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MRA: Determine the sexual market value of single moms by adding their children’s weight to theirs. Hey presto, suddenly they’re all fatties

“Dating in your 40’s,” explains a Men’s Rights Redditor by the name of JasHanz,

is all young Women looking for Daddies and 40 something Women who’ve left their marriage, got the kids and the house, along with support, and now they’ve done a cleanse, lost 7 lbs, got a makeover and are ready to start “living life on their terms(TM)”.

But no one wants these old ladies — especially those with kids in tow.

Then they’re shocked when that good looking guy with the great teeth, with his own contractor business isn’t interested in them.

“But I have my shit together!!!” they say, and they honestly cannot see that any truly successful Man, the kind of Man they’ve decided they’re worthy of, isn’t going to trust someone who already cleaned someone else out and brought the kids along with them.

So how can these 40-something single moms understand just how unappealing they are to 40-something men who are regularly “being contacted by the little 20 somethings looking for Daddies?” Well, Mr. Hanz has developed a mathematical formula they can use to determine their true sexual marketplace value. It’s really very simple.

[I]f they really want to know their worth on the dating market … they need to combine their kids weight and add it to their own. So you’re 115lbs, you’ve got two kids, not even teenagers yet, and their combined weight is 150lbs? Congratulations, that super cute contractor with the big house and the shiny new truck sees a 265lb Woman now.

Oh no! These slender women have all been turned into virtual fatties! And obviously no man wants a fatty, either of the real or the imaginary kind.

MRAs are some of the shallowest and most casually misogynistic people in the world. But you sort of have to admire their sheer ingenuity..

Just kidding. You don’t have to admire anything abut these guys.

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GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
2 months ago

@Gatecrasher: I do really admire your co-worker for admitting all that to you. It’s tougher for men to open up like that. I wish he’d worked it out with his wife before the kid was born, but at least he does love the child, if not the child-rearing process, and is being present, providing financially, and all that. Support him in standing firm about not having another.

Thankfully, my mom was good with grandcats. When her casual acquaintances, the annoying women at church, or someone she’d just met would pull out the wallet full of baby pictures, she’d retaliate with her wallet pix of my kitty and our housemates’ cats, who were referred to as her “step-grandcats”. She actually liked one of them better than she liked our cat! People eventually got the message that they couldn’t guilt her into bewailing her lack of grandchildren, what with her detailing the personalities of each critter, and saying things like “you don’t have to send them to college or worry about them getting pregnant or doing drugs.” When our kitty died, she bought him a lovely gravestone that looked just like him, only with angel wings.

Now, for the people she liked and their grandkids, she’d ASK to see the pictures and hear the news. I would occasionally hang with some of those children and they were delightful little humans, one of whom I was moved to buy a giant teddy bear the same size as her, and a tween with whom I had a discussion about icky annoying boys (proto-MRAs/harassers), who she already had a gimlet eye for. I related my story of being exactly her age and giving one of them a nosebleed through a right jab and I could see her filing that away for future use.

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
2 months ago


Aww, gotta love parents who embrace the “grand-kitties” idea. My mom never went that far, but she does send me pics from time to time of the lazy fluffs at her house so I can see how they’re doing.

you don’t have to worry about them getting pregnant

Well… if you make sure they’re fixed.

Hope that girl doesn’t have to put up with anymore gross MRA types.

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