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MRA Provocateur Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield Also Threatening to Kill People. Again.

Men’s Rights provocateur and bow-hunting enthusiast Janet Bloomfield — a.k.a. JudgyBitch — has not been shy about sharing her fantasies of violent retribution against feminists. Several months ago, you may recall, she begged her Patreon supporters to send her $800 so she could buy a “beautiful angel of death crossbow with which she could, as she giddily…

advocacy of violence antifeminism antifeminist women creepy entitled babies judgybitch misogyny MRA oppressed men threats

Janet Bloomfield attacks alleged feminist “terrorism”; evidently unbothered by comment promising “vengeance” against feminists.

Today, a bit of creepy irony, courtesy of Janet Bloomfield’s JudgyBitch blog. Yesterday, Bloomfield put up a post (archived here) with the title “Feminists borrowing from terrorists now?” The source of her outrage? The anger directed at the now-notorious “Are You Beach Body Ready” ads posted in London tube stations by a weightloss powder company called…

antifeminism antifeminist women FemRAs FeMRAsplaining judgybitch misogyny MRA transphobia

MRA Janet Bloomfield: Bruce Jenner “is joining the privileged caste … For the vast majority of men, that isn’t an option.”

In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner has confirmed to the world what many already suspected, that “for all intents and purposes, I am a woman.” The strangest reaction to this news that I have seen thus far comes from the reliably strange and terrible Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield, who seems to think that…

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Janet "JudgyBitch" Bloomfield tries to lie her way out of a Twitter suspension; here's proof of her targeted abuse

Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield may not have mastered the fine art of public relations in the real world, but amongst those who live in imaginary worlds of their own making she is something of a PR genius. Bloomfield, A Voice for Men’s “Director of Social Media,” was recently booted from Twitter (again) for “targeted abuse” —…

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Lying as PR: AVFM's Janet Bloomfield libels Jessica Valenti — then brags about it

A Voice for Men’s “social media director” Janet Bloomfield is proving to be quite the innovator in the world of public relations. You may recall her cheeky approach to publicizing the recent AVFM conference, which involved awarding herself “whore points” for calling critics of AVFM “whores.” Now she’s moved on to straight-up libel, making up…

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Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie weighs the pros and cons of hating Jews

Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie, the Canadian Trump superfan and racist crossbow-fetishist, has been flirting with the alt-right for some time now. But she’s apparently still a bit confused about what exactly the alt-right is. In the midst of an otherwise uninteresting review of Mike Cernovich’s documentary Silenced on her JudgyBitch blog, Hardie confesses:

a woman is always to blame advocacy of violence andrea hardie antifeminism antifeminist women domestic violence empathy deficit excusing abuse FemRAs FeMRAsplaining judgybitch misogyny MRA

Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie: If I “provoke” my husband, he should be allowed to beat me

So the execrable Andrea Hardie — Twitter abuser, violence-threatener, Canada-embarrasser — has been pondering a deep philosophical conundrum: “Do some women benefit from being slapped around?”

anti-Semitism antifeminism antifeminist women conspiracy theory literal nazis lying liars men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny MRA straw feminists

The Protocols of the Elders of Feminism (Or, Gloria Steinem Didn’t Really Say That)

Today is the final day of the We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive! If you haven’t donated yet, click that little button below! Thanks!  I‘m continually amazed by the amount of time and energy that antifeminists put into fighting monsters of their own creation — that is, the imaginary feminists in their heads who bear about…

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Janet "Judgy Bitch" Bloomfield: Make it a felony for a woman to give birth if the father doesn't want a child.

Janet “Judgy Bitch” Bloomfield, A Voice for Men’s pseudonymous PR genius, is definitely an out-of-the-box thinker. Unfortunately, she seems to be an out-of-the-box thinker in the same way that some cats are out-of-the-box poopers, leaving odorous and disgusting little “gifts” everywhere she goes. Today I want to take a look at one of her recent…

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Paul Elam and his followers respond to Buzzfeed's devastating profile with evasion, excuses, and attacks on Elam's ex-wife.

A Voice for Men’s embattled Grand Wizard Paul Elam and his followers have responded to Buzzfeed’s devastating profile of him in some predictable ways, and in a few less predictable ones. If you’re read the Buzzfeed piece – and if you haven’t, you really, really should – you know that it devoted a lot of…

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