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MGTOWs celebrate International Women’s Day by airing grievances against ungrateful female parasites

Phasers set to “waaaaaaah!”

By David Futrelle

Today (March 8th) is International Women’s Day, also known as International “Men Being Dicks About International Women’s Day” Day — and few men are celebrating that second holiday more enthusiastically than Reddit’s contingent of Men Going Their Own Way.

Reddit’s MGTOWs celebrated, or pretended that they had celebrated, the holiday in an assortment of ways, from jerking off to porn, to playing videogames, to jerking off to porn.

A few of these alleged “celebrations” bore more than a slight resemblance to symptoms of depression.

But many others — perhaps influenced by the imaginary holiday Festivus, famously invented by George Costanza’s father on Seinfeld — set aside the day for the ritual Airing of Grievances.

So in other words, today was a day like every other on the MGTOW subreddit, only a little more so than usual.

Some of their complaints:

Women are “fuckin leeches.”

Correction: UNGRATEFUL fuckin leeches.

They’re unprofessional.

They make bad music.

Actually, they’re bad at all artistic endeavors:

They were really bitchy during the last Internationa Men’s Day.

They sometimes entice “simps” into wishing them a happy International Women’s Day in order to get laid.

They’re not even oppressed!

I can’t quite figure out what exactly women are doing to piss this dude off.

A few of the regulars decided to declare today “International MGTOW Day,” apparently forgetting that less than a month ago they had declared Valentine’s Day to be “International MGTOW Day.”

And then there’s this guy, who tried to paste a link to this in the comments here, evidently not realizing or not caring that he’s permabanned because, well, he regularly tries to post shit like this here, which is unhinged even by MGTOW standards.

'International women's day' as a day of mourning for the millions of men killed by the gynocentric regime? (self.MGTOW) submitted 14 hours ago * by RevolutionaryMGTOW Why not mourn for the men who have been killed by gynocentrism throughout the many years instead of 'celebrating' this day to appease those who are incharge of the regime that persecutes, and causes the suffering along with deaths of so many men? It might be 'international women's day' or soon but I would like to express the reality of as well as solidarity to the millions of men who have had their lives lost from the murderous gynocentric regime and its actions against us men. Taking into account this occurrence, gynocentrism is murderous and its victims need to be remembered or mourned for:

Wait, what?

Setting aside the alleged ongoing genocide of men for now, have a very happy International Women’s Day!

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4 years ago

For a bunch of guys who claim to have “gone their own way” and “not care about women anymore”, they sure seem obsessed with them.

4 years ago

I might be missing something, but for the to celebrate IWD by watching porn and playing video games alone does not seem different than what they do on any other day.

Still, I have sympathy for “incels” in one respect. It seems clear to me many of them are suffering from real mental illness – depression, avoidant personality disorder, being on the autistic spectrum, etc. Their lashing out online at women seems in many cases a symptom of their illness, which treatment may help.

After all, a paranoid schizophrenic like Robert “Bobby” Fischer believed “the Jews” were out to get him, and wanted them all dead. But that was a symptom of his illness, as can be seen by the fact that those “Jews” included, according to Fischer, the Pope and the top management of Sony, and among their evil plans was a conspiracy to wipe out all elephants because their trunks reminded them of uncircumcised penises.

For this reason, I could never get myself to hate poor Fischer. Similarly, I have pity on some of these incels, not because of any sympathy to their views, but because I, to be honest, cannot take what they say too seriously, any more than one should have taken Fischers rants.

Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

@ anonymous

I have sympathy for “incels”

I very much don’t. And apart from the problems with remote diagnosing, their claims are all bullshit anyway. It’s also highly insulting to people with genuine problems around mental illness and social anxiety (whom it should be noted manage not to be hate spewing wankers).

Incel logic goes like this:

1. Autism makes you obnoxious (which is of course false anyway)
2. I’m obnoxious
3. I’ll say I have autism

Their claims are merely to offer excuses for their freely chosen behaviour, and to guilt trip people who call them out, for ableism. Note however that ‘autist’ is one of their go-to insults.

They are completely unworthy of any sympathy whatsoever.

4 years ago


1) You don’t know that all incels have a mental illness (I find it highly unlikely that any group of people other than a therapy group would, in fact, all be mentally ill)
2) People with mental illnesses don’t deserve to be compared to incels
3) Being an asshole and/or wishing violence against others are not mental illnesses
4) If someone wants me dead or enslaved I do NOT feel sorry for them
5) Coming here and expressing to people who incels wish dead or enslaved that you feel sorry for the incels is insulting and inflammatory

Scildfreja Unnýðnes
Scildfreja Unnýðnes
4 years ago


I understand the impulse to be considerate to people who are suffering, and it’s true that incels suffer, but – well. As the untiring Alan has pointed out, the number of incels who are actually autistic is likely really small; they’re using the idea that “autism” = “bad social skills” and that’s just not true. And, as the incisive kupo points out, being an asshole is not a mental illness.

Incels demand the right to rape women, and to kill those who fight. You can call that hyperbole if you want, but it’s apparent that you don’t feel like you’re the one under the gun of their threats.

Because it isn’t hyperbole. Some of the most horrible mass shooters of the past few years are drawn from their ranks, and they celebrate those shooters as heroes.

I know autistic people, and every one of them in my circle is disgusted and horrified by incels, and bitterly angry about them claiming autism as an excuse. I think you’ll find that holds for most autistic people.

Having some measure of sympathy for a monster isn’t awful – you can’t choose your feelings, only experience them. But you can choose whether you believe your feelings are justified or misguided.

Which is it, @anon? Do you think your feelings towards them are justified, or misguided?

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
4 years ago


Hi, I’m a woman with both autism and schizophrenia who manages to not be an inhuman Nazi rapist piece of fuckshit. This is because – as stated by the people who ninja’d me (whoops) – being an inhuman Nazi rapist piece of fuckshit is not a symptom of autism, schizophrenia or any other mental illness/disorder/etc.

Comments policy, yadda yadda, fuck off.

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