by the contributors to the InsanePeopleOnFacebook subreddit.

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“The default setting for romantic relationships is abusive toward men,” angry Men’s Rights grandpa Paul Elam declares

Paul Elam, mad about something

By David Futrelle

Remember this guy? Once upon a time, Paul Elam, founder of the misogynistic hate site A Voice for Men and once one of the world’s more (in)famous Men’s Rights activists, was a mainstay in the virtual pages of We Hunted the Mammoth.

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MGTOWs, confounded by lady humor, lose it over a joke headline from Reductress

What is this thing you call … “humor?”

By David Futrelle

Reductress, if you don’t already know, is kind of a feminist Onion, poking gentle fun at women’s magazines, clickbaity “inspirational” web sites aimed at women, and the feminism-ultra-lite that permeates women’s media generally. Gleefully absurdist, its headlines (and the news stories that accompany them) are easily spotted as the parodies they are.

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“Facebook is recruiting you to the gay cult” with rainbow-flag “like” button, Return of Kings warns

Facebook: Turning the dogs gay?

By David Futrelle

The fellas at internet garbage site Return of Kings are celebrating Pride Month, a little tardily, with a post attacking Facebook for adding a “degenerate” rainbow flag to its menu of “like” buttons, which users can access by liking the official LGBTQ@Facebook page. Or, as the author of the RoK piece, one Rufus Winnfield, puts it, the “button is only active if you show active approval for homosexuals on the site.”

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Memeday: “You got your racism on my Men’s Rights Activism…”

An AVFM meme found on the Feminist Hypcrisy Facebook page
An AVFM meme found on the Feminist Hypocrisy Facebook page

Every Friday is Memeday here at We Hunted the Mammoth, and today we’ll be looking at some memes I found on a Facebook page called Feminist Hypocrisy.

At first glance, this page looks like any number of other Men’s Rightsy Facebook pages.

a voice for men antifeminism antifeminist women FemRAs judgybitch misogyny MRA oppressed men

Does the new Facebook friends icon prove that feminists are man-hating female supremacists? One lady MRA says yes

Female supremacy in action?
Female supremacy in action?

So Facebook has been making some tweaks to some of its graphics. The company recently changed its already unexciting logo to one that is … even less exciting, but apparently easier to read on mobile devices.

But it’s what Facebook has done to its “friends” icon that has one lady MRA up in arms.

antifeminism gross incompetence gullibility memes memesplaining misogyny MRA straw feminists

Spermjackers, Free Bleeders, and Beard-Hating Feminazis: The United Anti-Feminist Coalition fights the real enemies of men

They might as well be twins!
They might as well be twins!

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So I’ve discovered a new bunch of antifeminist meme-makers who’ve somehow managed to pull off something close to the spectacular ugliness, incoherence, and just plain wrongness achieved by the meme masters at A Voice for Men.

Let’s give a big round of applause to the graphics whizzes of the United Anti-Feminist Coalition and their lovely Facebook page.

The Godwin-tastic meme at the top of this page —  which gets bonus Godwin Points because Gloria Allred is actually Jewish — may be my favorite of theirs I’ve seen so far, but there are so many other brilliant contributions on their page that I hardly know where to start.

a voice for men antifeminism are these guys 12 years old? boner rage crackpottery creepy entitled babies evil sexy ladies grandiosity gross incompetence incoherent rage mansplaining memes men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA oppressed men playing the victim that's not funny!

Even more gloriously incomprehensible memes from A Voice for Men's most prolific meme-maker

That doesn't even make a tiny bit of sense.
That doesn’t even make a tiny bit of sense.

The unquestioned king of A Voice for Men’s crew of meme-makers is the mysterious fellow known only as John Galt. Galt, whose contributions are often chosen as AVFM’s “meme of the week” and posted to AVFM’s Facebook page, is truly the meme-maker AVFM deserves — a graphic designer whose graphically challenged photoshopped masterpieces are as baffling as they are offensive.

I highlighted several of his, er, designs in my recent post on Inexplicable AVFM Memes. Today, I’d like to delve further into the photoshop disasters that fill his own Facebook page, some of them official AVFM memes and others posted under his own fake name.

But first, a little introduction to Mr. Galt, as found on his blog.

alpha males beta males creepy empathy deficit evil sexy ladies harassment heartiste men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA nice guys oppressed men PUA rape culture sexual harassment

PUA dirtbag Heartiste derides creepy Facebook stalker for being too chivalrous

Actual nice guy
Actual nice guy

Men’s Rightsers and Pickup Artists alike are obsessed with the dilemma of the so-called “Nice Guy” who can’t get laid. MRAs see his plight as a symptom of a gynocratic society in which fickle, asshole-loving women are the gatekeepers of sex; PUAs see it as a sign that beta males need to learn how to imitate the vaguely aloof swagger of the natural alpha male.

And both MRAs and PUAs completely miss the point.

To see just how badly they do, let’s take a look at a recent post from the sadly influential PUA shitbag Heartiste, who uses an alleged Facebook screencap of uncertain provenance as a springboard for a diatribe against the “desperate male,” that is, the “desperate, clingy ünterbeta male” who pursues a woman, often in a weirdly apologetic, even abject way, long after she’s made it clear she has no interest in him.

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