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Roosh V: Governments pushing education for women are depriving me of a good wife

Russian girls, being raised right, 1909
Russian girls, being raised right, 1909

Pity poor Roosh! The widely despised pickup artist and wannabe philosopher spent the last decade and a half as a man-slut, riding the vagina tilt-a-whirl around the world, having what he insists was consensual sex with women in an assortment of sometimes colorful, sometimes colorless places from Paraguay to Siberia.

Now, the not-so-benevolent dictator of a miniature internet empire based on ebooks, clickbait and misogyny, Roosh has decided he wants to settle down and become an old-school patriarch, with an adoring or at least subservient wife and a brood of mini-Rooshes.

There’s just one problem: An evil conspiracy of Western governments and central bankers, hellbent on depopulating the world, is making it darn near impossible for poor Roosh to find himself a good wife, in the form of a young hottie, preferably more than a decade his junior, with such limited options that she won’t be able to leave him once she realizes the terrible mistake she’s made.

Alas, Roosh reports, even in Eastern Europe, the young women he meets have pretty much all been totally ruined by something called “a college education.”

In a post titled How The Government Is Robbing Men Of Good Wives, a sad and angry Roosh laments that even in those

countries in Eastern Europe that have superior women than in America … you encounter a big problem: they value their education and careers above that of family.

And it’s all the fault of Big Government:

Education is offered for free or at a greatly subsidized rate by the government. Western governments are therefore programming women into becoming sterile office slaves and consumers instead of good wives and mothers.

The horror!

And so, poor Roosh laments,

I’ve been unable to find more than a handful [of Eastern European women] under the age of 25 who has shown eagerness into soon becoming a mom.

Or maybe they just don’t want to settle down with an ebook writer who hasn’t yet mastered the rudiments of grammar?

When Roosh talks to these women about their lack of interest in pledging themselves to a patriarch, they tell him they want to be educated, with careers of their own, so they don’t end up stuck in a miserable marriage with an alcoholic husband who cheats on them.

“I need a backup plan in case my husband becomes bad,” these women apparently all tell Roosh.

Never mind that the worries of these women are completely understandable. Alcoholism is a massive problem in Eastern Europe, especially among men, leading not only to crappy marriages but also to an assortment of health issues that all too often cause premature death. In Russia, the fourth-drunkest country in the world (Belarus is number one), more than a third of hard-drinking men die before they reach 55.

So, yeah, Eastern European women are acutely aware that they cannot rely on men to ensure a future for themselves or their children.

But to Roosh, who apparently lives in some conspiracy theory fairyland, Eastern European women who want to be able to provide for themselves (and their children) are sex-crazed tools of The Machine. “Men are bad,” Roosh sarcastically sniffs,

and because of that, she must spend years in university where she gets to experiment with different cocks and where she is firmly taken out of her natural role to learn how to serve a corporate master while her future kid goes to day care and her husband eats cans of tuna because his wife is too tired from work to cook, assuming she even knows how.

A man forced to prepare his own dinner! Damn you, you student-loan-pushing governments!

Women want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be able to marry the man they are most attracted to, and if that doesn’t work, still be able to enjoy an independent and comfortable life of Ikea furniture and Starbucks without having to put up with a man’s reasonable demands to cook him dinner and make sure the children are taken care of.

How unreasonable these women are, unwilling to spend their lives trapped in a miserable marriage. How terrifying is it that, even without money from a man, they can afford cheap-but-decent-looking furniture and the occasional Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Roosh thinks it’s positively perverse that today’s non-Roosh-marrying Eastern European woman will

spend thousands of hours studying a topic like law or international business relations and became an obedient office worker instead of learning how to obey her husband.

As a result of this educating-women madness, Roosh complains,

we are seeing the disappearance of the nuclear family along with high divorce rates and out-of-wedlock births where future degenerates of the state get to watch mommy get sexy matches on Tinder.

Oh, but it gets worse!

