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Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party 5: A Nice Guy’s plea

Tiny Bunny and Small Dog are trying a new look this week, or however long it’s been since the last one of these. It’s a crass attempt to appeal to space aliens.

This time the horrible misogynist quote comes from an anonymous confession on the web site Group Hug , a site devoted to anonymous confessions. In it, a Nice Guy argues that dating is all about “give and take.” Thanks to Denia for posting the link in the comments!

The full quote can be found below the video. (I did some teensy edits to it in the video.)

Mr. Anonymous 174618126 says:

You want a good guy to fall in love with you. Guys want some hot tail. That’s the game. You give and take, we give and take. It’s impossible for two people to even co-exist happily without this give and take process, let alone have a good relationship. So every time you tell me “Uh? I’m more than just a piece of ass, I’m—-” I don’t even hear the rest. I’m well aware you’re not just a piece of ass, you cunt. If I thought that, I wouldn’t talk to you and try to get your consent; I’d just take you. But to give the famous line “I’m more than just a piece of ass” is pretty much the same as saying you’re not interested in even entertaining the idea of us sleeping together. And that means you’re not worth my time or any man’s time.

I’m being fair. Women like you don’t want a man, you want a slave. Someone you can command to bark, sniff, and roll over. Something you can play fetch with. It would be the same thing if I came over to your house, forced you to give me head, and left. I don’t want to be a slave and you don’t want to be my bitch. So why is it so difficult to meet me half way?

I’m so sick of this shit. So very very sick. If you’re not interested in me then don’t fucking talk to me.

Mr. Anonymous 174618126, I feel safe in saying that no one who has read what you just wrote will ever want to talk to you.

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@ Hershele Ostropoler

I’m not going my own way from, as in away from, anyone. GMOW doesn’t mean going away. It’s about making choices about my life because they are the right choices for me and not because they are the choices that others would wish me to make in order that they benefit in some way from them, to my detriment. In a sense though, my decisions are not entirely my own because I also have to take into consideration outside influences, such as the laws of my country, which will often sway me in one direction or another.

In fairness, I’m not exactly well up on libertarianism. I think it probably prudent that I should read-up on the subject if you believe that it more closely resembles my values than MGTOW. If I were to stop calling myself a MGHOW it wouldn’t actually change my views or anything that I have said in any of my comments. What others have done here is imply my guilt by association: I don’t think that this is fair in the circumstances.

I don’t, and never have, claimed to be an expert on these matters. But I do have a perfectly functioning and logical mind, and I know that, in the circumstances as they are: it isn’t justified or acceptable to accuse me of being a misogynist or misandrist based on the evidence which I have presented and has been presented to me. This is something that I firmly believe to be the case. And hence, why I am so insistent on clearing my name.

You want to clear your name on a blog dedicated to mocking? Are you for real?

Guys, he’s so cute and adorably dense. Can we keep him?

@ hellkell

I meant go away from me, not the blog. I’m getting more than a little sick of people parroting the same nonsense that I’ve already proven to be so.

As for marriage, a marriage is a contract between a man, a woman, and the state. I don’t sign contracts with the state unless the penalty for doing so is imprisonment: and even then I might choose prison. I certainly do not sign such contracts voluntarily.

My parents: happily married. My grandparents: happily married. Me: happily unmarried and so it shall remain. No divorce for them: no divorce for me.

@ Holly Pervocracy

“A marriage is a contract directly between two people; the state only enforces it, as it does any contract.”

Actually you’re quite right, technically. Either way it’s a bullshit contract and I won’t be signing it.

@ hellkell

Gold is a metal. It is a commodity. Vain people often like to wear jewellery fashioned out of it because they think it makes them appear wealthy and important. I have no real use for it, though, if I had a lot of it I would be quite wealthy.

“Nor have I defended the OP or other misogynists. ”
No, you just totally misread him and said that it was justifiable, and implied that women on pedestals were especially prone to falling, as opposed to just everyone. You’ve passive-aggressively whinged about the mockery of misogyny, as if it’s somehow bad and gauche. You’ve said nary a word against misogyny, but expend substantially more effort to annoy feminists. You might just be obtuse in understanding that mockery is a valuable tool against bigotry, so I’ll give you a pass on that bit of stupidity, but the rest? No no, the claim that you’re just an anti-government loon doesn’t hold water. I’m sure you are one, but it isn’t sufficient at this point.

