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Man Boobz Video 7: Split the country in half, men on one side, women on the other?

In this episode of Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party, new hosts Little Girl and Manbot Woman Hater 5000 discuss the views of an MRA who thinks all men should live on one side of the Mississippi and all women on the other.

Yes, those of you who regularly read the comments here know which MRA I’m talking about here: regular Man Boobz commenter and antagonist “Anthony Zarat,” who spelled out his simple solution to the whole man-woman thing in the comments here. Full text, and a link to the original comment, below.

Here’s what Manbot quoted from Anthony’s comment, which you can read in its entirety here.

[T]he separation of our species will liberate men and women from FEAR.

Women will be free from fear of INDIVIDUAL VIOLENCE.

Men will be free from fear of COLLECTIVE VIOLENCE.

Said another way:

Women will no longer fear the faceless man in the darkness.

Men will no longer fear the police officer of civil judge in the daylight.

See, better for everyone.

In my dreams, we divide this continent along the Mississippi. Men on one side, women on the other. Never to meet again. Free at last, free at last, free at last.

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150 replies on “Man Boobz Video 7: Split the country in half, men on one side, women on the other?”

An all male society would be like a cross between Lord of the Flies, Wall Street and an Adam Sandler film.

AntZ, I don’t usually pop out of lurking a lot these days, but as someone who views artificial wombs (and, to a lesser extent, VR porn) as a positive technological development, I have to say: You are not doing our cause much good. From what I recall earlier, you mentioned you were a scientist working on sound-based systems for cell deposition; that is a very worthy cause. Indeed, it’s so worthy that in my view, you would be much better served continuing to study that subject instead of wasting your time posting comments here. Not enough people view this particular blog to make your advocacy particularly useful in furthering our goals. You haven’t convinced anyone, even folks like Brandon, and especially not our host, to “abandon mangina-ism” and join the MRM, regardless of how pure your (purported) intentions may be. This simply isn’t productive.

As you yourself said elsewhere, At every opportunity, I will attack feminism, feminists, and the chivalry that underpins their hate movement. I will do this in whatever way I think inflicts the most damage — intellectually honest or not. While I won’t moralize to you about the “intellectually honest” part, I will assure you that you’re not doing much damage here at all. And you are definitely wasting a good deal of time here–you’ve posted more comments in the past week than I have in the past month. The time you spend posting comments about the virtues of artificial wombs or VR technology would be much better used to actually make that technology a reality. The however-minutes-a-day you waste lurking and posting here could be productively spent doing a little more research on your cell deposition technology, talking to other scientists to get them as enthusiastic about manufactured wombs and VR porn, or a wide variety of other activities which would actually further the cause of your MRM. If you want to “inflict the most damage” on feminism, you’re not gonna do it on a place like this.

This is, of course, assuming you’re telling the truth. As the quote above from you demonstrates, there’s no reason for anyone to take anything you say in good faith. You’re working on “cell deposition” technology? For all we know, this is just a lie you’re telling us because you think it’ll be “effective.” Your wife and kids? Made-up stories invented to serve your cause. And even in this case, I won’t argue with you or condemn you for not telling the truth. I will simply say that, again, if you want to “inflict the most damage,” this isn’t the place to do it. There simply aren’t enough people here and not enough traffic (this place is ranked somewhere around the 455,000th place on Alexa; for comparison Jezebel is somewhere around the 3,000th place) to make lying here an efficient use of your time and energy.

Wanderer, big fish in a little pond and all that. He has said that he had 1 article approved for publication on a voice for men, the rest of his submissions rejected. He gets a handful of upvotes from the degenerates on the spearhead, here he gets a feature article.

Like you said, Most MRAs fabricate stories to get sympathy – someone I know got divorced and……. I got divorced and…. Or they will invent a girlfriend wife so they don’t come across as one of those virginal creepy MRAs (ie TAB)

The days of feminist hatred are numbered. How many years do you have left? Ten? Fifteen? Soon, women and men will be free of feminist hate.

