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Right-wing headline of the day: “Woman Who Opened Fire at Dallas Airport, Has the Look of a Leftist”

Portia Odufuwa: Does this mugshot make her look leftist?

On Monday, a woman with a handgun opened fire in the Dallas Love Field Airport; she was quickly shot in the leg by a cop and arrested.

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If your girlfriend is a feminist, run for the hills, antifeminist Redditors recommend

Typical feminist

So a couple of days ago a Redditor stopped by the Antifeminists subreddit in search of some advice. Seems his girlfriend is a feminist, and by golly she won’t shut up about it. “[S[he’s giving me a hard time and headache” wrote yournftmaker, “what should I say or do ,hellpp.”

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It turns out that woke doesn’t lose, at least where Olympic medals are concerned

If you’ve been reading my “week in woke posts you’ll know that a number of American right-wingers rooted against American athletes at the Olympics — because the athletes representing the US were supposedly too “woke” for their own good, more concerned with political correctness than with patriotism.

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Alt-Right erupts after crying Nazi Christopher Cantwell admits he’s a federal informant

Christopher Cantwell: Remember when this guy used to write for A Voice for Men?

By David Futrelle

Oh dear. It seems the Alt-Right is in a bit of a tizzy again, and this time the culprit is Christopher Cantwell, the gun-loving Nazi and former A Voice for Men contributor who gained a certain pathetic notoriety for posting a tearful, fearful video after learning he was wanted by the police for tear-gassing antifascist counterprotesters at the Unite the Right rally last summer in Charlottesville.

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Trump superfan Mike Cernovich thinks he caused Hillary’s recent illness … WITH A TWEET

Cerno the Magnificent
Cerno the Magnificent

It’s not news that alt-right lawyer and juice enthusiast Mike Cernovich is a little, well, off.

Now he’s taken that weirdness to a whole new level with a post suggesting that he and other Trump supporters caused Hillary to get sick … with their minds. Or at least with their Tweets.

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Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos accused of giving his “Privilege Grant” to … himself

Milo, allegedly

Milo Yiannopoulos’s “Privilege Grant” was announced with great fanfare back in January. The alleged college scholarship program, designed to tweak PC sensibilities by offering money only to white males, was supposed to start offering scholarships this fall, providing 50 lucky white dudes $2500 each, for a total of $125,000 in its initial year, $25,000 of which would come from Milo himself.

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Women will soon have to offer threesomes to get any male attention, Red Piller predicts

More prophetic than we thought?
More prophetic than we thought?

On a somewhat lighter note than my last post, here is a lesson in, er, economics from the Red Pill subreddit.

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