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MGTOWs lose it over plus-sized mannequins, because of course they do

By David Futrelle

The MGTOWs are losing their shit over an imaginary woman again. This time the unfortunate lady in question is the plus-sized mannequin in the photo above, spotted going about her imaginary business in Nike’s flagship London store. Just the thought of making mannequins that reflect the full range of female bodies out there, not just the thin or athletic ones, sends these brave Men Going Their Own Way into a horde of raging babies.

I mean, like, even more so like a horde of raging babies than is usual for them.

“A figure like that is so gross and disgusting I’m about to puke like they puke on Family Guy!” declares one MGTOW Redditor called scaryunderwear in a thread on the topic.

“‘They should be realistic,” declares hankoBreadCrumbs89.

These cows don’t buy fabletics to actually exercise, they plop their fat asses on the couch and watch TV while painting their faces and photoshopping the shit out of their selfies for Instagram.

That’s what they should have, this fat slob laying on a couch covered in potato chip crumbs with a half breed kid sitting on the floor next to her in a dirty diaper.

Ah, a lovely racist cherry atop this pile of fatphobia.

In a comment posted two hours later — obviously he can’t stop thinking about this big imaginary lady — hankoBreadCrumbs89 offers up some fashion advice.

High waist pants/shorts piss me off so much. All these bitches wear it to hide their gut and make them appear like they have an ass. Fucking lying ass hoes. GTFOH such utter, shit, fashion and to think these people actually derive self worth, ego, and confidence from the validation of corporations who just exploit their consumerism. Western society is in serious decline .

Someone called TigPlaze assures any fat women who may be reading his comments that he will never be attracted to their big asses.

They can do this shit all the want. Publish photos of obese women, make obese mannequins, etc., but it will never change human biology. Men will not be attracted to women like that. At best they’ll get spineless fools to lie and say they like that, and they’re only lying out of desperation. That’s the advantage of being MGTOW. We don’t have to be desperate.

Oh, you guys are desperate, all right. Desperately pathetic. The fact is that plenty of men are attracted to fat women — including, perhaps, some of the guys complaining about them the most in this thread, who may be angry because fat women are just as likely to reject their misogynistic asses as their thinner sisters. Major sour grapes going on here, I suspect.

Meanwhile, a would-be cultural critic called CAPTAIN_TENDY_PLATE offers a surprisingly detailed critique of the photo in question. He’s especially irritated that the thinner mannequin doesn’t have her arms up in a sexy pose of her own. In his mind this is a symptom of skinny surrender.

They’re encouraging the fit people to stay timid and quiet in the back where they belong. They don’t need the spotlight, they need to shut up and go away.

The arms down, just blended into the background, completely unanimated posture is on purpose.

This image is incredibly fascinating actually. Whoever actually took it, if the OP grabbed it, has a very keen eye for social commentary.

Because what’s going on here, is some very subliminal social fuckery.

I mean, the outright detail given to the fat model is absurd, while the fit model might as well have been a coat hanger held up by a stick.

But CAPT. TENDY is just getting warmed up.

They went so far as to emulate every single fine detail, to encourage these consumers to look at this and say, “Wow! That’s ME! I would look GREAT in these clothes! Look how powerful and center of attention I would be in these SPORTS outfits I would be!”

The message here says, “you go girl, get these overpriced clothes, and then go to the gym and do your stretches, empower yourself and COMMAND the center of attention, show that skinny bitch who’s TRULY beautiful, who’s REALLY the queen, and she’ll have no choice but to stand there in the back in her rightful place and take it, while all attention will be on you and while you speak your truth, and everybody will be clammoring to support you”.

But of course, this is nothing but blatant consumerism and marketing.

The good CAPTAIN, doing his best impression of a cultural critic, breaks down what he thinks the real women wearing such clothes would look like.

The real world, though, would be a fat pig falling out of that top, win the smell of vinegar, wheezing and sweating just by walking into the gym, or to the track or whatever else. And by the time she got started on a treadmill (on 1.0), or walked a single lap, or picked up the smallest weights, did some pointless stretches or whatever else was designed to just make it look like she was “working out” just so she had an excuse to wear those clothes and try to get some attention….

You know, calling someone a big stinky fatty fat-fat is not actually an example of sophisticated cultural analysis.

Any “fitness chicks”, the actual athletic ones who DO run track, or DO run treadmill (they do exist), will actually be out there doing it.

And they’ll be inhaling, gasping for air as they drag their feet over to the bench to find a soda, some honeybuns, and candy, that they totally earned for having walked for three minutes.

Defeated and depressed, covered in pit fumes, they’ll go back to their car and leave, salty and pissed at the fit bitch who stole their spotlight when dudes are still not paying them any attention.

Such a vivid imagination these fellows have when it comes to the bodies of fat women.

It must have been the outfit, though. It just didn’t fit them right, like the model in the nike store. Because if it fit them the way it did in the nike store, they would have been successful. …

So the next time they’re at the mall, they’ll just blow another $300 on another outfit, and get another rush of dopamine, looking forward to how this time it will totally work, because it certainly isn’t their fault.

Consumerism psychology, as intertwined with modern feminism, in a nutshell.

You know, MGTOW dudes, American men are actually slightly more likely to be obese (43%) than women (41.9%). And given the number of comments in this MGTOW Reddit thread — 74, last I checked — it seems likely that at least some of the guys angrily ranting about “fat bitches” (possibly even including some of those I quoted) are themselves fat, with their anger stemming from deep misogyny mixed with self-hatred. Which is par for the course as far as MGTOWs — the men who doth protest too much.

Whatever it is that motivates this kind of anger on their part, it’s not healthy for them, nor for the rest of us who have to hear it. Guys who were truly “going their own way” would spend a lot less of their time lashing out at women for their supposed flaws — including, in this case, “existing while fat.”

Examine the roots of your bitterness, dudes, not the triggers.

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2 years ago

Well, if it’s a price in a competition, you just need to win that competition. So if you want to make sure you win it every time, just get really good at all the things so that you win all the competitions.

And if you’re fighting it, you could probably try being a stronger smell? Or something that neutralises vinegar.

Or if you’re salt, you could just flavour crisps together, and everyone could win.

Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
2 years ago

Finally, a serious answer. Many thanks.

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