Lead by example, Zarat. Go. You have almost everything you need and, in the internet, an incredibly powerful tool in gathering like-minded men to join you.


Pool your resources, purchase some land, create your society and show the rest of us how perfect it can all be.

You consider yourself part of a “…minority who are being oppressed near to the breaking point…”? Why are you staying? You have passports, you’re a working man with access to money, you are -according to you- horribly oppressed and chafing under feminist rule and the imminent threat of state perpetrated violence.

You can be free right now. Have the courage of your convictions.



Thanks for your advice. I agree, nobody here is listening. Time to go.

As to your other suggestions, the going is slow.

VR is not my thing. I have to hope that someone else comes up with that. I don’t know anything about computers.

The other half will be tricky. I only work with tissues that have therapeutic potential. NIH is extremely interested in synthetic biology (more even than structural biology, I think), but they have no appetite for anything that is controversial.

Of course, after 5pm I do what I want with my equipment.

“I always thought a bicoastal marriage would be swell. There’s almost nothing (maybe nothing) I find positive about marriage. Especially having to live with another person. Sharing a bedroom would be right out the window–I don’t sleep at all when I have to sleep in the same bed as someone else. Same room is similarly difficult. I have enough trouble falling asleep by myself.”

My ex-husband and I used to sleep in separate rooms most of the time because both of us are like that. That’s not why we got divorced however. I didn’t divorce him, I divorced his parents. He is still my best friend and we are considering getting back together after his parents kick the bucket.

“Of course, after 5pm I do what I want with my equipment.”


Lol, I can’t decide if I’m more disturbed by the sex implication or the secretly-creating-uteri-in-my-basement implication. Thank god I know that realistically AntZ is capable of neither. 😀

I actually love this idea. There is a novel called The Gate to Women’s Country which is about a woman’s world where only women and gay men are allowed to live in cities. I look forward to reading it. Female separatism on the whole seems very appealing to me. So is forced abortion of future male children.

Remember the Dear Woman video that the manosphere ripped on and said, “we’ll never see a Dear Man apology from women”?

Ask and ye shall receive:

The “realistic sex robots” angle has been thoroughly covered in Charles Stross’ Saturn’s Children. The upshot being that they take over and ban the creation of further “pink goo”.

Lol, I can’t decide if I’m more disturbed by the sex implication or the secretly-creating-uteri-in-my-basement implication.

Yeah, I kinda placed that in the “everything I never want to know about what AntZ does with his equipment after 5pm, and so won’t be asking” category.

Jesus, Societal Contract! It took me five minutes to realize that they weren’t being sarcastic. I’m actually still not 100% sure. Apologizing for sometimes expecting men to open the door and sometimes yelling at them for opening the door … well, I find it difficult to believe any woman who actually lived in the world could do that seriously. What — was the script written by an MRA?

Assuming (falsely) that this gender-separated fool’s paradise were actually possible, and considering how much body image is distorted and exaggerated in the media already, I wonder what these VR companions would end up looking like after a couple decades of neither gender having laid eyes on the other.

Assuming (falsely) that this gender-separated fool’s paradise were actually possible, and considering how much body image is distorted and exaggerated in the media already, I wonder what these VR companions would end up looking like after a couple decades of neither gender having laid eyes on the other.

As a faithful reader of superhero comics over the past 20 years, I don’t have to wonder.

Great, now I’m imagining what the world would look like if Rob Liefield somehow gained omnipotence.

As someone who has actually read The Gate to Women’s Country:

[major spoilers]

Gay people are not addressed at all, and the female elite are tricking the rest of the women into never breeding with the male soldiers, but only breeding with men who will actually communicate with/live with women in an attempt to breed out the war-happy instinct. It’s a weird-ass distopian universe, but an interesting read.

amandajane5: I actually think that the soldiers call the men who live in the city gay or effeminate? It’s been awhile – not my favorite Tepper book by a long shot.

