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The gunman who killed two in an attack on a German synagogue is a misogynist as well as an antisemite. Because they always are.

By David Futrelle

Earlier today, a gunman killed two in Halle, Germany in a failed assault on a synagogue; had he been able to get into the building itself — the door was locked and quickly barricaded — the death toll would have been much higher. He was quickly taken into custody.

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Christchurch mosque shootings: The Aftermath (Twitter roundup/open thread)

Flowers punned to the gate of one of the mosques targeted in yesterday’s shooting

By David Futrelle

From Twitter, some thoughts about the horrific tragedy yesterday in Christchurch — and just who is responsible for creating the toxic environment in which this sort of murderous right-wing Islamophobic extremism thrives.

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My response to the hundreds of NPC memers who have swarmed my Twitter saying identical things, like normal human beings do

This meme was pretty much inevitable huh? (Found on Reddit)

By David Futrelle

Over the weekend, I put up a brief post about the sudden proliferation of “NPC” accounts on Twitter — noting the small irony that right-wing trolls were using a veritable army of sockpuppet accounts all spouting identical rhetoric and posting identical memes in order to prove that liberals and leftist are soulless, robotic “Non-Player Characters.”

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Nazi trolls launch fake #PunchANazi campaign to smear AntiFa as domestic abusers

4channers launch a false flag campaign, apparently forgetting that we can see what they post

UPDATE: See update at the end of this post. It’s kind of funny.

By David Futrelle

On Monday, I published a post devoted to the proposition that Alt-rightists and their ideological kin lie about everything — usually badly. As if to prove my point, right-wing trolls from 4chan and Gab have launched a false flag “meme campaign” designed to smear AntiFa activists as supporters of domestic violence against women and children.

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Thunderf00t rebuts charges he commands a hate mob by unleashing a hate mob on a woman who made this charge

Thunderf00t: Pleased with himself
Thunderf00t: Quite pleased with himself

Phil Mason, better known online as Thunderf00t, is a scientific researcher and YouTube bloviater who’s turned his hate-crush on video game critic Anita Sarkeesian into a surprisingly lucrative part-time job; his seemingly unending stream of YouTube videos attacking Sarkeesian, many of which have drawn hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, have without a doubt contributed mightily to the harassment directed against her by the online mob known as #Gamergate.

Now Mason is trying to defend himself against charges that he has become the de facto leader of a vast hate mob that harasses Sarkeesian and other women … by encouraging his followers to harass a woman who charged him with exactly this.

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8Channers are trying to pick up women on Tinder with a famous neo-Nazi slogan. It’s not going well for them.

Hitler demontrating his mastery of Nazi Game.
Hitler demonstrating his mastery of Nazi Game.

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So one Twitter Nazi recently had a bright white idea: Why not try to pick up women on Tinder using the neo-Nazi catechism known as “The Fourteen Words?”


The results so far? Let’s just say they’ve been mixed.

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#Gamergaters and 8channers using #AshleyMadison leak to go after “SJWs,” game developers

Outstanding work as always, guys!
Outstanding work as always, guys!

Demonstrating the keen grasp of ethics for which they are so well-known, an assortment of assholes and trolls associated with #GamerGate and 8chan are eagerly sorting through the Ashley Madison data dump in search of people to smear.

The former #GamerGate bigwig formerly known as Internet Aristocrat, now calling himself MisterMetokur, helped to lead the charge on Twitter:

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8channers defend themselves against charges of transphobia with more transphobia

Panning for poop on 8chan
Panning for poop on 8chan

Yesterday, I noted some of the nasty transphobia that had shown up in a recent /gg/ thread on 8chan, undercutting somewhat the claims to respectability we’ve been hearing a lot of from GamerGaters recently. Well, 8channers noticed my post, and weren’t exactly pleased about it.

But their responses to my post, well, they didn’t exactly suggest that the transphobia I saw in the earlier thread was some sort of fluke.

Oh, sure, some of the commenters complained, as my critics often do, that I had “quote mined” the earlier thread.

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GamerGate plays Good Cop, Viciously Transphobic Cop

GamerGaters: You're not fooling anyone.
GamerGaters: You’re not fooling anyone.

#GamerGaters have been spending a lot of time lately trying to convince the world that they’re really quite reasonable people, actually, and that the “movement’s” reputation as a hotbed of hateful bullying is undeserved.

Today on 8Chan’s /gg/ board, for example, one enterprising anon announced the start of “OP FIREHEART,” a combination of “Operation Firefly + Operation Lonely Hearts.”

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The Fire Will Never Stop Burning: A Dramatic Reading of an 8chan Comment About Anita Sarkeesian



A We Hunted the Mammoth reader was inspired by this post yesterday to do a dramatic reading of one of the more melodramatic 8chan posts from my list of 22. I’ve pasted the original screenshot of the post below if you would like to read along.