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The 9 Most Gloriously Ridiculous Men’s Rights Memes of 2015

Apparently, feminists are zombies who need to be fought off with baseball bats.
Apparently, feminists are zombies who need to be fought off with baseball bats.

Yep, I’m still doing the 2015 retrospectives. I know that it’s now 2016. But hey, I did more than 500 posts in 2015, and there is so much ridiculousness in them I want to share with you all.

So let’s usher in 2016 with a look back at The 9 Most Gloriously Ridiculous Men’s Rights Memes of 2015, starting with two contributions from “Ian Ironwood,” an MRA whose opinions are as retro as the graphics he uses. That’s one of his above. But his most charmingly befuddling meme is probably this one:

“No vagina on the planet will give you superpowers!”

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

And you can find many equally baffling memes from him in this post of mine.

Now We Really Are Only After One Thing — Putting Our Penises in Vagina Dentatas

Yep, those are teeth.
Yep, those are teeth.

If I understand Mr. Galt’s logic here, feminism makes women so awful that men are no longer interested in anything about women except for their vaginas. Their TOOTH-FILLED VAGINAS.

You can find more weirdly sexualized memes from Mr. Galt and others in my post Someone could probably write a Master’s thesis about the sexual insecurities on display in A Voice for Men’s “memes.” (Seriously, someone could.)

Beware the Straw Feminist Finger Choppers!


I guess we have to give the MRAs credit for having vivid imaginations, at least. For more bizarre straw feminists oppressing men in stock photos, see my post “The right to kill, maim, and berate husbands,” and other Straw Feminist demands.

Violence Against Women is Like Stealing a Red Car. It Can’t Be Done!


Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to me either. This is but one of a number of exceedingly perplexing AVFM memes I discuss here.

Saying She’s Not a Real Feminist is Like Playing Russian Roulette

Uh, what?
Uh, what?

Yet another head-scratcher of a meme, this one found on Twitter.

Uh, is that … Pink?

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

As one AVFM meme-maker sees it, the idea of equal pay for equal work is basically like Pink — the singer, not the color — if she were a zombie. I try to make sense of this one here.

“Teach Drivers Not to Hit People”


This meme, which can be found all over the manosphere in assorted variants, is intended as a sarcastic rebuttal of feminist anti-rape campaigns that center around teaching boys and young men what rape is and why they shouldn’t do it. The MRAs are apparently unaware that such programs, done correctly, actually have been shown to reduce rape.

What’s even stranger is that MRAs also seem unaware that WE DO IN FACT TEACH DRIVERS NOT TO HIT PEOPLE. You know, in DRIVER’S ED. (And if that doesn’t stick, in traffic school later.) Indeed, as apparently everyone but MRAs is aware, would-be drivers have to pass a driving test to prove that, if given a license, they won’t go around plowing their car into trees, other cars and, oh yeah, pedestrians.

More examples of this weird meme can be found in my post The MRA Meme That Would Not Die: “Teaching men not to rape is like teaching drivers not to run people over!”

Feminism’s Death Spiral


This infographic was so perplexing that the dude behind it — Nick Reading of Men’s Rights Edmonton — made an entire video trying to explain it. For some reason he decided to do the whole thing holding a hunting knife. MRAs really can’t do anything without making it creepy, huh? See my discussion of the graphic, the video, the knife, and Nick’s facial hair here.

So there you have it, The 9 Most Gloriously Ridiculous Men’s Rights Memes of 2015. Did I miss any of your favorites?

Oh, and if you noticed a distinct lack of references to “cucks,” Jews, and Donald Trump, don’t worry! I’ll be looking at the Year in Imaginary White Genocide in a future post!

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4 years ago

Makes no sense – yet still manages to make more sense than feminist community. Amazing.

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