They were called “servitors” and I believe they were at minimum considered emasculate. I thought that there was a further ulterior motive behind the breeding program, actually, but I can’t remember it myself.

Mandos: Ah, thanks. I knew there was a specific word! Just couldn’t pick it out of the grab-bag that currently inhabits my brain.


Having a wife and two kids on ilife is not the same thing as having a wife and two kids.

Two days tops before he starts posting here under a different name. Or maybe he’ll keep the same. Either way he’s not working all day between this and his VR family there is not much time left.

I’m pretty sure you’re right that the servitors were insulted in ways including calling them gay or emasculate, what I meant was that actual gay people were not addressed, which I’m pretty sure is accurate, but it’s been years, so may not be true.

I present to my fellow Manboobzians “Sultana’s Dream”.

Sultana’s Dream” is a classic work of Bengali science fiction and one of the first examples of feminist science fiction.

This short story was written in 1905 by Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain, a Muslim feminist, writer and social reformer who lived in British India, in what is now Bangladesh. The word sultana here means a female sultan, i.e. a Muslim ruler.

“Sultana’s Dream” was originally published in English in The Indian Ladies Magazine of Madras, and is considered part of Bengali literature. It depicts a feminist utopia in which women run everything and men are secluded, in a mirror-image of the traditional practice of purdah. The women are aided by science fiction-esque “electrical” technology which enables labourless farming and flying cars; the female scientists have discovered how to trap solar power and control the weather. This results in “a sort of gender-based Planet of the Apes where the roles are reversed and the men are locked away in a technologically advanced future.”

Crime is eliminated, since men were responsible for all of it. The workday is only two hours long, since men used to waste six hours of each day in smoking. The religion is one of love and truth. Purity is held above all, such that the list of “sacred relations” (mahram) is widely extended.


GtWC: The thing to remember about this novel of Tepper’s is that the ruling caste of women and servitors have multiple layers of deception open that the majority of the population (women, Warriors, and presumably some of the servitors) know nothing about: on the surface, the Warriors protect the city. In reality, the Warrior camps are used to identify the men who are prone to violence–and the cities ruled by women (this is all after a nuclear holocaust) orchestrate battles to weed out the Warrior caste when they get too numerous or start plotting to take over the City (which happens on a regular basis). The Warriors believe they father all the children; in reality, if the women in the city follow the schedules (including medical checks), the Warriors father none of the children. The Servitors father all the children (but again, something like 98% of the population don’t know about this). The boy children are raised by their mothers until five or six (it’s been a few years, I may be misremembering); then they go to the Warriors; the young men (puberty?) get a chance to leave the warriors and come back to the city as Servitors–the disdain of the Warriors is real, but the Servitors are in fact the only one allowed to father children, and do receive training in martial arts (just not flashy armor and swords). This very elaborate deception which is set in a dystopian novel is revealed slowly and by stages as the young female protagonist grows up and gradually goes through various experiences (including a period spent in a religious fundamentalist enclave) and finally learns what lies behind the ‘mask’ of her culture (her mother is involved in the ruling elites), and what the meaning of the play performed every year in public (based on the Greek play, The Trojan Women). Tepper has her limits as an author (her worlds do not allow anything but heterosexuality, but that’s not unusual in sff even these days; her characters and plots tend toward a certain essentialism to the extent that her body of work seems to convey that no matter what, patriarchal men will dominate cultures, and only extreme outside causes–alien invasion OR genetic change brought about by various means, possibly aliens–will change the male tendency to dominate women). She worked for Planned Parenthood for decades, and that ideology shows — plus, with only one exception, her characters all tend toward whiteness even in future space travelling cultures.

However, there are some things she does very very well (my favorite is the Grass/Raising the Stones/Sideshow which are a very loosely related series).

And while her work is uneven (sometimes the ideology overcomes the art!), there are some of her novels I just adore, even with all their problems.

