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Men’s Rights Manifesto: Solve all of our gender problems by segregating men and women at school and work!

Roxy Music's Manifesto: Far superior to the Men's Rights version
Roxy Music’s Manifesto: Far superior to the Men’s Rights version

What do Men’s Rights Activists want? Based on what they actually do, it’s seems pretty clear that many of them want little more than the right to pester women with endless cries of “what about the menz?” But from time to time MRAs will step forward with little bullet-pointed manifestos presenting their grievances — and their goals — to the world.

So today let’s look at one of these little manifestos, from an MRA calling himself TzeTze Anopheles. It’s pretty revealing. And stupid. But that goes without saying.

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You’ve Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated (Except for Strippers)

All this, plus strippers too!

Fellas!  Have you ever fantasized about a world in which men and women live totally segregated lives, but gotten hung up on what we might call “the stripper problem?”  Over on The Spearhead, walking in hell2 has come up with a solution to this dilemma.

I think the next step of the men’s awareness movement should be something like this: a s separation of the sexes.

I would like to see a contractor or developer challenge the system and create a living community for men only: shopping mall, apartments, gym, etc. The legal precedent could be something like the desire for male patrons to avoid any type of legal hassles or the negative perceptions and harassment that are thrown on them by women, white knights, and manginas. I for one would live in such a community just to avoid the disgusting sight, smell, sound, and evil motives of Westernized females. The community could have men’s entertainment, where strippers, etc could come to work, but could not live in the community.

What do we want? Gender Segregation! (Except for Strippers)

When do we want it? Now!

I would also like to see the work place separated into male and female sections, where it would be impossible to hear or see any female coworker during the day.

Once I shared a small office with two women around 15 years older than me. One day one of the women was out of the office. I was talking to the other one and I received a phone call so I had to take it. The women with who I was talking, got angry that I took the call cutting off our conversation. About one minute later she accused me of “coming at her.” I just turned and ignored her. If she wanted, she could have made that accusation to my boss and got me into big trouble. The sick thing is, the woman was so old and ugly, no romantic thought had ever entered my head about her. This was going to be my defense had she pushed her sick agenda.

This is pretty much a textbook example of the concept of the “unreliable narrator” you may recall from English class.

Separate “male only” communities and job spaces are an organized and commercial form of MGTOW. I think it is the next logical step. Western women are just too toxic to mix and live with and not worth the risk of being harassed and falsely accused and sent to prison.

18 upvotes and 2 downvotes, last I checked.

Imma let you finish, walking in hell2, but Anthony Zarat had one of the best male-female segregation videos of all time!


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Grey, Rested and Ready: Some Grey Bloke returns, with a new video and some MRA non-fans

Our videomaking friend Graham, also known as Some Grey Bloke, is back, finally. In his new video, he explains his long absence, due in part to what seems to have been a rather large misunderstanding between him and the Men’s Rights Activists of the world, who somehow interpreted the newfound enthusiasm for Men’s Rights he showed in his last video as a sort of satire.  (How could anyone be drawn to mock or satirize the serious and important Men’s Rights movement?)

Anyway, here’s his new video. And below it, his previous video on “The Manosphere,” which seems to have gotten 49,208 more views than my last video on the subject. Which I’ve also embedded below. It’s not as good as his, but perhaps you could watch it also.



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Man Boobz Video 7: Split the country in half, men on one side, women on the other?

In this episode of Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party, new hosts Little Girl and Manbot Woman Hater 5000 discuss the views of an MRA who thinks all men should live on one side of the Mississippi and all women on the other.

Yes, those of you who regularly read the comments here know which MRA I’m talking about here: regular Man Boobz commenter and antagonist “Anthony Zarat,” who spelled out his simple solution to the whole man-woman thing in the comments here. Full text, and a link to the original comment, below.

Here’s what Manbot quoted from Anthony’s comment, which you can read in its entirety here.

[T]he separation of our species will liberate men and women from FEAR.

Women will be free from fear of INDIVIDUAL VIOLENCE.

Men will be free from fear of COLLECTIVE VIOLENCE.

Said another way:

Women will no longer fear the faceless man in the darkness.

Men will no longer fear the police officer of civil judge in the daylight.

See, better for everyone.

In my dreams, we divide this continent along the Mississippi. Men on one side, women on the other. Never to meet again. Free at last, free at last, free at last.

Made with Muvizu animation software.

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And the We Hunted the Mammoth Award goes to …

Ow! Guys, quit it!

