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MRA Dean Esmay elevates the discourse with new #SpankAFeminist hashtag, gratuitous rape references

Dean Esmay
Dean Esmay wants you to know that you’re a cruel bitter bitchy hatemongering bigot harpy who needs to be spanked, metaphorically.

Dean Esmay, the Chief Operations Officer (whatever that is) of A Voice for Men, has scored a major public relations coup for the Men’s Rights movement with his aggressive promotion of an exciting new Twitter hashtag, #SpankAFeminist.

In what I can only assume is an attempt to convince the world that MRAs do indeed spend a good portion of their days fantasizing about doing physical harm to feminists, Esmay explains in a post on AVFM that the hashtag is necessary “because it’s finally time to put abusive liars over the knee.” 

In case you’re wondering, when he refers to “abusive liars” he means feminists and not, you know, people who think that publicly fantasizing about spanking feminists is 1) hilarious and 2) some kind of actual activism on the behalf of men.

Esmay is quick to assure his readers that he is only referring to metaphorical spankings over metaphorical knees.

As he sees it, feminists are pretty much all just begging to be spanked (metaphorically).

Why would you spank a feminist? Well in reality, we know a lot of them would complain but some might actually enjoy it. Who knows? Maybe they’re just shit-testing us all and waiting and feeling frustrated that we aren’t responding right.

Evidently, in Esmayland, when women challenge their male partners with so-called “shit tests” it’s because deep down they want to be physically assaulted.

Also, feminists are a bunch of meanies, anyway.

[A]ny time you meet a feminist, you should spank him or her until they cry. And do it every time they open their mouths to spew forth their hateful lies about standing for tolerance, inclusion, and equality, when there is no movement in the modern world that does more to fight against tolerance, inclusion, freedom, and equality than feminism. Not even real life fascists or communists can top them at this point.

Feminism is an intolerant, hateful, racist, anti-gay, misandrist, misogynist, gynocentric religion and hate movement.

Yep, that’s right: In Esmayland, feminists are actually worse than real Nazis.

So how is the spanking going so far? Here are a few of Esmay’s contributions to the hashtag. As always, he is a master of subtlety. CONTENT WARNING for terrible rape references. Also a WAIT, WHAT? WARNING for some of the nonsensiest nonsense I think I’ve ever seen.

You may have noticed that Esmay favors some rather colorful descriptions of feminists and feminism. Here are a few others he’s used in the hashtag over the last day or so.

  • Bitter bitchy harpies
  • Cruel violent abusive harpies
  • Hatemongering cultist[s]
  • Misandrist bigot[s]
  • Bigots and bullies
  • Hateful feminist bigot and bully
  • Bigot feminists

It’s weird that someone who complains so much about alleged feminist “bigotry” is fine with publishing articles written by a literal Holocaust denier.

Also, given how evil we feminists are, it seems a bit strange that Esmay tried to friend me on LinkedIn the other day.

Dean Esmay, man of many surprises.

While Esmay’s tweets seem to make up roughly half of the #SpankAFeminist hashtag, a handful of other terrible people have enlisted in Esmay’s (metaphorical) spanking crusade. Here are some of the most charming of the bunch, and when I say “charming” I mean CONTENT WARNING for gratuitous rape references, violent gifs, and Dan Perrins being Dan Perrins. (I’ve omitted the assorted porn pictures the #SpankAFeminist folks have posted.)

All of this is truly good for bitcoin Men’s Rights.

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Bernardo Soares
Bernardo Soares
7 years ago



7 years ago

well here it is an old mans butt in all it’s cheezy glorycomment image

7 years ago

No. The same reasons why it isn’t cool for them to do would be the same reasons it would not be cool for us to do.
Mocking their hashtag is fine. Have at that.

He retweeted your butt? That is priceless.
Butts are funny. Thanks for sharing.

7 years ago

Minions yay!

Stazia DiMarca (@St0dad)

Huh. the Spank a Feminist twitter acct. screencapped my previous comment here and said “the feminist angst is palpable”…
Angst and Confusion are two different feelings… Although now I’m feeling a bit depressed over another human not understanding that. ^^;

7 years ago

Ans this is why MRAs are impossible to satirize. You can’t be more ridiculous than they actually are.

7 years ago

Stazia DiMarca,
These guys really need to invest in dictionaries.

I sort of want to make a series of 60’s style educational Youtube videos like, “Self Awareness and You” and “How to Know What Words Mean” just to help MRAs out.
We could probably make a list of shirt films for MRAs. Here’s a couple more:
“What is Satire?”
“How to Know a Fact From Shit You Made Up on the Spot.”

7 years ago

@lea… Please please please make the

“How to know a Fact from the shit you made up on the spot”

I nearly pissed myself when I got to that one.

7 years ago


Hehe, maaaaaaybe XD. I’ll do it this weekend, as I’m already procrastinating enough. I’ll make a dedicated twitter account with a kitty avatar so there is no doubt as to what I am up to 😛


I’ll massage your right cheek, just to get you prepared

Let’s see how good these leather gloves are

You’re gonna have to tie my legs together if you want me to stay still

Those panties are coming off and going in your mouth

Will your hand tire before my ass is red?

Being a switch is just too fun <3

7 years ago

Once again AVfM proves it’s not afraid to fight the brave fight in it’s struggle for human rights. I’m reminded of Martin Luther King’s famous “spank a white person” campaign.

6 years ago

Oh, my God! You have no idea how relieved I am to find this (and other blogs/articles about Dean Esmay).

I’d never heard of the guy until I happened across his new blog, “Escaping Atheism.” I was intrigued because he is a former athiest, now (he claims) an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and I am exactly the reverse.

I actually really liked his intro comparing Orthodoxy to Evangelicalism (they are opposite in almost every way). But then I went to his page on atheists, and I just about shit.

My divorce from Christianity was VERY VERY VERY BAD (my faith left me with a divorce after an 18-year marriage to a sociopathically abusive priest, a suicide attempt, complex PTSD, major depression, foreclosure, bankruptcy, unemployment, insolvency, and lifetime disability … THANKS JESUS!)

However, I am a peacemaker by nature. I judge people by their behaviour, not their label. I belong to 3 athiest organizations, but have been living with a wonderful Pentecostal family for 2 years. I have plenty of Christian friends and athiest friends. Assholes I dump, from whatever camp.

Dean claimed he had been a member of The Athiest Cult for many years; that athiesm is the cause of all the problems in the world, that not a single athiest has contributed a single positive thing in history; and that we are naturally violent and hateful.

Well! This dumb girl didn’t want to “convert” him (why?) I just wanted him to know we’re not so bad. So I commented below — starting with a friendly greeting, praise for his description of Orthodoxy, and briefly saying I had become an athiest but it was not something I had sought out.

I didn’t say one word about why. I just shared with him some FAQ about multiple studies showing we are just as moral as anybody; listing some important atheists from history; and pointing out Nordic and other countries with high rates of athiesm and high qualities of life.

I ended with a light comment about how if he got to know some of us, he might be surprised. I was polite, I was jovial, I was friendly.

His response was beyond disturbing. He accused me of all kinds of crazy shit I didn’t do or say.

I checked the page tonight, and he has put a giant boxed statement up, with my name at the top in capital letters, calling me a LIAR and a CREEPY STALKER and warning me to STAY AWAY.

He then goes on to explain to his readers that my letter is a PERFECT example of a “scripted letter” from the Athiest Cult, that the Cult had given me the false information about the Nordic countries, historical figures, and behavioral studies to try to convert Christians, etc.

I actually felt bad until I read what a slimy fuck he is.

Still trying to come down from the election. Was literally bedridden for a few days.



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