But there is no absolutely freaking way that Gate to Women’s Country can be read as a cheering section for separatism (no more than Pamela Sargeant’s similar work–Shore of Women? Am spacing out on the title).

The boy children are sent to the warriors at five, and I think they’re fifteen when they first get to choose if they want to stay with the warriors.

Since Gate to Women’s Country ends with the elites acknowledging that Women’s Country is in fact Hell, and with Joshua, the father, warrior, and man of Women’s Country weeping for them all, it’s not cheering on separatism.

It is Shore of Women (I went and looked.) 🙂

@Hippodameia Thanks!

I can admire the narrative techniques in GtWC much more than the overall work itself–my absolutely favorite is GRASS which is a feminist epic revision of DUNE in which a mother rescues her daughter, and which deconstructs a bunch of the epic tropes. Not to mention slamming the LDS and Catholic religions as patriarchal oppressive structures.

Also her early Marianne trilogy which is quietly creepily charming.

p.s.: GtWC is set in a post-nuclear holocaust world so it’s not just a case of teh evil wimminz haz taken over and killed the men. Patriarchal governments blew the world to shit, and these are the survivors.

You want a real gritty look at what that might mean, I can highly recommend Suzy McKee Charnas’ Holdfast Chronicles, a salutory work that deconstructs all types of separatism.

Okay, intrigued! However, I found Dune dull as dishwater (but that’s okay because the sequels were even more dull!) and Tepper can be a bit much in large doses. Which series would you choose to start with?


He has a wife and two presumably horrendously traumatized sons.


She must be on board with moving to one side of the Mississippi if that’s the case O.o

If I were married to someone like that I’d be totally on board with moving somewhere he wasn’t,


WTF does a code of conduct for knights have to do with feminism?

The rigidly adhered to code of context that forbids any man from doing anything adverse to any woman is the only thing that allows feminism to flourish.

The rigidly adhered to code of conduct that forbids any man from doing anything adverse to any woman is the only thing that allows feminism to flourish.

But it allows MRAs to write horrible things about women online? /me is very, very confused

Hey commies, whats up? Been kinda busy as always, and now with Obama and his 500 billion dollar plus “tax cut,” although I’m not really sure how cutting taxes cost so damn much, I’ll remain busy. Please Obama! No more tax cuts, we just can’t afford the taxes!

Anyhoo, I thought this story was a perfect example of women wielding State violence and making lotsa dough in the process. And it does have a direct bearing on this thread as well. It seems mom, the “fairer sex” was strangling the kiddies, (in their best interest no doubt), while she had full custody. Cause, ya know, the title of “primary caretaker” wallops fatherhood for child custody, or even equal custody. Wierd too, that reguardless of who makes what, it’s still dependent upon a womans word as to whom holds the “primary caretaker” card.

So the story goes, this gem of a women will pull down 96k a year, just in case, someday, she’ll need a home for the child she isn’t even allowed to see, (in the childs best interest mind you). So how does this pertain to this particular thread you ask? Well, maybe it’s not so much a literal splitting of the country into men and women, but a splitting up between the “haves” and the “have nots.” I mean with all them fine laws already in place we’re just about there already. Women wielding State violence while remaining “innocent” of any violence, plus just flat out taking mens money. Big Daddy so loves his little girls, he’ll lock up any man who refuses or can’t pay! Read the story, it’s a blast!
On August 31st the Courthouse News Service announced that a California appeals court affirmed the lower court ruling that “Two and a Half Men” star Jon Cryer must keep paying ex-wife actress Sarah Trigger Cryer $8,000 a month in child support, even though the child is in Jon’s custody,

Sarah also had a child with David, her next husband. That marriage ended in divorce after Sarah was arrested for allegedly choking her two-year-old son.

Child Protective Services placed both children with their respective fathers. Subsequently, the Court reduced Sarah’s timeshare to near zero and ordered supervised visitation with her children.

