8chan literal nazis men who should not ever be with women ever PUA racism that's not funny!

8Channers are trying to pick up women on Tinder with a famous neo-Nazi slogan. It’s not going well for them.

Hitler demontrating his mastery of Nazi Game.
Hitler demonstrating his mastery of Nazi Game.

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So one Twitter Nazi recently had a bright white idea: Why not try to pick up women on Tinder using the neo-Nazi catechism known as “The Fourteen Words?”


The results so far? Let’s just say they’ve been mixed.

The guy who came up with the idea reports some successes, at least in getting women to respond to his initial message.


The first woman thinks he’s joking, and seems to be making fun of white supremacists; the second one, presumably tired of crude sexual come-ons and uninspired “hi’s,” gives him props for originality.

We have no idea where the conversations went after that.

Others who tried the Fourteen Words didn’t do quite so well. On 8chan’s Nazi-heavy /pol/ board (thread archived here), one self-described ” fairly attractive aryan dude” reports this conversation he had on Tinder with a “pretty average aryan” gal.

>We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

>Let’s be honest the world would be better off without white people anyways.

>How so? We’d lose out on every major scientific advancement and pretty much all of modern civilization.
>White people are the least racist and most compassionate and civilized on the planet. Thats why we take in so many migrants into our well-established civilizations.

>Sarcasm or white supremacy? Hard to tell

>You just advocated for the genocide of all white people. Replace white people in your first reply with any other race and read it out.

>I get what you’re saying but I don’t advocate for the genocide of my own race, I just think that we’d be better off without the superiority of old white men through history. Also, I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to preserve the future of my race.

>Unmatches/blocks me

But hope springs eternal in the neo-Nazi heart. When another 8channer suggests that arguing with women about the alleged superiority of the white race might not be the most effective way to a woman’s heart, “fairly attractive aryan dude” insists that he was actually doing great with the woman who blocked him on Tinder, because in the magical land of the pickup artists, annoying random women is a kind of triumph, if you think about it.

Buddy, I don’t think you get it. This was a huge success in terms of turning her on. I could’ve turned this into a date easily but I decided to go full sperg master debater and crash the plane with no survivors. Let’s explore why this was a success in terms of courting the modern woman and turning her on:

>Got her to reply immediately and emotionally invest into the conversation from the fucking pickup line.

That’s a fucking bingo.

>I stood out from every other fucking beta that messages her typical tinder normalfag shit.

Win. Now I really have her attention.
>Got her to reply to me multiple times, she ended up typing almost as much as I did.
>Got her to contribute to the conversation.
Chicks love this shit because it stands out and gets their vagina juices flowing. Negative emotional reaction is better than no emotional reaction.

And besides, he adds in another comment,

this chick wasn’t the prettiest despite having blonde hair and blue eyes, pretty chubby, not even curvy, not waifu material.

That chick was definitely sour!

One /pol/ commenter hopes that “white nationalism becomes the new ‘negging.'”

Another reassures his Aryan brothers that they are indeed the most handsomest of all the races:

We are most attractive for a reason. This should not be a shock to any mentally strong white male that has pride in his own people and their achievements. …

In an analysis of online porn trends worldwide almost every region on earth the most popular porn trends are usually searches for the regions own ethnicity. Interracial porn doesn’t break the top ten for any region. …

Interracial porn is created and sold at a loss. It isn’t profitable, and it actually hurts the actresses career to participate in it.

Blacks being attractive to any other race except other blacks is a myth for the most part. It’s pushed in order to demoralize young white males into believing they’re inferior sexually. Reality is the exact opposite though.

White women like white men, white men just do not act like men. Stop wasting your life away looking at porn. Stop being weak. Become strong, mentally and physically. Be a man. Do not just sit around and pout when it seems difficult, that’s what women do. Fight tooth and nail to make yourself the man you were supposed to be. Be the man your ancest

And bla bla bla more Nazi crap.

Elsewhere in the thread, assorted anons post screencaps of their own Fourteen Words pickup attempts. The responses range from amusement to disgust, and most of the conversations seem to have ended quickly, or turned into an argument.

One anon laments that his Aryan brothers don’t seem to understand trolling at all.

you guys have to make it fun. don’t lecture and kill the fun. crime statistics is as spergish as it gets.
you want to give her white babies to save the white race. it’s only half serious, you obviously just want to fuck her. throw in a SIEG HEIL or something silly to stick with the theme.
_no one_ wants to be “redpilled” on fucking Tinder. come on.

Or anywhere else, really.


169 replies on “8Channers are trying to pick up women on Tinder with a famous neo-Nazi slogan. It’s not going well for them.”

My experience with online dating over the last year was for the most part pretty terrible. There were a lot of guys that would say dumb or disgusting things and basically be like “well it’s tinder, I’m sure you’ve heard worse.” like wtf? That’s an automatic block. If you think you’re marginally above the regular shit women deal with on dating sites and that deserves some kind of gold-star you’re a POS.

Also had some pretty sad dudes who were pretty lame and disrespectful but not outright terrible at first so ended up talking to them on and off for a bit, but eventually deleted them when they got pissy that I wasn’t jumping to go meet them. They acted like I was such a horrible person for what I assume they thought was me leading them on, as if I’m obligated to go on a date with every tinder match.

I even “matched” (which for tinder isn’t saying much) with a few MRA-types. They probably ddin’t identify as MRA but their grievances were strikingly similar. I even went on a coffee date with one of them, much to my dismay (I didn’t know beforehand), and had an hour long “discussion” about women’s rights that was really pathetic.

Then of course there were your typical disgusting men who came right out with it. I had one guy get mad and insult my intelligence because I told him I didn’t want him to be my “bitch boy” because it would be too much work on my part. C’mon… it’s exhausting being in charge all the time . . .