It turns out that these terrible date-having mommies are also, unwittingly, enabling the depopulation agenda of the evil globalists who secretly run the world.

If you take the depopulation agenda to be accurate then it makes sense that you would want to train women to do anything but bond with men in a way that leads to reproduction. That is exactly what most Western governments have done, and it starts by essentially brainwashing women of the need to be free from their husbands by making them obsessed to earn money produced by central banks. Any country where the idea of female employment is seen as “common sense” is in the process of having their culture destroyed, if it hasn’t already been done.

Aw, it’s almost cute just how doggedly Roosh is working at becoming a conspiracy theorist. In the sidebar of his blog, he lists several books he’s currently reading, including Sworn in Secret: Freemasonry and the Knights Templar, a history of Freemasonry that has gotten rave reviews from both Scottish Rite Journal and Knight Templar Magazine (no, really); and None Dare Call it Conspiracy, the paranoid 1971 bestseller setting forth the alleged truth about evil bankers and the sinister … Council on Foreign Relations!

But for Roosh, still finding his conspiracy theory sea legs, there is one aspect of this whole educating-women thing that’s even worserer than the depopulation of planet Earth.

For it turns out that the lizard people — or whoever Roosh imagines runs the global conspiracy — don’t just want to turn women into non-baby-having office drones. They want to turn men into … CUCKS.

I mean, say you actually decide to wife up one of these terrible job-having women, and when you decide she needs to quit her job to devote herself fulltime to taking care of you and the kids, and she says no?

Blame the government, with its subsidized student loans and alluring talk of female empowerment. Blame the government, for conning young women into devoting their lives to “corporate and victimhood training, not wife training.”

And so, when this hypothetical wife of yours refuses your command to quit her job, Roosh tells us, you are, “being actively cucked by your own government.”

Yes, that’s right: by providing student loans to young women, the government is somehow, at least figuratively, “cucking” men because, wait, how on earth would that possibly work?

Roosh, like the alt-righters who won’t let him in their clubhouse, has a rather expansive notion of just what cuckolding is.

So is there a solution to this terrible dilemma? Even in Eastern Europe, Roosh warns us again, city-dwelling women have pretty much all been “seduced by the prospect of free education, city lights, and the ability to sleep around without consequences.” Indeed, Roosh reports with horror, as wife material they are basically as bad as —  *shudder* — American women.

“Unless you start visiting villages or churches,” Roosh sadly concludes, “you’ll end up disappointed.”

Will the churches in Eastern Europe’s tiniest towns soon find themselves overrun by Roosh fanboys gamely asking every woman they meet (and possibly each otherwhere the pet shop is?

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In my opinion, neither Roosh nor any other manospherian is speaking literally.

I think that’s a very dangerous assumption to make.

I think “Insane In The Brain” should be Roosh’s new personal anthem.


In my opinion, neither Roosh nor any other manospherian is speaking literally.

I think that’s a very dangerous assumption to make.

No, I take manospherians seriously — they are dangerous hatemongers. I just don’t (can’t) take them literally.

Roosh wants to “bang” all the beautiful young women in all the countries of the world? And settle down with a wife and children and live a conservative life in the suburbs?

He wants to make his money solely from his e-books and lectures? And support said wife and children in a middle-class lifestyle?

He hates Muslims? And he is a Muslim, spreading an Islam-lite message to the ignorant masses because we couldn’t handle the full-strength Islam?

Manospherians can’t be bothered to even try to put together a coherent message. But that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous. Their messages are the Two Minutes Hate of Nineteen Eighty-four.

Even if roosh went to 19th century Eastern Europe, he would be viewed as a threat in czarist Russia, especially with the Russian Orthodox Church. Nor will he find much luck in imperial Austria and Germany which would probably arrest him and lock him up. He probably not have a great time with anybody, even other 19th century militants might find him repulsive.

Roosh tried courting far right wing (I’m talking neonazi) groups in the past. i think this blog covered it. even they rejected him. lol

everyone hates roosh except for his small group of idiot followers.

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