“I don’t even know who DKM is, how can I be defending him (I presume DKM is a man)? ”
Of course you do.

“If you can’t understand what I’m saying then try asking Holly Pervocracy, she does actually understand how I’m not defending these people. Maybe she can explain it better than I can.”
I love this divide and conquer game you assholes always try to play! It’s such fun to watch.

No, dude, I get it. I’m not saying you’re intentionally setting out to defend misogyny. I don’t give a fuck what you’re intending to do. You’re whinging and moaning about people fighting misogyny in a small way, and you’re not extending even that much effort to prevent misogyny. You’re defending misogyny. What you want to do is irrelevant in the face of what you’re actually doing.

@ Rutee

Pedastalzing (yes, I know that’s not a word) women is about holding a woman (a person) in such high regard that they cannot possible live up to your expectations of them it’s, in itself dehumanizing because it places one’s own ideals of what a person (woman in this case) should be on them and ignores who they actually are. This is why I think it’s a bad thing not because I think that “women on pedestals were especially prone to falling,”.

With regard to your claim that I’m defending such people: I’m not going to go over the same ground again and again. I have not the energy to endlessly repeat myself to someone who doesn’t want to listen to what I am saying. Think what you want. I don’t give a shit any-more.

“With regard to your claim that I’m defending such people: I’m not going to go over the same ground again and again. I have not the energy to endlessly repeat myself to someone who doesn’t want to listen to what I am saying. Think what you want. I don’t give a shit any-more.”
You put more effort into hectoring feminists for mocking misogynists than you do misogynists for spewing hatred. There’s nothing you can say to erase that. You defend misogyny. You do not do it by trying to say it’s ‘reasonable’, and you do not do it by trying to say it’s ‘okay’, you do it indirectly, by saying it’s worse to mock than it is to be misogynist. Fuck off.

So, it’s been, what? Six hours? And still no answer from Qwert?

Just to recap, Qwert thinks:

racism : black men :: misogyny : men

Everyone OK with that analysis?

@Qwert666; you say you don’t want to get married because contractual nature of the relationship will lead to government messing in your life.

So: some questions (you didn’t answer my earlier one about where all these men who would go their own way and abandon society would go, but I’m always an optimist, plus have to wait for cherry pie to cool).

Do you sign a contract for employment?

Do you have a mortgage (i.e. a contract with a bank that if you stop paying them they will glomp onto your house with government supportt?)

Do you have credit cards (i.e. signed contracts with CORPORATIONS WITH CAPITAL LETTERS), ditto as above.

Do you make payments on a car?

I mean, how are these different (other than, well, the contracts are with CORPORATIONS) than a marriage contract? If you’re going your own way and not getting married, are you also going your own way and not entering into all the CORPORATE relationships that are pimped out as the “norm” in the US?

Oh, and all the bullshit you spew about “equal” is based on a complete misunderstanding of the word “equality” and what it means. Equality doesn’t mean that feminists are saying men and women are the same in some mathematical sense of the word: we’re saying that women are human beings with equal rights that have been denied in past centuries, and supporting equal access to education, employment, etc. Same usage as with Civil rights: equal access, equal rights, equality under the law, does not mean “we think everybody is exactly alike.”

There is immense variation in the human race–but selecting out some differences and mandating unequal treatment on those is what various civil rights and social justice movements are against.

Oh, and I join the crowd in thinking you’re a misogynist because of your tolerance of misogynistic bullshit and passive-aggressive whiny little attacks on feminists (though your attempts to take down Pecunium gave me the best laugh I’ve had all day).

p.s. oh, and if you were really secure in your going your own wayness, why would you give a flying fuck about what some strangers on an internet blog think about you?

Leaving aside what qwert has actually said, I don’t think it’s guilt by association to say “if you identify with a movement, you are claiming to believe in the things the movement stands for.” Just as Committees of Concerned Citizens aren’t dedicated to picking up litter from the sidewalks (at least as normal people would define “litter”), just as “pro-life” organizations don’t focus on campaigning against the death penalty and running soup kitchens in the winter, MGTOWs aren’t about rugged individualism. They don’t happen to tend to be misogynists*, it’s a basic principle of the movement. When qwert says he’s a MGHOW, but not, y’know, like that, he’s either lying, stupid, or reckless.

*I suspect male rugged individualists do happen to tend to be misogynists, but if someone identified himself as a “rugged individualist” he’d be justified in complaining about guilt by association if he were accused of misogyny on that basis alone.

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