 I didn’t bother to watch the VMAs last night, but something in the air has led me to want to give out some awards of my own. So: the coveted Man Boobz “We Hunted the Mammoth” Award this month goes to some comments from MRA oddball Uncle Elmer on women in the workplace that were recently highlighted on the Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology blog. They are, of course, magnificently stupid.

Without further ado, here are some of the choicer bits of Elmer’s rant.

Women are competing for jobs but are not creating them. Other than providing a mass market for their vanity products, they are not forging new industries or technologies. …

Though men shank me and insult me, only men provide me with opportunity. … Only men, and only a small fraction of them, take the risks that create industry and opportunity. Women can only serve as mere functionaries in man-created structures. When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to development of labarynthine rules for the comfort and security of women. …

No woman can or will provide me or any man employment, yet all western women feel entitled to help and opportunities from men, even as they drive men out of the workplace.

[W]orkplace women are your enemy. They cannot help you but can and will hurt you. Do not look at them, do not talk to them.

And now the “we hunted the mammoth” moment:

Females want to inhabit man-created business structures as if those structures existed before man appeared on the veldt. … When you have pushed the last man out of the corporation it will collapse under its own dead weight.

And while I’m handing out awards, I’d like to give the Man Boobz Whaaaa?! Award for the strangest, dumbest and least true thing said about me in the past week to Wytchfinde (presumably the same guy who used to comment here as Wytchfinde555), who posted this strange and not-altogether-grammatical comment on my latest YouTube video (which you should all go watch if you haven’t already).

David Futrelle is an opportunist that pretends to worship white women (which is true to a certain extent) helps just fuel more fire for hating men.


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Man Boobz Video 6: Are North American white women a bunch of whiney-vagineys?

Well, Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party is back, and you may notice a few changes. First, the bad news: Tiny Bunny and Small Dog are on hiatus. The Good News: I’ve moved on from Xtranormal to a real animation program, Muvizu, and am now using actual human beings for the voices.

This episode takes us to scenic Los Angeles to meet a fellow calling himself John, who offers some reflections on North American white women. He’s not fond of them. Apparently he’s much more fond of African and Latin American women. It’s not clear if any women of any race are fond of him and, if so, why on earth that would be. I found John’s little monologue on the blog Boycott American Women.

Playing the of John from Los Angeles, or at least his voice, is Jack Rose. Big, big thanks to Jack for an excellent job, and on very short notice.



Here’s the somewhat edited version of John’s monologue I used in the video:

Many of the stupidest women i have ever met were white females from North America. Truth is, white north american females are really like the old Ford clunkers our grand-parents used to buy: they are unreliable, expensive, rather grotesque, and dangerously unpredictable.

White women are truly pigs. Can we expedite the caliphate so that they get the come-uppance they richly deserve? …

Ask any man who was stupid enough to marry one of these pigs and you’ll see exactly where I’m coming from. they have emotional problems, are deviants, amoral and just flat-out nasty; plus, they really are overweight, smelly and ill-mannered.

Only losers marry white females.  The tragedy for american women is that they’ve bitched their way right out of the marketplace. Men want something better and the rest of the world offers that. bye, bye, whiney-vagineys; the jig is up and men are looking elsewhere.

More Man Boobz videos are on the way.

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Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party 5: A Nice Guy’s plea

Tiny Bunny and Small Dog are trying a new look this week, or however long it’s been since the last one of these. It’s a crass attempt to appeal to space aliens.

This time the horrible misogynist quote comes from an anonymous confession on the web site Group Hug , a site devoted to anonymous confessions. In it, a Nice Guy argues that dating is all about “give and take.” Thanks to Denia for posting the link in the comments!

The full quote can be found below the video. (I did some teensy edits to it in the video.)

Mr. Anonymous 174618126 says:

You want a good guy to fall in love with you. Guys want some hot tail. That’s the game. You give and take, we give and take. It’s impossible for two people to even co-exist happily without this give and take process, let alone have a good relationship. So every time you tell me “Uh? I’m more than just a piece of ass, I’m—-” I don’t even hear the rest. I’m well aware you’re not just a piece of ass, you cunt. If I thought that, I wouldn’t talk to you and try to get your consent; I’d just take you. But to give the famous line “I’m more than just a piece of ass” is pretty much the same as saying you’re not interested in even entertaining the idea of us sleeping together. And that means you’re not worth my time or any man’s time.

I’m being fair. Women like you don’t want a man, you want a slave. Someone you can command to bark, sniff, and roll over. Something you can play fetch with. It would be the same thing if I came over to your house, forced you to give me head, and left. I don’t want to be a slave and you don’t want to be my bitch. So why is it so difficult to meet me half way?

