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Mission Accomplished! Paul Elam declares victory, quits the Men’s Rights movement

The future's so bright he has to squint
The future’s so bright he has to squint

Big news, everybody: The Men’s Rights Movement HAS WON!

In a video posted earlier today Paul Elam, the biggest ego name in the small world of the Men’s Rights movement, congratulated his troops for a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 

And then he announced that he was quitting the Men’s Rights movement altogether. 

We’ll get to that in a moment. For now, let’s let him savor his GIANT WIN. In the video, he explains that:

for the past seven years, I have put quite a bit of effort into A Voice for Men, a Men’s Rights Activist website. That time has been electrifying, stressful, satisfying, and at times pretty brutal. The mission there, to facilitate the entrance of men’s issues into the public discourse, has been successful. 

(Emphasis mine.)

It’s true. AVFM has gotten the Men’s Rights movement some attention, much in the same way that this small child has drawn attention to his, er, cause.

While Elam acknowledges that “we have light years to go on men’s issues being addressed,” he pats himself and his comrades on the back for “play[ing] a big role in kickstarting the conversation.”

Congratulations, dudes. You pestered people until they noticed you.

For that, I’m quite proud and very grateful to the team of volunteers who played a huge role in making that happen. That team will continue the work into the future, even as I will be less directly involved in the process. 

Elam will now be describing himself as AVFM’s “figurehead and founder.” And a “former MRA.”

I doublechecked, and it’s not April Fool’s day, so apparently Elam’s flounce is real.

But don’t see this as Elam giving up as journalists stop calling him and his once-notorious website slides further into oblivion.

Slip sliding away
Slip sliding away

No! This is something he’s been really “looking forward to,” as he’ll now be able to spend more time yelling about women on YouTube.

Sorry, I mean counseling men for money as part of his exciting new — well, not that new — project “A Near For Men.”

Sorry, “An Ear for Men.”

His slogan: “The Penis In Your Hand.”

Sorry: “The Pen Is In Your Hand.”

Actual screenshot, except for the red marks

For some reason his new counseling service requires that he spend a lot of his time yelling about women in YouTube videos. Recent offerings on his An Ear For Men channel include:

  • Toxic Femininity and Relationship Violence
  • 7 Ways to Screen Out Loser Women
  • Problem Women
  • Teach a Woman to be Accountable in 5 Steps
  • Talk About Women — Even When it Offends


Elam will be financing this venture by offering $90 an hour “consultations” on Skype. (No, really.) And through his Patreon.


Huh. Seems like his Patreon is off to a bit of a slow start.

I’m sure things will pick up.

Godspeed, Paul. We won’t miss you.

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5 years ago

@ Rich McLaughlin
Stop it, you’re making me cry, and not in a good way. Stop abusing Séadna mheadhanach, what did it ever do to you? Wait a minute, you’re not even using this scheme
x x x x x (x x a)
x a x x x (x b)
x x x b x (x x c)
x b x c x (x b)
You’re just using the 878 structure with aabb form.

Online forums new to me
So a troll I am deemed to be

First off “online forums new to me” can be misconstrued as “I am new to concept of an online forum”, ambiguity is not a good thing in your case here.

I was schooled and learned some lessons
Some truth with a sprinkle of pessimism.

“ens” does not rhyme with “ism.” And fuck that random ass dash. Dashes are used to empahsize a thing or a sharp interrupt in the pacing, that one has no reason to be there.

No more will I sit in my hole

But you already went out of your hole to this forums you lizard egged cock.

Look for more recent posts

You have to make specific that you’re saying that you in particular are going to read, not this statement is would be telling the read to look for more recent posts.

Check the ego at the door
Necro troll I am no more

Except you still are, you bellend, and you still have the gall to make sure your lines of “check ego at the door” as a passive aggressive way of saying “you’re the egotist not me.”

5 years ago

Um, you weren’t even close to starting a gender war. But… rhyming ‘lessons’ with ‘pessimism’?
comment image

Scildfreja Unnýðnes
Scildfreja Unnýðnes
5 years ago

Hm. Right.

