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Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie weighs the pros and cons of hating Jews

Andrea Hardie: Not quite a Nazi
Andrea Hardie: Not quite a full-on Nazi

Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie, the Canadian Trump superfan and racist crossbow-fetishist, has been flirting with the alt-right for some time now. But she’s apparently still a bit confused about what exactly the alt-right is.

In the midst of an otherwise uninteresting review of Mike Cernovich’s documentary Silenced on her JudgyBitch blog, Hardie confesses:

I’m a little perplexed by the anti-Semitism of much of the alt right.

She’s shocked — shocked! — to find Nazism going on in the Nazi club.

And she’s not quite sure if she herself should tick off the “I hate Jews” box in her metaphoric application to join said Nazi club.

I can’t figure out if this is justified or not. I understand  the Jews have been kicked out of virtually every society in which they have ever gained influence, but this is hardly compelling evidence for the global Jewish conspiracy theory that seems to captivate so many.

Hardie — also known by her pen name Janet Bloomfield — seems to have accidentally stumbled on a truth here: The fact that some people hate Jews doesn’t actually prove that they’re evil puppetmasters who run the world. Much as the hate the Klan feels for black people doesn’t actually make black people worth less than them.

But Hardie is apparently still holding out hope that someone will provide her with INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE that Jews are indeed the monsters of Nazi mythology.

I am admittedly woefully ignorant on this topic. I understand that many powerful Jewish interests back the idea of a global government, which will be entirely impossible as long as European cultures have anything to say about it, but men like [Alan] Dershowitz and [David] Horowitz [both of whom appear in Silenced] appear to be pushing back against the global government with as much energy as the rest of the alt right. So I don’t know what the fuck is going on.

Allow me, Andrea, to hazard a guess at to what’s going on. You really, really want to become one of the cool kids and join the alt right. But that small part of you that is still human recognizes that Jews are also human, and that a life as a literal Nazi, despite all those hilarious Holocaust jokes and Happy Merchant memes, might be beneath even you.

Hope that helps!

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You know, the idea of having negatives to stats could actually be a really interesting short game that shows how some people are just born with more privilege than others. Like, you roll out stats for a character, then you roll to see if you get to keep those or if you now have to apply negatives to reflect how different groups of people are disadvataged.

I guess the difference is that this would be about seeing how people still accomplish wonderful things, but how many more spoons it takes each day to do it. Like the stats aren’t saying someone is inferior to someone else, but that external forces mean you get to roll a d6 for this, when other people get a d8, and some get a d10.

I’m sure something like that already exists! I should google around.

More broadly, is there any moral use of mind control magic?

Possibly. Can you imagine what an amazing addiction counselor/ life coach an actual wise, benevolent person who had Kildare’s power from the Jessica Jones series could be? “You’re going to get through this. You are going to be strong. When you feel this urge, you’re going to pick something from the list of positive behaviors you made here today, and you’re going to find an appropriate one, and do that, instead.”

You could use mind control to order someone to stop feeling chronic pain that has no actual purpose for the body, or focus on breathing during childbirth, or keep people from panicking during a fire.

On a way-too-personal disclosure note, when my wouldn’t-stay-dead, zombie relationship died for the eleventy-jillionth time in ten years, and I found myself with an unhealthy (and rather boring, frankly) obsession with my former partner, I used a technique from an “anti-love” spell to STOP thinking about that partner. (Which is pretty much classic behavioral stuff, give the subject something else to replace the pattern you want to stop, but it was control— of my mind— and it was technically magic, if you like to call it that. Headology, if you want to dignify an extremely silly, but oddly effective, thing with so grand a title.)

In my mind, I think the line might be consent, and possibly sustainability of the lifestyle/ relationship/ emotions when the support of the spell ends. There’s probably a decent short story in “magical methadone addiction,” if nothing else.

And now I sound like General Non from the television series Supergirl extolling the benefits of Myriad. I’m going to go do push-ups while Dalillama decides whether I’m important/ teachable enough to savage.

ETA: Rhuu, that’s a fascinating concept. Would play the shit out of that.

It would be nice if she studied history enough to realize why Jews so often get kicked out of countries or killed, especially in the middle ages:

Step 1: Ban Christians from lending money for interest.
Step 2: Have a bunch of wealthy people who would like to become even more wealthy by borrowing money from somebody.
Step 3: After those wealthy people borrow a whole bunch of money from the only people legally allowed to lend it (Jews), said wealthy people become utterly indignant over the fact their lenders now expect them to repay the loans.
Step 4: Wealthy people realize that, if you kill the person you owe money to, then you will never have to repay it. Killing people is generally frowned upon, but if you can manage to get the church and state to do it for you, then…
Step 5: Pogram for profit!

@Rhuu that’s interesting – I was just thinking the other day about rpg stats etc being a good way to show privilege – if say, men get 2d6 and women 1d6 for a stat, then sure, a woman can end up with a higher roll than a man, but damn if the system doesn’t bend over backwards to make sure it’s not that common… I was thinking things like rerolls could be included to model how much more forgiving society is for some than others to get a whole spectrum of privilege in 🙂

The issue is it’d need to be socially constructed things like ‘trustworthyness’ and such rather than standard rpg stats

Why the fuck are these Canadian alt right douchebags so obsessed with Trump and American politics? Stay the fuck out of our business!

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