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Signal Boost: Important Men’s Rights Activism Opportunity (involves firemen)

Please help.
Activism opportunity!

I found this on the Men’s Rights subreddit today. PLEASE HELP!

In a lucky coincidence I am also looking for some pictures:

  • A librarian with an Animal Rights sign
  • An EMT with a “No Blood for Oil” sign
  • A cloak room attendant with a “Make Love Not War” sign
  • An orthodontist with an “I Like Ike” sign
  • A bunny pushing a tiny shopping cart full of carrots

Oh wait, I already have that last one. Never mind.



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7 years ago

… I found a dead mammoth, once, in Skyrim? So can I get thanks for hunting it? Because man?

7 years ago


Falconer, I’m trying to decide if that’s the best Vime or the best Vime ever!

It is adorable and hilarious, isn’t it?

For some reason, some part of my brain is going, yeah but it’s kinda faked, right? but I don’t see how that invalidates it. Like, is it constitutionally mandated that Vines have to be amateur, and use only practical effects? (I think the carrot may be digital, or enhanced.)

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