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Spermjackers, Free Bleeders, and Beard-Hating Feminazis: The United Anti-Feminist Coalition fights the real enemies of men

They might as well be twins!
They might as well be twins!

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So I’ve discovered a new bunch of antifeminist meme-makers who’ve somehow managed to pull off something close to the spectacular ugliness, incoherence, and just plain wrongness achieved by the meme masters at A Voice for Men.

Let’s give a big round of applause to the graphics whizzes of the United Anti-Feminist Coalition and their lovely Facebook page.

The Godwin-tastic meme at the top of this page —  which gets bonus Godwin Points because Gloria Allred is actually Jewish — may be my favorite of theirs I’ve seen so far, but there are so many other brilliant contributions on their page that I hardly know where to start.

The UAFC meme-makers, like those at AVFM, do love battling straw feminists.

You know, like the straw feminists who HATE MALE FACIAL HAIR!




The Straw Feminists who are always demanding that random dudes make them happy.




And of course the Straw Feminists who demand “women and children first” when it comes to evacuating ships that for some reason don’t have enough lifeboats.




When the UAFC memers aren’t fighting imaginary feminists, they’re railing against imaginary feminist campaigns. Like the “Free Bleeding” campaign,  a phony “feminist” celebration of menstrual blood that was actually concocted by 4chan in an attempt to make feminists look silly.

Well, it’s not feminists who look silly here. Especially given that the kid in the picture below is clearly holding a “Honk if you support Obama” sign with the words “if you support Free Bleeding” photoshopped onto it.




And when they’re not fighting off the specter of “Free Bleeding,” the UAFC is railing against the evils of “spermjacking” with barely comprehensible graphics.




Never mind that men are the ones actually poking holes in condoms; indeed, 16% of women on one recent study had a partner try to sabotage their birth control in an attempt to get them pregnant.

Then there are memes that are just plain incomprehensible:




I mean, I’ve been to Mangina Boot Camp, and it’s nothing like this!



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7 years ago

Hey M. was I one of the ‘fetid trolls’ you were talking about? I didn’t mean to come off as a troll and if I did I apologize.

7 years ago
Reply to  fathertime89


You seemed more under informed than truly trolling, to me at least. You were a little quick to launch your opinion and you stated it in a way that strongly resembles MRA rhetoric, but you were willing to reconsider your views in the light of evidence.

That’s something to be encouraged. Whether you ultimately develop your thinking independently of the MRA propaganda remains to be seen, but you’re making an effort. The critical thinking tools are available here and elsewhere.

Obviously I do not speak for every mammotheer here, but you’ve done something no true troll ever does – listened to reasonable argument. I hope you continue to do so. There’s a lot you could learn here if you listen – I certainly have 🙂

7 years ago

@WWTH “New wave feminism? I guess feminists today really love rocking out to 80s hits!”

Totally, here’s a new wave song about our feminist friend Katie abducting hapless men with her spaceship.

As for the troll…
“And he ran, just like an MRA.
He just ran, from all the things we say.
Hope he stays away.”

7 years ago

Drat, the video didn’t embed. Trying again.

7 years ago

“You know, like the straw feminists who HATE MALE FACIAL HAIR!”
Actually, I’ve met some. Though I suspect that they also hate female body hair – it’s just that they are afraid to voice their criticism because they’d get called out.

7 years ago

I’m proud to have liked their page.

The sad thing is, I can actually believe this is one of the most significant things you’ve accomplished with your life.

If you started the conversation, then why can’t I join it? Last I checked this was the home of the free

No one said you couldn’t. What are you even complaining about? Do you even know?

You see men have fought for all the time we’ve been around to protect our women from what could be considered a “rape culture.” When conquerer’s would come and spread their seed throughout the world, who was it who fought to protect the women of America? Awfully unappreciative, aren’t we?

Oh, when and where did you serve in the military? Given that American women haven’t been in danger from foreign invaders in almost 200 years, I’m just a wee bit skeptical of your attempt to claim that you, personally, have been involved in protecting us from evil foreign rapists.

Also, American soldiers have a tendency to rape wherever they invade (and also back home), so there goes your “soldiers protecting women” theory. Or am I only supposed to care about women in my own country?

7 years ago

[Ignore me, just forgot to tick the “notify me of new comments” box…]

7 years ago

Here’s a test to see whether you’re a real movement: if I’m reading your materials in a coffee shop, am I compelled to quickly scroll past all the images in embarrassment in case the stranger at the table behind me sees what I’m reading? If you answered yes, you are Not a Real Political Movement for Grownups.

Sorry, couldn’t read the article properly. Too excruciatingly embarrassing.

7 years ago


We’re having a bit of “Tone is hard to tell on internet” over here. You do know that the images aren’t David’s making, right? That they’re MRA memes?

I think you know that, and are commenting about the MRM and it kind of not being a legit political movement of human rightsiness instead of making a silly crack at David, but…


I haven’t been as diligent in keeping up with threads, so if you’re a recent newbie I’ve gone and missed it.

Welcome, by the way!

7 years ago

contrapangloss, yep, that’s what I meant. I’ve seen enought MRA web propaganda to know how excruciatingly ridiculous it is.

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