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He was a Men's Rightser before Men's Rights was cool. (Note: Men's Rights has never been cool.)

I don't know, I think he could use another sign or two.
I don’t know, I think he could use another sign or two.

I found this amazing pic of “Husband Libber” Harry Britton posted to the Blue Pill subreddit; it was taken in 1972 by the father of Blue Piller smileybird.

According to Cape Girardeau History and Photos, which has another pic of him,

New York Magazine wrote that he was a fixture who had been supporting himself wearing placards, carrying signs and selling his leaflets for 25 cents each for several years. “Harry makes only $2,000 a year [roughly $12,000 today –DF]. He’s not in this for the money, though; he says his only goal is reconciliation with his wife, from whom he is, not surprisingly, separated.”

Another account said he was the “president (and probably sole member) of the National Association of Dissatisfied Husbands subsisting on sales of publications extolling ‘Husband Lib.(‘It’s not men’s lib,it’s Husband Lib. The Bachelors are not oppressed yet’).”

Here’s that pic, and a couple of others; thanks to SquashedBananas in the Blue Pill for tracking all this down. (And thanks to the reader who emailed me about all this.)





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Because the workplace is clearly like high school! Actually, not even high school, but a bad imitation of a John Hughes movie.

Right… the men would have accepted a woman getting a perk they were denied. Just glanced at it and shrugged.

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

I was born in 1980, the year Reagan was elected. I don’t know if those two things are related. If so, my parents and I are really sorry.

I was born the year JFK was murdered.


I got my first period on my dad’s birthday which is also the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. Therefore my menses was even more misandrist than usual, right?

Or maybe I shouldn’t post while drunk, stoned and up all night.

I remember my parents helping to vote Reagan in…
For their trouble? Reagan allowed the domestic steel industry to collapse, and guess where my parents had just mortgaged a house at? Ohio river valley, steel country.

Though exporting jobs has been totally bipartisan. Considering that the poorer we get, the less stuff we can buy? Eviscerating the middle class is a really dumb move on the part of the elites. I don’t blame baby boomers so much…it’s not the 1%, it’s the .1% that is really causing the problem.

My ex pointed out that after ww2 we were unusually prosperous because we got to rebuild Europe. To that I add domestic oil production peaked in 1970.
That latter’s a really big deal the more you think about exactly how vital petroleum is.

Hey wait, um, feminism…I think men scapegoat feminism for their losses in some cases. The fact is that rich elites, predominately white males, made the decisions that are making most peoples’ lives a lot harder. Not women.

Ok, sleepy time.


Did anybody notice the guy standing next to Harry Britton in that third picture, with his arm around Harry and a big goofy grin on his face, to get his picture taken as though Harry is one of those wandering cartoon characters in a theme park?

Ooh, I just assumed he was approving of the message. But I like the idea that he was being a champion hipster: ~ironically~ appreciating men’s lib before all those stupid Red Pillers even heard of it.

I can’t even when it comes to talking about student loans, healthcare, kids ready to go into college, the lack of decent jobs and what the future holds. I just know I’m pretty screwed no matter what happens at this point in my life. I just make the best of it and don’t worry, but I know how bad it is. The way things stand now are not so great financially and I do not foresee them getting better. At one time we thought we might get ahead, but a series of unfortunate events, including Hubby having jobs for businesses that either moved away or sold to companies that did not want to keep the existing staff, killed those hopes. You can only go back to square one so many times and still hope to get ahead. We’re always one or two financial hiccups away from disaster. As much as we struggle now, I’m pretty sure these are the best days of our lives. At least we have access to healthcare now. That’s a major boon.