So, brand new to the manosphere, encounters “An Ear for Men” off the block; listens to a few casts and is like “gosh this sounds reasonable, I should look for more!” Getting you to a year-old post on a website dedicated in the title to mocking misogyny.

I’m happy to admit that this article’s one of the top hits on a google search for Paul Elam or Paul Elam An Ear For Men. Even happy to grant you your story. But if you are new to this whole “manosphere” thing, you would have reacted to Lindsay saying this

how does Paul Elam yelling that Amanda Marcott’s pussy stinks fit into his mission of spreading understanding between men and women?

With something like “I had no idea he said that, that’s awful.” Instead, you decided to launch into an impassioned defense of his right to say offensive things, and haven’t you ever said anything offensive in your life, and Amanda Marcotte’s just as bad, and you’re offensive for using the term mansplaining, and stop being so emotional I’m just trying to be reasonable!

You seemed amply supplied with defense for a guy who you apparently just found out about.

As for your more recent reply, you decided to ignore all of the actual argument, instead focusing on how gosh-darn mean we are with our Tannenbaum der Misandrie.

So, yeah.

weirwoodtreehugger: communist bonobo

I’m glad to see a Pam gif so I guess some good was done here.

Subtract Hominem, the Renegade Misandroid
Subtract Hominem, the Renegade Misandroid
5 years ago

You’d better refresh
You’d better subscribe
You’d better check back
I’m telling you why
Necro-troll is coming to town!

He sees when threads are dormant,
He picks a name that’s fake,
He posts his favorite screed and starts
A fight for fighting’s sake!

Pop up some corn
Or cook up some fries
Open a drink
And laugh at this guy
Necro-troll is coming to town!

5 years ago

To my own drum I must march on

Is Rich marching towards his own drum? Has he left the drum at a friend’s house? Did he go over to his friend’s house with the drum, have a couple, and then responsibly leave his vehicle there, which is why he must march?

Emphasis mine

I understand that incidents like that happen and are offensive. You yourself may be a good person and during the course of your lifetime may have uttetered an off color or not so nice comment or two…..right….does that mean that everything else you have done or said that was good and helpful should be overlooked?

This isn’t about the careless use of language. This is about the thought pattern underlying that language. I’m not offended that he used the word “pussy,” I am incensed because he thinks a woman’s value is encapsulated in how fuckable she is.

Imaginary Petal
Imaginary Petal
5 years ago

Ladies, ladies! You’re not listening to Trollbert’s excellent defense of necessary pussy screaming on behalf of important man-god. Why so emotive? Don’t you know womansplaining is thing where woman is not quiet sufficiently? Take at my word please penis power to the max cowabunga.

5 years ago

necessary pussy screaming

Like when my cat goes into pterodactyl-screech mode because he can see a tiny bit of the bottom of his food bowl and he thinks that death by starvation is imminent?

5 years ago

First off “online forums new to me” can be misconstrued as “I am new to concept of an online forum”, ambiguity is not a good thing in your case here.

Actually I’m sure that’s the most generous reading.

I mean if he is only new to this forum that wouldn’t explain his failure to know what necro posting is. Or his failure to find the most basic info on the site. If a forum (comment section) as a concept itself is new to him then he might have a case. :3