I’m so sick of this shit. So very very sick. If you’re not interested in me then don’t fucking talk to me.

Mr. Anonymous 174618126, I feel safe in saying that no one who has read what you just wrote will ever want to talk to you.

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Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party 4: If They Are Not Restrained

In this episode of Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party, Tiny Bunny and Small Dog make an excursion to NiceGuy’s MGTOW Forum, and consider the view of one fellow there who feels women should be restrained so that they don’t all become sadists and sluts. Also, there is a discussion of ice cream.

Here’s the original comment from the forum. (I edited it a bit for length and clarity in the video.)

All women are instinctively sadists and sluts if they are not restrained by the society.

Present feminism has given complete freedom for women and has completely restrained and shunned all men.This present feminism invokes and encourages the very basic instinct of a woman – It encourages her how to be a slut & how to be a sadist.

One better e.g. that I can give is – If a woman beats her lover/husband with a machete and fills his body with oozing blood whole mob(which includes all men) cheers her with claps & encourages her to give the more brunt of it(click here).Or even if a woman kills a man in public she is seen as if she has done a heroic act in media,courtrooms & in public.Even if she is guilty of that serious offence she is acquitted.Like this there are many e.g. which I don’t even need to give.

Present feminism is a failed ideology,just look what it has given – there are single mothers,prostitutes,drug addicts(teenage girls & boys brought up by single mothers),recession for men,disjoint families ,higher divorce rates,depression,increasing violence among teenagers due to lack of care during their crucial childhood years,immoral porn culture which also encourages homosexuality,oppression of men,etc…

If soceity puts some restrain on women then definitely women can be beneficial to the soceity with their feminine touch.Restraining women is necessary to teach them discipline & such disciplined women are really good to soceity.In fact this should be the principle of feminism & we men would had undoubtedly embraced such kind of feminism.But what I said above is seen as offence in present feminism which preaches every woman to oppress men & treat them as slaves.

There was actually one more paragraph of this. Just more of the same.

Time for some ice cream, I think.

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Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party 3: In God’s Hand

It’s time once again for another episode of Man Boobz Super Fun Party Time Video. Today, the tiny bunny and small dog present a little something taken from the blog Traditionalist Christianity. It’s taken from a discussion of how hard it is to find a good woman in this world, since all women are whores. (I’m paraphrasing.) You will find the full quote below.

The whole thing is just an excuse for a masturbation joke. (Or is it a joke?)

Also, I’m aware of the typo in the video. It would cost a couple of bucks to re-edit and fix this. I would rather have that money for myself.

The quote (from here):

There aren’t enough quality women to go around, even outside of this country.

When I was seeking a wife, I’d already decided that if I didn’t find a decent woman, I’d just live a celibate life, and put it in God’s hand.

Sometimes this shit just writes itself.

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Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party 2: Take the Stairs

Today, in episode two of Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party, we present a brief monologue which we’ve entitled “Take the Stairs,” which was originally posted on Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit. It provides crucial information for men who don’t wish to face false accusations from some office floozy.

The full text of the original posting is below, for those who for some reason don’t appreciate little cartoon animals and/or text-to-speech.

Here’s the original posting:

I avoid interacting with the few female coworkers I have more than what is absolutely required. You never know when you’ll be accused of sexual harassment or even rape. It happens everywhere and I think if you don’t take your precautions it’s only a matter of a short amount of time before it happens to you. Whenever I get involved in a hiring situation I will most likely pick a man over a woman. While a woman may very well be the best candidate that doesn’t count for much when she’s disruptive as everyone has to tip-toe around her.

I used to take the elevator at work, but now I always take the stairs. That’s just a precaution I take against women who could potentially use the situation to make false accusations (you know like ripping her shirt open and running out of the elevator crying in front of a lot of witnesses and then start accusing me of attempting rape). That’s just one of the many things I’ve ended up doing in order to stay safe. All these safety measures add up and I’ve never been falsely accused of anything because they’ve just never had the opportunity to make an accusation that could stick. I’m sure a feminist will come along one day who will just completely pull something out of her ass despite of me having an alibi or witnesses, but that will be easily dismissed I’d hope.

Since a woman’s word trumps a man’s word whenever he doesn’t have an alibi a man just has to be very cautious. Don’t let a woman be around you on her own; better safe than sorry.

Even the Men’s Rights Redditors considered this a tad paranoid.

EDITED TO ADD: Props to this thread on Something Awful, which led me to the Reddit posting.

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