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Just a bunch of creepy pics of Donald Trump Jr in the wake of his wife filing for divorce

20 minutes into collusion and chill and he gives you this look

By David Futrelle

Some people like to crochet while they watch TV. Me, I like to take pictures of Trump family members and/or administration officials and run them through weird DreamscopeApp filters that make them look as creepy on the outside as they are on the inside.

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Comics Break: All girls are good for is knittin’ an’ neckin’ and SATAN


I‘m feeling a bit poorly today, so in lieu of an actual post, here’s an old comic I found on a blog called Grottu. I’m pretty sure this is what our old friend NWOslave sees when he looks at the world.

Slightly more on topic, here’s a frame from an old romance comic; you can find a discussion of the somewhat, er, problematic story it’s from on Sequential Crush.

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Meet the Kittens 3: BFF Edition

Some more shots of the kitties, sacked out between campaigns of destruction. They are actually cuter than this in real life.

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Meet the Kittens 2: The Cutening

Perched on a favorite pillow.
Prof. Murder aka Pantz’ favorite toy.


Which has also become Sweetie Pie Jonus’ favorite toy.
Enjoying the view.
… and Sweetie Pie notices a bug.
They are ridiculous!


They remain adorable and tiring, though they’ve calmed down a little from the first few days. I think coming from a cage (filled with other kittens) to a big apartment overstimulated them a bit and gave them a desire to run and run (and play and play, and fight and fight).

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Sh*tRedditSays has an Art Attack

Oh, ShitRedditSays! Not only are SRSers  fighting the good fight against bigotry and assyness and general shitlordery on Reddit, but they also manage to come up with some of the best and most hilarious faux-propaganda graphics you’re likely to run across online, many of which are gathered together on the SRS FArtistry tumblr blog.

SRS being a bit of a circlejerk, the graphics are mainly designed to amuse other SRSers, and are full of in-jokes and references to the ridiculous reputation SRS has amongst Redditors at large as being the home to humorless man-hating Dworkinite feminazis eager to oppress helpless Straight White Males. By pelting them with dildoes.

Here, for example, is a lovely drawing illustrating how many Redditors actually see the unending battle between SRS (represented here by surly angels armed with purple dildoes) and the upstanding free-speech defenders of Reddit.

Other SRS graphics play on old propaganda tropes:

Still others are just excuses to make in-jokes. (For some reason, SRSers like to refer to dogs as “dags.”)

It’s interesting to see the contrast between SRS FArt and the, er, art generated by MRAs online. Here, for example, is a graphic taken from the Artistry Against Misandry site, a collection of “art” and “music” and even “poetry” from angry, art-, music- and poetry-challenged MRAs. AAM is heavily promoted on A Voice for Men; heck, Paul Elam recently sent them $100 of his own (supporters’) money to fight the (allegedly) good fight.

This hilarious piece of WTFery, if you haven’t figured it out already, is evidently supposed to be a picture of me. Or possibly Michael Moore. Whoever it’s supposed to be, I cackled with glee when I first saw it yesterday. (For future reference, I don’t own either a baseball cap or that particular kind of flogger.)

I will be exploring the vast artistic richness (sarcasm) of Artistry Against Misandry in several upcoming posts.

And after that I will highlight some of the magnificent art (not sarcasm) produced by some of Man Boobz’ own.

In the meantime, enjoy this one last bit of SRS FArtistry, which might be suitable for desktop wallpaper:

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Off-topic: Bjork now a bird

I've got a real post coming in a bit. In the meantime, enjoy this paparazzi photo which clearly shows that Bjork has been transformed into a bird.

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Life Before Feminism: A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart

An alert reader pointed me to this amazing “map” from the 1830s, posted on Ptak Science Books and originally found here. Described as “A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart,” it presents a less-than-flattering picture of the supposed shallowness, vanity and selfishness of the female of the species. Click on the pic above to see it full size.

It’s amazing how closely this resembles so many Manosphere “critiques” of evil modern women; the main difference is that it’s a bit more polite in its language. Also, no mention of stinky vaginas.

Manospherians love to talk about “taking the red pill,” as if their ideas are all new and cool and Matrixy. Actually, of course, their ideas are old as fuck. It’s more like they are taking a gulp of Dr. Flimflam’s Electro Magnetic Misogyny Fluid.

Below, another amazing picture also found on Ptak, which presents data on where women’s eyes linger when looking at men. (Again, click on it to see it full size.) I suspect this one would be a bit more confounding to the Manospherians of today, in that it doesn’t show women looking only at the dude’s wallet. The post on Ptak offers a more detailed explanation of what this picture is about.


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If you’re havin’ robogirl problems I feel bad for you, son!

Uh oh! Trouble in Robogirl paradise! Apparently some of the sexy robot ladies are just as bad as real ladies in the not-shutting-up-and-obeying-the-men department.

Anyway, I found this online. I have no idea what comic it’s from. Do any of you comic book experts know?

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New meme: Men’s Rights Activist Marmoset

He’s an MRA, and a marmoset! And he’s the brainstorm of someone called Izy Day.

Check out the Tumblr blog, with many more examples.


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Um, what?

I found this illustrating a typically incoherent rant about “The Aphrodisiac of the False Rape Claim” on What Men Are Saying About Women, the blog of the infamous MRA double period. Whoever made it needs to stop making Demotivational posters because he doesn’t understand how these posters are supposed to work. Or how to communicate a coherent message to other human beings using language.