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MGTOW Redditor warns men to beware of women trying to hypnotize them with their sexy unclothed arms

Fishing for male attention?

By David Futrelle

Men’s Rights Activists — and their close cousins the MGTOWs — fret endlessly about what they see as the unfair power women wield over hapless straight men seduced by their sexy bodies.

MRA granddaddy Warren Farrell has been warning men for decades of women’s “cleavage power” and the apparently hypnotic spells wily women can cast with their asses; these days, MGTOWs and racist conspiracy theorists alike obsess over the evil effects of women wearing yoga pants on the fragile male psyche.

But one MGTOW Redditor wants his fellow lady-avoiders to be wary of another hidden tool women have in their sex appeal arsenal alongside their actual arses: their unclothed arms.

MGTOW Reminder: When spring hits with full force, keep your guard high, fellas. (self.MGTOW)

submitted 1 month ago * by 2MetresAbove

Spring has hit hard where I live: less clouds, more sun on the sky, less windy, 15+ C temperatures etc. Instantaneously, hordes of thots of all shapes and sizes have popped out like mushrooms from beneath the ground. You know what I am talking about: skimpy clothes revealing arms, legs and cleavage. They have been waiting for that for half a year ever since last summer. It is a time to start harvesting all the attention they can get from weak men, regardless if they are TRP or TBP. I remind you all, do not give them any validation. Keep your guard high. Conquer your lust and become master of your own destiny. A moment of weakness might cost you a lot. There is too much at stake. GYOW, gentlemen.

Damn these diabolical body-having ladies and their infernal … limbs!

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3 years ago

I think the reactionary sentiment reigns in an induced and unwarranted sense of scarcity, an irreconciliable competition and fear, the extent and severity of such competition has to be exasperated beyond reason, in order to justify evidently unfair conclusions as hard truth, which are truthful on the very virtue of being hateful, as they appear more realistic than a good solution or explanation because “life is not fair”.
Material envy of status symbols. Othering and reduction to statistics
I noticed they’d want to be angy at the system for that, but are tempted by the possibility of being on top, they have to admire rich arrogants like Trump and the like, so they take it on some scapegoats which they perceive lower on hierarchy. What’s more I think they are coddled and made into feeling miserable and victim and sold the idea that there is a sort of oppressed status which is a sort of privilege in itself, they’d want the privilege they expect, in their strawmen to be of oppressed or less privileged groups, we talked about it often, the anti idpol, anti affirmative action train, not seeing the irony of the idea that any minority or less powered group gaining power would oppress them like the one they belong to did to them in past. We observe this fear about Pocs, muslims and women. Once found the chamber which would coddle and pity them, they proceed to put down other groups, the thing they want or are induced to want to do in response to what they are persuaded to think “idpol” and social justice to be, which would be shitting on ethnic majority and putting down their experience on the fallacious basis that because you are privileged on one axis you can’t be oppressed, said close no “sjw” ever. Strawman again.
As they are convinced that inclusive movements are about denial of personal responsibility, what they do is, guess what? The system is fine but it’s the modern liberal way of life the problem, it’s the quotas, the totally appropriate equivalence of being supposedly fired or just heavilty criticized for homophobia or deemed as homophobic for not wanting L and G to marry and for Lgbt to be criticized for what they are or not being recognized, pulling a Sobchak over and over on 2nd emendament or the constitutional analog everywhere else in Europe or west. Because to them as long as they don’t wish explicit violence is technically fine.
Not only they are coddled on appropriating the suffering of oppressed people but also on actively working on erasing and whitewashing any systemic disadvantage they may face as an excuse and deresponsibilization, while daring to accuse them to basically steal their jobs with their identity and saying they are the racist and sexist ones.
Coming to these Mgtow or Incels, I dunno why they’d say only men are tempted by women’s body, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think in both cases there are reasonable, in this case, inhibitions on acting just on the sight on some part of the body that might passingly appeal someone, which is not necessarily about not appreciating it. The problem is the pressure to equate any visual enjoyment of the other gender to sex, for men it seems. The problem is they think it’s natural and how a male works.

3 years ago

What a cutie!

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