Jon asked the Court to reduce his $120,000 voluntary child support settlement agreement to zero. Jon correctly, but unsuccessfully, argued that the money he paid should be put in a trust account for the child since it appeared Sarah was using it to pay her attorney rather than to support their son .

Later that year the court ordered Jon to pay Sarah $96,000 per year, even though $14,000 and change is California’s child support “Guideline” amount.

The court deviated from the Guideline because; (1) it would be in the “child’s best interest” for the child’s mom to have a place to live in if and when a reunification process occurs, and (2) dad could easily afford to still pay $96,000 which was a pittance compared to his $5.7 million a year salary.

Jon was also ordered to pay $20,000 of Sarah’s attorney fees. He was ordered to pay another $5,000 of her attorney fees after losing a motion for an accounting of monies paid Sarah since nothing in law requires a parent to account for how child support is spent.

After several more hearings, the court maintained it was in the best interests of the child for Sarah to continue receiving support so she would have a home for their son to return to.

Jon appealed.

He lost.

Jon was ordered to pay another $40,000 for Sarah’s attorney fees.

It appears the appeals court very selectively cited and misconstrued certain Family Code sections which supported the lower courts findings while omitting (or ignoring) other sections which supported Jon’s requested outcomes. *

The court basically said “give the poor woman some money, you have more than enough and can easily afford it”.

In the future this appellate opinion may be used to argue that any non custodial parent (especially mothers) should be entitled to the custodial parent’s earnings for no other reason than some unknown time in the future the non custodial parent may have to provide a home for a child

Ohh, an add on to my above “moderation post,” ya know, for being a bad boy.

No doubt the blame will be placed into the, “see how patriarchy hurts men,” category. Ahh the patriarchy conspiracy, my personal favorite. These are laws women write and endorse. Do women build the patriarchy law by law? You tell me. Maybe a wiki-answer will put me in my place. Or perhaps this is another example of that “justifiable oppression” ya’ll seemed to take to so well. In fact, pretty much everyone of you jumped on the “justifiable oppression” of men bandwagon.

Amazing how folks who scoff at the patriarchy conspiracy will run off at the mouth, ad nauseum, about the TRUE FACTS of Illuminati conspiracy, the Rothschilds conspiracy, lizard people, etc.

It’s especially hilariouis when MRAs whine about ‘chivalry’ given that the actual code of chivalry only ever applied to noblewomen. Peasants were specifically exempted from chivalry, and in fact the authoritative texts on proper chivalrous behavior assured men that peasant women are pretty much farm animals and don’t mind a little rapin’ from their betters.

And it’s interesting that in umpty-ump years of listening to men bridle about mean women rudely declining to have a door held open, I have never – not once – heard a self-described feminist, anti-male or otherwise, proudly brag about how some dude held a door for her and she told him to get stuffed. Never. Who *are* these mysterious women?

@Wanderer: If you hang on on writers’ blogs, you regularly hear them talk about people who say “Oh, I’d love to be a writer!” but then have a million lame-ass excuses as to why they never write. (I don’t mean even, why they don’t write a novel, or why they aren’t published, but why they don’t simply sit in front of the ol’ word processor and write.) They don’t want to do the work, they just wish it would magically fall in their laps somehow. And of course if you don’t try you don’t need to risk failing. Same for AntZ et al. He doesn’t really want a Manly Utopia that requires him to do something other than attention-whore on feminist blogs, because that would be, you know, work, planning out the men’s land and deciding who will do what and how are we doing go keep the place running. And then there’s the chance of failure. (“I sank all my money into Mentopia and then those fucking alphas voted me off the Council!”)

Given a choice between simply talking about what they will have someday, bitches, just you wait and doing the work that might – but is not guaranteed to – get to that goal, AntZ and his fellow travelers will always pick the lazy and ineffectual path. MGTOW might as well be MSOTA (Men Sitting On Their Asses).

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