5 years ago

So long as feminists can’t begin to take the backlash against them seriously, more and more men will flock to MRA, MGOW, etc. I absolutely agree that Paul Elam can be obnoxious. I also absolutely support him and am inspired by him because much of what he says is substantively solid, and also because he has in fact given a voice to men. Having gone to university in the 1980s and graduate school in the 1990s, I became used to keeping my mouth shut in the face of strident feminists whose idea of a discourse was to shout, demean and accuse until any and all contending voices shut up and slunk away. As a father of both two boys and a girl, I am deeply invested in an egalitarian future, but I believe that the last few decades of feminism has made that less, not more likely. I don’t expect feminists to accept that–I do expect them be open and reflective, and able to interact intelligently with the social forces rising in opposition to them. Dismissing Paul Elam in a condescending, contemptuous manner simply confirms the worst suspicions of any MRA. You are right that the men’s rights movement is small. However, it is growing quickly. My own kids–all three teenagers–are all well aware of red pill thinking, feminism, MRA, MGTOW and so forth. This involves all of us and without a doubt the men’s rights movement will grow. The younger generations have to sort this out and they have a lot at stake–relations between men and women have been badly damaged by feminism, despite its positive contributions. No more or less totalitarian ideology, including feminism, will ever go unopposed for very long, and it’s clear to me at least that feminism offers no solutions to anyone seeking to live in a more just and happier society. My own kids agree–especially my daughter, who is, if she is strident about anything, stridently independent and individualistic. She also loves guys. And my boys love girls. In that basic, natural biological desire to approach and meet with the opposite sex lies this generation’s hope. Divisive ideologies should be relegated to the past as quickly as possible. But to retire feminism its excesses also have to be rolled back, and to accomplish that people like Paul Elam are essential. In no way does he advocate the oppression of women, and this is key. Yeah, he’s not perfect. He is also just one person, albeit an important one. More voices will speak up and the men’s movement will grow much larger than you seem to think. This can only be a good thing.

5 years ago


Cool story, bro.

5 years ago

Necro troll drags back up
Old thread with tl;dr text.
Use your enter key.

Makroth - Agent of the Great Degeneracy
Makroth - Agent of the Great Degeneracy
5 years ago

Clod, you live inside your own reality.

Viscaria, product of 20,000 evolution
Viscaria, product of 20,000 evolution
5 years ago

I also absolutely support him and am inspired by him… because he has in fact given a voice to men.

Here’s a quick, accessible overview of much of the research that shows men and boys speak more than women and girls in public situations, and that attempts to make contributions more even are often seen as women completely talking over the conversation. Primary sources are listed at the end. Thank goodness for Paul Elam, who has given a voice to the voiceful!

5 years ago

It’s kind of funny how the Claude will allow Paul Elam excesses and the priviledge of not being perfect, but not feminists.

It’s a cool story how you have kids who are hetero. Statistically, that is more likely, since LGBTQ+ people make up a minority of the population.

However, when you say that hetero people are what is going to save the younger generation, i have to wonder if you kids are perhaps not sharing things with you because they know it will cause a fight. There was a UK study showing how less of the yonger generation identify as strictly straight.

Not saying your kids fit that mold, because sexuality and ones relationship to it is a personal thing. But i am saying that, if they do feel maybe not purely straight, they now have a hostile situation at home for exploring it.

Also, it is very funny that you feel that Paul ‘punch a bitch month’ Elam is doing good work for men. You know who isn’t for punching people? Good people. (Also feminists.)

I’ve said before that men do indeed deserve a movement. They need one that dismantles the toxic ideas that they are forced to conform to, like how aggression is the only way to solve a problem.

The problem is that the current MRM is more focused on how feminists are wrong than how men need help dismantling the structure that hems them in.

There is a group that is partly doing the heavy lifting of examining how society perscribes roles to genders. It’s called feminism.

You are welcome.

5 years ago

. In that basic, natural biological desire to approach and meet with the opposite sex lies this generation’s hope.

Millennials Are the Gayest Generation

5 years ago

Yet another genius gives unsolicited evidence of his brilliance . . .

Claude, why do you think we’ll care about what you think?

Brony, Social Justice Cenobite

You fail at you own professed openness and honesty. Reasonable people by definition provide reason for application of negative and positive characteristics applied to individuals and groups.

…take the backlash against them seriously

Why should they take the backlash seriously?

…much of what he says is substantively solid…

What substance?

…shout, demean and accuse until…

What was the problem with the volume increase, application of negative feeling to character, and claim of negative character?. Those are neutral at the species level.

My own kids–all three teenagers–are all well aware of red pill thinking, feminism, MRA, MGTOW and so forth.

“Think of the children! In reverse is not an argument either. What you are actually doing here matters here, not what you say your kids do.

You do absolutely nothing to support the following:
*Feminism as a totalitarian ideology.
*Feminism as a divisive ideology.
*The identity and nature of feminism’s supposed excess.

Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf
5 years ago

Who wrote this tripe? Get an education; your sexist ignorance is showing.

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