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We de-extincted the Mammoth–again?

Good to be back

I read the news today, oh boy:

Ten thousand years after woolly mammoths vanished from the face of the Earth, scientists are embarking on an ambitious project to bring the beasts back to the Arctic tundra.

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The Men’s Rights subreddit has finally broken my brain

Me reading the Men’s Rights OP (re-enactment)

Ok, they’ve finally done it. A post in the Men’s Rights subreddit has turned my brain to mush.

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Pro athletes are cucking Brad Pitt, because all women love jocks, confused MGTOW contends

Even Brad Pitt gets sand kicked on him at the beach

By David Futrelle

Manosphere misogynists seem to think that the world is basically the first three panels of that famous cartoon Charles Atlas ad writ large, in which musclebound “Bullies of the Beach” are continually kicking sand on wimpy beta males and humiliating them in front of their girlfriends.

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The Third Quarter 2016 We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive is on! This time, with capybaras

Operators are standing by

It’s that time again: the time when I ask you all to donate the money that keeps me and this blog going. Welcome to the Third Quarter 2016 We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive!

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Signal Boost: Important Men’s Rights Activism Opportunity (involves firemen)

Please help.
Activism opportunity!

I found this on the Men’s Rights subreddit today. PLEASE HELP!

In a lucky coincidence I am also looking for some pictures:

  • A librarian with an Animal Rights sign
  • An EMT with a “No Blood for Oil” sign
  • A cloak room attendant with a “Make Love Not War” sign
  • An orthodontist with an “I Like Ike” sign
  • A bunny pushing a tiny shopping cart full of carrots

Oh wait, I already have that last one. Never mind.



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The We Hunted the Mammoth Tribute to the True Heroes of Gaming


Since today is Thanksgiving — also known as Thursday, to those not in the US — I thought I would take a break from all the negativity and celebrate some of the true heroes of video gaming.

Make sure to scroll down all the way for a video of cats and dogs and lizards legitimately for real playing iPad games. Enjoy!

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Stuff You Absolutely Have to Read: Kathy Sierra and Adria Richards on Harassment and "Trolls"


Sometimes when I post links, they’re simply interesting things I’ve run across. These, though, are essential reads:

Why the Trolls Will Always Win, by Kathy Sierra, Wired

A detailed post by Java expert and game developer Sierra describing the harassment and vilification she’s faced for the crime of, well, basically for being a woman in the tech world. While long and a bit rambling in spots, this is an important piece that, among other things, describes how harassers can sometimes transform slanderous assertions about their targets into “conventional wisdom,” details the damage that “trolls” can have on a person’s reputation (and their life generally), and offers some sobering reflections on the culture of harassment and how difficult it can be to fight.

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Men’s Rights Redditor: “Going to a strip club as a guy must be like going to a regular nightclub as a girl!”

Peep show
Peep show

How stupid do you have to be to actually believe the following nonsense? Not just regular stupid. Men’s Rights stupid.

Wow, just wow. This blew my mind the other day when I went to the strip club (self.MensRights)  submitted 1 day ago* by horqth  So I went in there, with no intention of buying anything, I just went in there and got something to drink and sat down by myself.  After a few minutes, strippers comes up to me and starts to be nice to me, tells me I look good, that I dress well and, they are just basically trying to charm me and they treats me as a king. (This is just to get me to spend money on them of course, but if we ignore that, these girls are basically making me feel really good about myself)  Then it hit me: going to a strip club as a guy must be like going to a regular nightclub as a girl!  Because when a girl goes to a club all the guys will come up to her and treat her nice, and try to charm her.  Told my friends about this and they said their minds were blown as well, what do you think?  Edit: spelling

Heck, this is even stupid by normal Men’s Rights standards. It made me think of this line from Ruthless People.

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Brain Bleach: Animals trying to stay awake

I‘m feeling the need for some brain bleach, and I know a lot of you all are as well. So enjoy this video, and consider this a brain bleach/positive thoughts open thread. Post adorable things!

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Off-topic: One Cat Roomba, Three Girl Rhumba

No misogynists today, just a cat in bunny ears riding a Roomba, and a classic song by Wire.

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