I wish we could afford to leave this area, but the cost of living being low is how we’re making it and we will never be able to afford to move. The economy here is dismal. In my neighborhood, house after house sits empty from foreclosures, bringing the resell value of our house steadily down. Ice storm damage can still be seen and people are still living in homes with tarps pulled over the holes in their roofs. This tells me how hard those families are struggling. Some of the fallen trees from years ago were only just removed by the city this spring. Schools cannot afford to ask back some of their teachers. Hospitals are laying off award winning staff, overworking the bare bones staff that is left, DCBS is understaffed in the extreme and the plans to build a marina on the river for rich people’s yachts is still going forward. Priorities! Gotta entertain those rich folks!
Meanwhile homeless people live in a tent city in a little clump of woods right here in our small town. Occasionally the cops try to throw them out, but the guy who owns the little plot of land and a small volunteer ministry won’t have it. Even H4H homes have been foreclosed on. At least we have a roof over our heads. We’ll never take a family vacation. We’ll never be out of debt or know financial security, but we’re the lucky ones. It’s the next generation I worry about.

I was born one week after Nixon resigned. Does that make me good or bad?

This also means I’ll be 40 in two weeks, so yeah, Nitram, you don’t know what “pushing 40” means quite yet. 🙂

Is this site serious? I came here thinking it was a group of intellectual people.I was obviously wrong.

Is this latest troll trying at all? I read the comment thinking it might have a troll score of greater than 3 out of 10. I was obviously wrong.

Troll is surprised that people on a misogyny mocking site are mocking misogyny? Why, I do declare! I have never heard that before. So exciting and original!

I don’t know how intellectual I am but I do have enough fancy book learning to know that after a sentence ending punctuation mark you’re supposed to hit the space bar twice. So there’s that.

I am cut to the emotional core that random troll considers me not intellectual. The pain, it hurts so bad.

This is an intellectual site. We simply engage in high-quality mocking of people who think they are god’s gift to the life of the mind.
IMO, snark is as serious as you can get.

Believe it or not, I don’t utilise sites dedicated to mockery, snark and teh lulz for SRS INTELLECTUAL BSNS. I had to send to the ER someone in acute renal failure and someone else dying of cholangiocarcinoma yesterday. I needn’t anymore serious business today, thank you!

Eviscerating the middle class is a really dumb move on the part of the elites.

Right? If I was an oligarch, I’d want the masses to be too content and focused on their small lives to pay any attention to what I was doing with my unlimited power. I’d be providing all kinds of free benefits and perks to keep them happy and distracted, and consider it an investment in maintaining social order and therefore my unlimited power. (Aren’t you all grateful I use my power for good instead of evil?)

The current tools seem to get some kind of psychosexual charge out of inflicting unnecessary pain on people, in addition to stealing all our money and rights.

Sooner or later, a line will be crossed, and a HUGE NUMBER of people with nothing left to lose are going to take violent exception to the shenanigans of the 1%.

Men’s rights wasn’t necessary in the 1970s. Now we are in a time in which it is- and that’s the difference.

Oh, look, it’s Woofy again. I guess Paul still didn’t give him a bone to chew on.

Right? If I was an oligarch, I’d want the masses to be too content and focused on their small lives to pay any attention to what I was doing with my unlimited power. I’d be providing all kinds of free benefits and perks to keep them happy and distracted, and consider it an investment in maintaining social order and therefore my unlimited power.

Lord Vetinari, is that you?

This is mainly me pulling things out of my ear, but I’d say that today’s .01% probably doesn’t have much incentive to keep the U.S. middle class moderately prosperous. As long as someone in the world has money to buy the goods, or to invest in the markets (which the rich can then manipulate for even greater gains), they don’t really have much reason to care about the people in their own back yard. “I don’t need you to have any money if I can sell my stuff to someone across the ocean. If you’re unhealthy and poor and desperate, you’ll agree to anything I want. I can block wage hikes, fight regulation, poison your water and air! And you’ll sit back and let it happen, because you either can’t afford to rock the boat, or don’t want to because you’re hoping to join me at the captain’s table one day.”

These folks don’t seem to have much a long-term view, or much loyalty to anyone or to anything except profit. If it looks like the peasants with pitchforks are heading for the castle gates, they’ll probably pack up and go to a place with less rowdy commoners.

