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Open Thread: Fascist gunmen murders ten in an attack on a supermarket in Buffalo

An 18-year-old white supremacist — “educated” on 4chan and inspired by the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand — drove several hours to a TOPS supermarket in Buffalo on Saturday and opened fire on customers and staff, some in the parking lot, some in the store. Ten are dead.

The shooter, who was wearing body armor, deliberately chose the specific store because it was in a predominantly black neighborhood and he was aiming to kill black people, whom he considers “invaders” with no right to live in the majority white United States. The shooter was taken into custody.

We don’t yet know many of the details of the attack itself but we do know a good deal about the shooter and what inspired him because, of course, he dropped a lengthy manifesto online, which I am reading now in preparation for a longer post. Large sections of the manifesto are plagiarized word-for-word from the Christchurch shooter, one of the Buffalo shooter’s inspirations.

As various people have already observed, portions of the sprawling manifesto parallel the anti-diversity monologues of Tucker Carlson on Fox News so closely that they might as well have been plagiarized. Or the other way around. If you were to drop sections of the manifesto into Tucker’s teleprompter he and his fans might not even notice a change.

Open thread; no trolls. Post any useful information and/or links you run across.

EDIT: Made a few changes in grafs 1 and 3 to correct one error and offer more context.

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9 days ago

lkekee5 – I don’t think you should feel bad for your lack of trust in white people and agree completely with Full Metal Ox. I’m a white, old, female-identifying person and I feel that way about others in my cohort that I don’t know.

It makes me sad to feel that way because I’ve always been up to having conversations with strangers. I don’t engage much with other white people (that I don’t know well) anymore. For reasons (remember that community that picketed buses with immigrant children back in 2014? That’s where I live.)

Full Metal Ox
9 days ago

These are the names to remember:

Celestine Chaney, 65
Roberta A. Drury, 32
Andre MacKneil, 53
Katherine Massey, 72
Margus D. Morrison, 52
Heyward Patterson, 67
Aaron Salter Jr., 55
Geraldine Talley, 62
Ruth Whitfield, 86
Pearl Young, 77

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