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What they’re mad about on Facebook now

I decided to take a little break from the manosphere for the day and plunge instead into another maelstrom of delusion, disinformation and hate: Facebook. Or at least the Very Mad side of Facebook, as helpfully curated by the contributors to the InsanePeopleOnFacebook subreddit.

So what are the angriest people on Facebook mad about now? A lot of things. Here are the trends I noticed after going through several hundred recent posts on the InsanePeopleOfFacebook subreddit.

They’re mad about the supposed secret advantages that Biden supposedly had in his recent debate with the Trump thing — from alleged secret earplugs to alleged better lighting that made him less orange than Trump.

Oh, and did you know that Biden is a clone? You can tell by the earlobes.

Not that they would need to do a very good job duplicating Biden, as some of his non-fans seem a little confused as to what he looks like. (They’re definitely confused about something.)

Some people are very mad that Chrissy Teigen had a miscarriage, because they think she may have actually murdered the baby to extract adrenochrome from its pituitary glad or something. (This is a common belief amongst the QAnon set.)

There’s plenty of racism on hand, no shortage there.

(I’m about 150% sure that’s not a picture of a Black Lives Matter rally and only a tiny bit less sure that the dudes with the clubs are actually white supremacists.)

Speaking of racism, have you considered the perils of white genocide?

I just feel bad for all the white girls and women stock photo models who get used for these racist memes.

Speaking of feeling bad for white girls used to make political points:

And let’s not forget the antisemitism, as expressed in this case by someone who doesn’t seem to understand that marionettes consist of more than just the heads.

On an unrelated note, did you know there’s a second Chris Rock who has blue eyes, a chin and a hairline? At ;east according to whoever put this thing together.

So what are angry people on Facebook the maddest about?


I’m just jealous that whoever made this last one is better at Photoshop than I am.

But this is my favorite mask one:

Let me leave you with this vision of pure horror:

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1 year ago

@ Seth S: (The only thing that would make it truly top notch is if he were poor enough to worry about whether he could pay his medical bills like the rest of us, but alas that’s not to be.)
As if Trump has ever worried about paying bills, regardless of whether or not he had the money.
(Sorry about the lack of block quotes; no idea how to work those things.)

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
1 year ago

The problem with season 5 of B5 for me was the lack of administrative staff. Like, you had this guy who is the president of the known universe, and randoms can just walk into his office. You don’t even need to make an appointment. This was a problem in earlier seasons, too, but it wasn’t quite so acute, and it bothered me so much that I had to just stop with season 5 altogether.

Moon Custafer
Moon Custafer
1 year ago

I couple of years ago I saw someone revisit that episode and comment that given that the patient and his parents are extraterrestrials, with a different physiology and all, how do we know their belief *isn’t* grounded in reality? Maybe their nervous system is set up in such a way that surgery anywhere on the body risks personality-altering brain damage – big evolutionary disadvantage, I know, but in the B5 universe telepaths are a real thing, so who knows what’s possible?
IIRC the blogger went on to suggest that it would have been really eerie if the kid had come out of the surgery with no apparent change as far as humans were concerned, but members of his own species—even ones who didn’t know about the surgery—could tell something was “off” in his affect.

1 year ago

I don’t know who the woman is who lost her baby, But that is so unbeliveably cruel.

As someone who has had a miscarriage with an unplanned but became wanted baby, I can’t believe someone would say something like that. To say that the woman caused the ending of her wanted pregnancy. That was incredibly triggering.

1 year ago

open your eyes, this is a cover up so less people ask questions about what happened to the baby

Several years ago I predicted that if trends which were then prevalent kept going, women who went through miscarriages would routinely be accused of murder. Well…here it is. We’re there. I admit that I didn’t expect it to show up so soon, though I know I shouldn’t be surprised.

tim gueguen
1 year ago

@Naglfar, a clone will have differences from the original despite having the same DNA, because of factors like epigenetics. I have no idea if that would apply to earlobes or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. For example CC, the first cloned cat, had different fur patterns than her genetic donor, Rainbow.

I always roll my eyes at that “white genocide” take. Whoever created it doesn’t have a clue about world history, demographics, and other things. Many countries have borders based on how European colonialism designed them, not on the shape of the traditional territories of their people. China has numerous minority groups, as a result of its history as conqueror and conquered. And countries like South Korea and Japan are reconsidering their attitudes towards immigration as their populations age.

@Lainy Chrissy Teigen is a model and TV personality. Her husband is singer John Legend. That, and her support for the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and other left wing causes, have made her and Legend a target for the hard right, including the QAnon crowd.

1 year ago

@Bekabot : accusing directly or indirectly the women with miscarriage of murder is a long tradition that never really stopped.

Having miscarriage being less stigmatized is one of the big battle for feminism in my opinion, given how devastating miscarriages are at the moment. Similarly, women who give birth to handicaped peoples are … rather mistreated.

Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

Hope no-one minds me using this as an open thread; but thought this might be of interest maybe to some people.

It’s an article about Glitch Feminism; which I first came across back in about, er, fifteen minutes ago.

Some interesting themes though. One I’ve seen mentioned here a few times is the pushback against the idea that online experience is any less valid or real than non-online.

And a lot of stuff about other topics we chat about.

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