My “positive” experiences were mostly just fun dates that didn’t lead to anything serious because it seems to me men on dating sites either want something serious right away which makes me want to run for the hills or something completely casual which is only fun for a very short period of time if there’s no possibility of something more.

I think the most striking thing I learned was just how oblivious men really are to the experiences of women in the real world and especially in dealing with men. It was kind of disheartening to realize how many men are just so oblivious and effectively renders them undateable for me lol

Why do so many trolls think pointing out that David is a white man is some big gotcha?

David how dare you do anything positive for feminism or non-white people!

Yet another lurker turned commenter. I love this blog!

So the Nazis win if a woman pays any attention to one of them, no matter how briefly? Reminds me of a scene from the “Beavis and Butt-head” episode “Green Thumbs”. Butt-head tries to proposition a woman who slugs him with her purse. When Beavis calls him a wussy, Butt-head responds, “At least she touched me, dill-hole.”

@ David F

I am of course quite happy to abide by the ‘no calls to violence’ rule on this site. Your gaff, your rules after all. I don’t however agree that violence can never be an acceptable tool in the real world.

It’s true that legal action (in both senses of the word) can inconvenience the bigots, but it doesn’t stop the underlying problem. And it’s worth remembering that the rule of law only works because it is backed up by the threat of violence by the State.

The trouble is, often the State is on the side of the bad guys , and that’s when good people may have to use violence themselves. That’s a concept that you celebrate every 4th July.

It wasn’t rational debate that prevented the police from beating up and force feeding the Suffragists; it was Edith Garrud and her amazons beating up the police. It wasn’t an appeal to rationality that prevented Fascism gaining a foothold in England, it was the Battle of Cable Street and it wasn’t rhetoric that caused the authorities to address racist policing in Tottenham, it took the decapitation of a police officer.

So whilst I’m glad this site facilitates a non (other then Lego related) violent means of addressing misogyny and other forms of bigotry I don’t think we should be too quick to condemn violence; especially from the victims of that bigotry and doubly especially when that bigotry isn’t aimed at us.

@mola the ocean sunfish:
Firstly, that is one awesome name. You, sir/madam, win one free internet. I haven’t seen you post before: if you’re recently delurked then welcome to the site! Pull up a scented hard chair and make yourself at home.

Secondly, I’m male. I thought I had been pretty open about this. It’s interesting that I hadn’t, and that I had come across as being ambiguous. My apologies for that: the ambiguity was unintended.

I think people can underestimate the influence Neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups can have on certain sectors of the more mainstream right. For example, Libertarianism is often a cover for making differing degrees of social Darwinist and anti-civil rights views seem respectable (for what it’s worth, Holocaust Denial seems to be getting more popular among the more conspiracy-minded Libertarians). Then they can sell that all to younger guys because porn and video games.

@ Tracey

Edith is one of my all time heroes. Hoping that she’s going to be in that new Suffragette film.

And, as you may have picked up, I do love raccoons! So thank you.

@ EJ,

oh no, don’t apologise, it was really cool while it lasted! I wish people were ambiguous about their gender more often.

mola the ocean sunfish:

Magnificent creatures, aren’t they?

Almost too surreal to exist. Also, writing the name out like that gives a certain air of pride. Like, “Fuck you, I’m an ocean sunfish”.

That’s very kind of you. Personally I dislike ambiguity about one’s identity; partly because it’s the hallmark of Had To Be Said bad-faith internet commentors who want license to say things they know they wouldn’t normally be able to say; but also because the internet naturally makes vastly more sense if one understands the context that words are coming out of. However, if you like ambiguity then I can be ambiguous for you.

(I’m still narcissistic enough to be tickled pink by the idea that I come across as ambiguously gendered rather than obviously White STEM Male.)

Next time I go on a rant about how much I fucking despise self-pitying white supremacist MRAs, I’ll give you advance warning not to read it since it’ll be written from a white-STEM-male viewpoint and will give the game away completely. Does that sound fair?

@ EJ

Oh, but gender ambiguity is not necessarily ambiguity about one’s identity at all, now, is it? You can have completely unambiguous nonbinary identity, that just happens to confuse most people because we live in a cissexist society.

I think I’ve read your rants before, and they might not be as obviously written by a man as you believe. I thought for some time that you are a gay (white STEM) woman, and while you did make me doubt that to the point where I assigned over 50% probability to penis, it just wasn’t conclusive until this thread.

Anyway it’s too late, you’re out of the closet now. (: I’ll think of you as the man who could pass for a lesbian separatist from now on.

@ A. Ape

Exactly. Maybe I should change it into all caps like, mola the OCEAN SUNFISH.

@Alan Robertshaw:

I was in negative figures when the good Batman film came out, but I’ve always loved it. Who needs Heath Legder when you’ve got Caesar Romero?

I don’t know, while I agree that Romero did a wonderful job, I’m in the category of people who considers the best Joker ever to be Mark Hamill.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:

I’m in the category of people who considers the best Joker ever to be Mark Hamill.

I like you.


Curious, how much work have you done with ARA/ Antifa? There is a time and place for confronting Nazis “in the streets”, but your philosophy doesn’t appear to have nuance or context. Therefore I wonder how you came by it.

While a call for violence sounds a bit much, I do think american activism culture is in the gutter. You have an out of control police state, mass shootings every other week, sistematized misoginy, racism, and all of the other etceteras, and I’ve yet to see a single massive demonstration, apart from those who are directly affected. (like in ferguson.)

You tend to flock to your daily blogs, comment about how awful everything is, and then move on. You do nothing. The light is on you, and you are doing nothing. It’s extremely frustrating to watch from outside, specially when you used to have such a rich activism movement.

The tuba is nice, but it’s a youtube video. It is nothing.

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