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Man Boobz Video 6: Are North American white women a bunch of whiney-vagineys?

Well, Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party is back, and you may notice a few changes. First, the bad news: Tiny Bunny and Small Dog are on hiatus. The Good News: I’ve moved on from Xtranormal to a real animation program, Muvizu, and am now using actual human beings for the voices.

This episode takes us to scenic Los Angeles to meet a fellow calling himself John, who offers some reflections on North American white women. He’s not fond of them. Apparently he’s much more fond of African and Latin American women. It’s not clear if any women of any race are fond of him and, if so, why on earth that would be. I found John’s little monologue on the blog Boycott American Women.

Playing the of John from Los Angeles, or at least his voice, is Jack Rose. Big, big thanks to Jack for an excellent job, and on very short notice.



Here’s the somewhat edited version of John’s monologue I used in the video:

Many of the stupidest women i have ever met were white females from North America. Truth is, white north american females are really like the old Ford clunkers our grand-parents used to buy: they are unreliable, expensive, rather grotesque, and dangerously unpredictable.

White women are truly pigs. Can we expedite the caliphate so that they get the come-uppance they richly deserve? …

Ask any man who was stupid enough to marry one of these pigs and you’ll see exactly where I’m coming from. they have emotional problems, are deviants, amoral and just flat-out nasty; plus, they really are overweight, smelly and ill-mannered.

Only losers marry white females.  The tragedy for american women is that they’ve bitched their way right out of the marketplace. Men want something better and the rest of the world offers that. bye, bye, whiney-vagineys; the jig is up and men are looking elsewhere.

More Man Boobz videos are on the way.

213 replies on “Man Boobz Video 6: Are North American white women a bunch of whiney-vagineys?”


Soon, I will be publishing a book called Boycott American Women, and it is certain to have an even bigger impact. Run for your lives, whores, because the truth is coming out!

Soon, I will be publishing a book called Boycott American Women, and it is certain to have an even bigger impact. Run for your lives, whores, because the truth is coming out!

Does the “publishing company” you talked to have rotating .gifs on its website? This is important.


We’re just laughing at you. This is kind of pathetic; You’re not even sick, like Owlslave, you’re just… sad. If you weren’t a hateful, bile spreading little asshat, I’d ask that we all leave you alone, but, that is unfortunately not the case.

“Soon, I will be publishing a book called Boycott American Women,”
Not likely, if your writing is indicative of the manuscript’s quality.

Soon, I will be publishing a book called Boycott American Women, and it is certain to have an even bigger impact. Run for your lives, whores,,,

Um, can you actually run from a boycott? Even if this asshat could somehow get a significant number of men to abjure all contact with women how would running be helpful?

Or am I just dumb and the fact that he wants women (or at least whores) to start running would just make his boycott that much easier?

This “Boycott American Women” dude has been spamming Manosphere sites with this link … Indian-dash-Wife DOT com (spelled out that way coz I posted actual link in a long comment I wrote which did NOT get through here, ugh).

Well, the funny thing is…

I also frequent east-meets-west-cross-cultural-relationship blogs and coz who showed up there? That’s right – Mr. Boycott American Women with the same link! Now, I don’t know if he thought these blogs were written by Indo-Pak men complaining about their wives, or, err, what he thought. But these are blogs written by AMERICAN WOMEN married to Indian, Nepali and Pakistani men. They write about the highs and lows of being involved in cross-cultural relationships, their exciting trips to South Asia, and what its like to live in South Asia (for the women who have moved there).

They also write about compromising and conforming to some gender specific traditions which are normative in those countries or in South Asian families no matter where they live (compromises those same American women would not even consider if they were single or married to American men).

After a few days of spamming this Boycott American Women dude came back and I guess took out a few minutes to actually READ what these blogs were about and became CONFUSED. His whole world had been turned upside down. I mean, isn’t it American MEN who are supposed to be marrying Asian people, travelling the globe and living an exciting and culturally rich life while American WOMEN are supposed to be growing old with their cats in boring suburbs?

Poor guy did not know what to make of American women married to SUCCESSFUL and cultured South Asian guys. He just could not wrap his head around that.

And that link for the “indian wife” site? Totally bogus. First off, most of the photos on there are of South Asian celebs or prostitutes or the cousins of the guys who are running this scam. You have to pay to even send an email to the “girls” and you’ll get a reply from a GUY pretending to be a girl. Priya is the most commonly used girl’s name for this type of scam, by the way. That’s how those sites work. India is a very traditional culture with arranged marriages. Nobody is going to “marry their daughter off” to some old firangi.

Yeah, because callling another dude a ‘mangina’ is something that you’re proud of.

The first woman to lose a limb in combat was the supply sgt. for my reserve unit. Female. Duh. And in my company, all the turret gunners were female. Why? Lower center of gravity, plus you gotta do what you gotta do. Finally, in a war like Iraq, there’s no such thing as front lines. You may not be have a combat arms MOS, but the enemy doesn’t stop to check the color of your knickers before they start shooting at you. The Iraq war was incredibly short-handed in terms of personnel so everybody did more than one job.

What does NWO make of the fact that many soldiers are not in combat arms and never fire a shot unless it’s at the range? Lot of the guys in my unit were not in combat. I was. But that never counts to these whiny little fucknugggets.

Wow, that’s pleasantly anti-reality. Anti-misandrist activist, huh? What next, a Society for the Promotion of White People? Oh wait, we have that, it’s called Stormfront.

I like how he calls the hardcore misogynist a mangina. No part of that makes sense.

Run for your lives, whores, because the truth is coming out!

Is it okay if we just hop onto our bonbon-equipped air-conditioned palanquins and have our manginas do the running for us, because we’re lazy and tired from the truly exhausting amounts of laid we’re getting? Asking for a friend.

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