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Rachel Swirsky climbs inside the mind of a violent misogynst


A couple of days ago, Rachel Swirsky — an award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer who posts at Alas, A Blog and sometimes comments here on Man Boobz as well — sent along a link to a brilliant, brutal, and horrifying short story she’d recently published in Apex Magazine. Titled “Abomination Rises on Filthy Wings,” the story is essentially her attempt to get inside the mind of a violent misogynist.

As the editor’s note to her story explains:

Swirsky wrote this piece after talking to multiple editors who worked with horror stories, all of whom reported receiving many submissions about men murdering their wives or ex–wives. Despite the fictional veneer and supernatural justification [for the murder], many have the feel of personal revenge fantasies, and most characterize the women through disturbing, misogynist stereotypes. Swirsky wanted to see if it was possible to write a story that included all the markers of the trope but nevertheless subverted it.

In writing the story, Swirsky told me, “I drew heavily on Manboobz for mood and imagery, to try to get the sense of the narrator.”

So, enjoy. But first, I should warn you that the story is very violent, very disturbing, and could very well be triggering. So giant TRIGGER WARNING.

Here’s the LINK.

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Howard Bannister
8 years ago

I think there’s a number of points that work in the moment that turn the fridge logic up to 10.

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But ultimately, I’ve said about twenty times in the last week, the failure mode of satire is when it comes off as just a straight version of what it’s trying to deconstruct/mock/explicate.

It worked for me, but it may have worked for me because I was expecting it and looking for it. And a movie that tries to have it both ways–to be satire and straight-up horror–is always going to be susceptible to that kind of failure.

8 years ago


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8 years ago

Gracias Argenti!

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