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Let’s you and him fight: Jordan Peterson wants Joe Rogan to beat the crap out of Keith Olbermann

Jordan Peterson likes to fantasize about violence

Jordan Peterson, a tough guy in his own mind, wants to live in a world in which intellectual arguments can be resolved with fisticuffs. Yesterday on Twitter, he suggested that Joe Rogan, on whose podcast he’s made several appearances, should punch out former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann for calling him a “dipshit.”

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Five Fun Facts about Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell, the most outrageous defendant in the Charlottesville trial that began this week

The camera loves him!

This week, at long last, a civil suit against the organizers of the so-called “Unite the RIght” protest in Charlottesville in 2017 has come to trial.

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Parler, we hardly knew ye!

Parler is dead, for now. The very loosely moderated Twitter clone — designed to appeal to the sort of people who get kicked off of Twitter — went dark last night after Amazon pulled the plug on its web services.

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The Daily Caller posted a video encouraging people to ram protesters with cars and trucks

Screenshot of Daily Caller video

By David Futrelle

In January, the folks at the Daily Caller found the idea of running protesters down with cars and trucks so hilarious that they made and posted a video compilation of people doing just that — set to an acoustic version of Ludacris’ “Move, Bitch.” (“Move bitch, get out the way/ Get out the way bitch, get out the way.”)

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Vox Day: I won’t feel bad if leftists are killed

The future of civilization?

Terrible fantasy author and worse human being Theodore “Vox Day” Beale expects leftist “blood to be shed” at the hands of his alt-right pals at some point in the near future. And he’s ok with that. Hell, he seems positively giddy at the prospect.

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Dilbert creator Scott Adams: I’m endorsing Hillary so her fans won’t kill me!

Hillary Clinton haunts Scott Adams' nightmares
Hillary Clinton haunts Scott Adams’ nightmares

NOTE: This was written before Hillary Clinton essentially clinched the nomination.

With the critical California primary looming, Hillary Clinton has received a key endorsement that will likely help her clinch the “self-absorbed weirdo millionaire who did a comic strip you once kind of liked” vote.

That’s right, folks. Dilbert creator Scott Adams has thrown his support behind Hillary. Sort of.

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Roosh V: Trump needs “an emergency action plan for when a Trump supporter murders a leftist.”

Trump: Says there will be riots if he's not the Republican nominee
Trump: Says there will be riots if he’s not the Republican nominee

The repellent pickup artist and wannabe philosopher Roosh Valizadeh startled even those of us who have been paying  close attention to his ongoing terribleness by declaring in a blog post last August that it was “just a matter of time” before one of his fans loses it and goes on a murderous shooting rampage.

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The violence at Trump rallies keeps getting worse. Now a Trump staffer has assaulted a reporter [UPDATED]

Donald Trump: Punchy
Donald Trump: Punchy

[UPDATE: The story just gets uglier. The Trump campaign is calling the allegedly assaulted reporter a liar; meanwhile, the guy caught on video punching a protester has now threatened to kill him. See updates at end of post.]

The latest video of violence at a Trump rally may be the most chilling one yet. In the video from last night (you can find it at the end of this post), a black protester gets punched in the face by a white Trump supporter as he’s being escorted off the premises.

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Rachel Swirsky climbs inside the mind of a violent misogynst


A couple of days ago, Rachel Swirsky — an award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer who posts at Alas, A Blog and sometimes comments here on Man Boobz as well — sent along a link to a brilliant, brutal, and horrifying short story she’d recently published in Apex Magazine. Titled “Abomination Rises on Filthy Wings,” the story is essentially her attempt to get inside the mind of a violent misogynist.

As the editor’s note to her story explains:

Swirsky wrote this piece after talking to multiple editors who worked with horror stories, all of whom reported receiving many submissions about men murdering their wives or ex–wives. Despite the fictional veneer and supernatural justification [for the murder], many have the feel of personal revenge fantasies, and most characterize the women through disturbing, misogynist stereotypes. Swirsky wanted to see if it was possible to write a story that included all the markers of the trope but nevertheless subverted it.

In writing the story, Swirsky told me, “I drew heavily on Manboobz for mood and imagery, to try to get the sense of the narrator.”

So, enjoy. But first, I should warn you that the story is very violent, very disturbing, and could very well be triggering. So giant TRIGGER WARNING.

Here’s the LINK.

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New Men’s Rights hero: the Cleveland bus driver who punched and choked a female passenger

The bus driver winding up for the punch; the passenger’s arms are by her side.

Men’s Rights Activists have a new hero: a Cleveland bus driver who punched and choked a belligerent female passenger who had apparently refused to pay her fare.

The top post in the Men’s Rights subreddit at the moment, with more than 500 upvotes, links to a petition urging the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority to reinstate the bus driver, Artis Hughes, who was suspended after video of the incident leaked out. (See videos here and here.) According to the petition,

As a bus driver, mr. Hughes was lied to, insulted, threatened and eventually attacked by one of the passagers. He was clearly justified in striking back. Were he to suffer any negative consequences to his employment as a result of defending himself and striking back, this would set a disasterous precedent: he and other employees would legitimately believe that their workplace expects them to put up with harrassment, and that they will lose their jobs if they choose to stand up for themselves. …

As well as being a bus driver, mr. Hughes is a man, and [Shidea N. Lane, the passenger] is a woman. We continue to live in a world in which some people see fit to scold men for fighting back against the women who abuse them. After mr. Hughes struck ms. Lane, a woman could be heard protesting about it, saying “That’s a [censored] female”. Mr. Hughes responded by saying: “I don’t care. You want to be man? I’m going to treat you like a man!” This is a healthy attitude: if men refuse to strike back, fearing that the law will favour their female abusers over them, we create an environment in which women can harrass and victimize men with impunity. Instead, a man’s decision to fight back against a woman should be respected.

It is for these reasons – the fact that the bus driver was the real victim and was justified in hitting back; that he and other bus drivers should not fear the legal consequences of responding to attacks by passagers; and that men in general should not fear the legal consequences of responding to attacks by women – that we urge you to reinstate mr. Artis Hughes following the investigation on the incident, and hope that future policies will safeguard him and other bus drivers from legal assault whenever they respond to a passager’s physical assault.

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