Sigh. That’s depressing. How ’bout some brain bleach? Have a happy fox:

Fuck off, Tom. No one cares what pleases you. You just asked if a site dedicated to mockery was “serious” and then had the gall to complain that we weren’t intellectual enough to entertain you. We’re not here for your edification.

Shut up, Woody.

Not to get to deeply into economics, but I think the rich are afflicted with some very irrational beliefs. One is that they feel they really are the most important and valuable people in society and that the rest of us drones don’t worship them as much as they deserve — and just like the MGTOWs, they want to go off in a sulk like John Galt in their hero Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead.” Another is they take the old canard that “Money is the way you keep score” way too seriously. They are like the skirt-chaser who knows the exact number of women he’s slept with and thinks that the higher the number, the bigger man he is. I’m sure that Charles and David Koch go to bed every night distraught at the fact that they are not the first and second richest people in the US. Mitt Romney said and did a lot of things that showed he was clueless as to how most people live, but I always remember that he was planning to demolish his $4 million mansion in order to replace it with a $12 million one.

Men – they possess virtually all the wealth and power in the world and, with that, the opportunity to be independent and self-sufficient.

Their rights though! They’re being trampled on!

“Men – they possess virtually all the wealth and power in the world ”
But only a small percentage of men (and a very few women) have real wealth and power. In order to direct the resentment of the majority of men away from the wealthy and powerful, they are encouraged to blame women in general and feminists in particular, as well as blacks, latinos, immigrants, etc. etc.

Lord Vetinari, is that you?

The US is heading for one man, one vote in Vetinari style – it’s a pity they don’t have Vetinari to run things.

And Vimes, of course. Imagine if Vimes ran all the police forces.

Troll comes to site called We Hunted The Mammoth and is shocked, shocked I say, that there is mockery going on. Perhaps he thinks being a Deep Intellectual Thinker means one has to have a humour bypass. Protip, troll: we’re not all Fucking Asshat Dicky Dawkins.

Pallygirl, you really don’t want to get me started on the way the “”””””beauty”””””” industry (one set of scare quotes is not enough) encourages and exploits women’s insecurities to create billions of dollars in profits. If a woman wants to use makeup etc. I won’t say a thing — though I may silently shake my head at the idea that she thinks her natural appearance isn’t good enough. I don’t think that a woman who doesn’t use makeup is lazy or otherwise morally deficient. I realize that this is not my business, but … I hate the possibility that my not speaking on the matter may be considered a silent vote in favor of the usual (assumed) male attitudes. I just don’t want any woman to think that I EXPECT her to use makeup, or that I will think less of her if she doesn’t.
Does this make any sense?

Heh. I had to google who Lord Vetinari is. Please don’t report me to the high council for not being a Pratchett fan.

It’s just a subtle trap. First you Google, then you read quotes, then you buy a book, then you are lost.

@GrumpyOldMan: I *don’t* read males not speaking on the issue as being in silent agreement with assumed norms of male attitudes towards how females “should” dress and what make up they “should” wear. My only point here was that I see very few articles with this type of content aimed at males, and the wording in that piece is very blunt – “blunders” seriously? And then more policing in the comments section below. So many ways for females to wear make-up, their hair, and their clothes “wrong”.

Does that make sense to you? I only identify a commenter here as supporting beauty policing when that person posts an idiot comment, normally along the lines of attempting to link a particular clothing or make-up style to being a slut.

Yes, usually they don’t use words like “blunder” — they are more subtle and devious.
Men are also pressured about their appearance to some degree, but not to anything like the same degree. In any case, we all have insecurities and there is always a horde of people ready to make a buck by exploiting them.
I’m too tired at the moment to figure out what I really mean to say, so …

My dad took a picture of Harry and I in 1972 and I have cherished it all my life. Sure it’s ridiculous! That’s why it’s funny. However, I’m not saying the man does not have a few good points, albeit a little over the top.

I also have a copy of the segment George Schlatter Productions did with Harry on the 70’s show, “Real People.” Man, those were the days!

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