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MGTOWs have lots of thoughts about the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates and some of them are really quite remarkably weird

The formerly happy couple

The just-announced divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates has the boys of the MGTOW subreddit all riled up.

On the one hand, they’re upset that Melinda will get any portion of her soon-to-be ex-husband’s vast wealth. On the other hand, a lot of MGTOWs don’t actually like Bill Gates, so they kind of figure that whatever happens with his money is fine by them.

But that’s really just the tip of the MGTOW iceberg here; some of their thoughts are quite a lot weirder than those.

Let’s look at some of the more, well, colorful of the responses from these Men Going Their Own Way.

It’s Not Fair for Her to Get Any of His Billions of Dolloars (sic).

Jesus Fucking Christ.

This makes my blood boil. I don’t care how cucked Bill Gates is. The law shouldn’t require him to pay billions. How in hell can you justify this woman robbing literally billion dolloars?

The Cock Carousel Awaiteth, M’Lady

Bill Gates wasn’t enough ‘Clown’ for her (sexy, charming, fun and entertaining) just a beta boy billionaire so she’s looking for a bad boy boy toy (she can spend his billions on).

Or Maybe Not:

She’s past her prime. Only reason she might find a guy is because of her money. She wasn’t even a 5 to begin with.

Bill Gone Wild

I kinda would like to see Gates get an ultra hot 18 year old third world chick within a few weeks. She could choke on that. No amount of billions can undo the wall.

Alpha Fucks, etc:

Watch her get a handful of live-in male escorts in her new mansion, while Bill has to pay for them. Alpha fucks, beta bucks.

Then watch him do exactly the same.

They both can, and will, do better than each other.

A Win for Bill:

This is a win for bill, fuck the divorce settlement, it won’t make a dent long term, Bezos proved that with McKenzie. No man in his 70s wants to fuck his 60ish year old wife of his children when they could be fucking 20-30 year olds in their prime.

The Brad Pitt Pyramid Scheme:

Brad Pitt and Depp didn’t provide enough tingles.

Gates and Bezos couldn’t satisfy their list for new stuff.

There is no satisfying these vampires. It’s a pyramid scheme.

The Slippery Slope to Stalin

Bill has done some stuff lately that might have caused bad Karma…

Sure he’s not the last of the Woke tech Billionaires thats gonna get bent over…

Humorous part when they get it, cant say schitt! They supported the PC crap…

Thats the problem with idealistic ideologies; eventually no one is safe.

Eventually idealism is taken over by a mega predator… Hitler took over the National Socialists, which started as a back to the land & Liberal movement, sounded very much like the Counter Culture…

Stalin took over Communisim…

Mao did same…

All three exterminated millions…

Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered

I don’t think [Gates] is a cuck. He is a kiddie diddler that has been to Epstein island. I doubt they ever had sex. The kids are probably test tube babies from Bills sperm.

Her role as a distraction from that is now over and they are going separate ways.

Honestly Not Even Mad at Her:

Good for her. Im honestly not even mad at her. The guy is a fucking evil cold blooded lizard and the fucker has a god complex so i’m just counting the days he has until he is gone from this world and stops blabbing about blocking the sun and using Indian/African kids as vaccine guinea pigs. I’m pretty numb to anything bad that happens to this dude at this point.

In Other Words, a Traitor

He deserves everything he gets in divorce court because he’s a male feminist. In other words, a traitor.

Since When Did Everyone on r/MGTOW Become QAnoners?

I think she realized he is going to be executed or spend life in prison and is saving herself and her kids. Whitehats will probably go a his money and she might be able to keep more of it if they divorce.

The Old Switcheroo

I hate to break it to you guys but the “man” you know as Bill Gates is actually a woman who was used to replace the original Bill Gates. And Melinda is a man who replaced the original Melinda. 

Yeah, That Sounds Like Something Someone Would Say on /pol/

Someone on /pol/ made a really good observation that this is likely a move to demotivate white marriage.

Forget the Gates Divorce and Listen to My Bizarre Plan Which Isn’t Even Vaguely Convincing

I’m getting embryos this month at that would be the end of association with the agency’s donor since there are no further benefits to be derived from her. She legally is not a parent under the law by the contract she signed which was created by the special legal firm whuch does these things. Then I’m moving on immediately to secure other females who will carry for me members of my animal family and those females too will be disposed off after 9 months. Then I’m getting a couple of au pairs to take care of my new members. Imagine no bitching, no stress at home, only peaceful raising my kids without fear of them ever being taken away. How is all that for who determines association? That’s what your hard work, money and ingenuity can do for you bros. The world was built by smart men and you have options to use their advanced technology. Plan your future and invest your hard earned money in what benefits you.

Sorry, no more. After that last one I sort of need to lie down for awhile.

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mouse sparrow
mouse sparrow
1 year ago

@Moon Custafer

I think he said “they” as in most, if not all, 70-year-old men as a whole.

1 year ago

Ah, my bad. And this is why I should not comment while sleep deprived.

Thanks to @Threp for setting me straight.

Sorry to @Stevie for being a reactive meanie who completely misread the comment.

Like, I’ll stand by the idea that folks should not assume that because they have bad thoughts, everyone must share their terrible thoughts.

But I definitely should read better so I don’t assume someone’s being awful when they’re doing a bit/grammar joke, and reply nastily.

Sorry about that.

1 year ago

@Alan : not litteraly in french. Or the “litteraly” that mean “as used in litterature for stronger effect”. Without context, it’s an incorrect sentence.

“pairs” most often mean “even” (as in, a number being even), or a couple (alway exactly two tho), or two linked individuals/entities. (like a … pair of glove)

“pairs” can mean colleague, but don’t mean equal status. All the engineer where I work would be pair / peer of each other, but we don’t have the same status. It’s also a relatively obscure usage overall.

“au pair” as an expression in french mean what you said. The complete french expression is “jeune fille au pair”, and is disappearing in favor of less sexists and less old expressions. And also more descriptive.

And for an additional dash of french quirk : “jeune fille” mean litteraly “young girl”, but imply an older woman than “fille” (like 15-25 years old vs 5-15 years, more or less), because fuck you logic and common sense.

1 year ago


And for an additional dash of french quirk : “jeune fille” mean litteraly “young girl”, but imply an older woman than “fille” (like 15-25 years old vs 5-15 years, more or less), because fuck you logic and common sense.

This was also the case in English until fairly recently (~60-70 years ago AFAICT).

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